I guess her the first time for everything, and the first time that United States Postal Service is dropping its prices. And this is the first time that that has happened in 100 years. First-class letters will drop from $.49-$.47 and postcards will go down a penny. Traditionally stamp pricesContinue Reading

Just as a reminder tomorrow is the motion filed by Christine DeFilippo’s attorney, Robert Forkner, in regards to the prosecutor’s misconduct motion made last month. From what I understand this could be a time-consuming motion and I personally believe there can be some fireworks involved. My understanding is Christine DeFilippoContinue Reading

Mexico tries a new tactic of standing up to Donald Trump It seems the Mexican government has gotten extremely concerned about the anti-immigrant wave Donald Trump is riding in his campaign. It appears that Mexico has reshuffled some of their top people in her diplomatic corps and are now tryingContinue Reading

One news report this morning headlined “Cruse predicts bloodbath would trump as nominee” It goes on to say Ted Cruz Saturday have predicted a bloodbath of Walter Mondale proportions the front runner Donald Trump wins the nomination of the Republican Party. Mr. Cruz said strongly stressed his electability at aContinue Reading