Just as a reminder tomorrow is the motion filed by Christine DeFilippo’s attorney, Robert Forkner, in regards to the prosecutor’s misconduct motion made last month.

From what I understand this could be a time-consuming motion and I personally believe there can be some fireworks involved. My understanding is Christine DeFilippo is going to take the stand as to the interview that was done in New York while she was at school.

It seems that some of these investigators had quite the time traveling all over the country to interview people in staying for 4 to 5 days in places like New York, Alaska, and even longer in Hawaii for interviews that were short and took less than a day in fact just hours. Don’t forget these officers probably got paid overtime for this travel that was funded by our tax dollars as this is entire case has been done.

If this motion runs over until the afternoon, I will do an update like I normally do at the lunch hour to keep you informed.

In addition, there may be more news concerning Jesse Garcia’s condition and the status of the continuation of the trial.

Mr. Forkner’s motion here: ongoing DA misconduct2242016

Prosecutors response here: 1490969_peoplesResponseToMotion_20160302


As another side note it appears there’s been a feeble effort to discredit this writer in this blog again by who I have no doubt is Linda “copsucker” Taylor, who has been posting libelous comments on the bee this past week and again today under a second name of Mary Martin that posting the same information was screenshots of comments I allegedly made. Those are no doubt Photoshop’s and creations of her pigmented mind but I will say right here right now I really want to thank her because she is driving more tech traffic to the site to learn about the message we are trying to send.

The more asinine she gets the more people come to my site to see what she’s talking about and she really is doing me a massive favor. She also keeps claiming I have three followers on my blog and if you look on the upper right-hand side of my status bar on the right, or at the bottom if you’re using a phone, you will see I have 169 followers of this blog. Nuff said!


    • Maybe she has you blocked? but if you clear out your cache in your browser you can view everything that is said but cannot comment unless you login.

  1. I used to read a lit of Linda Taylor’s ramblings on the Bee and the Hive, unrelated to this case or Pontillo’s, and she always makes an ass of herself as she tries to argue and put others down. Glad she is bringing more attention to the FACTS and truth of this case by bringing folks here!

    It’s quite disturbing, though, that educated, supposed professionals who are supposed to be sonewhat experts in legal and criminal matters would have built an entire case mostly around someone’s mere GOSSIP! Which is how I perceived most of the discovery on the AJ Pontillo case. Nothing but gossip and heresay from someone like Linda Taylor. I don’t have a lot of comfort knowing that just about anyone can say anything to those who are supposed to be under oath to support and uphold the Constitution and cause an innocent person so much harm!

    In a recent news release about an award the SCDA Office received, DA Fladager stated, “A lot of time goes into cultivating informants…” on the two cases cited in the award. So in her very own words the SCDA’s office takes a lot of time to “cultivate informants?!?!?!” She goes on to say they use other means as well, but “cultivates informants” was the first thing listed on it taking a great deal of time on a case. Is this standard protocol in investigations in a district attorney’s office? Just what does she mean by “cultivating informants?! Kinda makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck!

    • It is pretty disconcerting and gives me a lot of concern comma and the use of it in this case is actually abuse. Prior to this case I would have never thought that this could happen like this.
      Any chance getting a link to that article or where it was posted up?
      And just for information I always have felt that Linda Taylor is nothing more than an gnat on an ass and recently she has proved even more so, but every time she does that stuff it increases my traffic to the site and I get more information about Frank Carson out.

      • press-release-2016033-award.PDF.

        I hope that works…it’s the March 31, announcement of the DA,’s award for outstanding law enforcement blah blah blah. Sorry, my macbook died again and I just have this itty bitty so called smart phone that won’t simply copy the link and paste. I can email it if this doesn’t work.

  2. If the Defense attorneys were the ones conducting themselves this way, this would go straight to trial. It’s unbelievable how the DA can be so damn shady, and continuously get away with it. It’s time for some serious big dogs to come in and clean house.

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