I guess her the first time for everything, and the first time that United States Postal Service is dropping its prices. And this is the first time that that has happened in 100 years.

First-class letters will drop from $.49-$.47 and postcards will go down a penny.

Traditionally stamp prices seem to go up every few years to keep up with inflation, but it seems the past two years postal customers have been paying a surcharge that was implemented to help the Postal Service survived the great recession.

The regulatory commission for the Postal Service ordered them to rollback that temporary price hike meeting customers will pay less going forward.

Many of the managers in the service are unhappy arguing the mandate a price reduction will add $2 billion in annual losses. The Postal Service is subject to some Congressional mandates and managers say they need more input for their not so independent agency. Congress is already been asked to cancel the rollback, which would generate over $4 million for operations.

Postmaster general and CEO Megan Brennan previously had called the rollback irrational, and stated given our precarious finances and continual business needs the price reduction would exasperate our losses.

The consumers transition from written letters to emails, text and social media messages has hit the Postal Service hard. And at one time the Postal Service made a feeble effort to charge for emails and online messages but was unsuccessful.

No tax dollars are used to fund the Postal Service and it must generate all of its own revenue through stamps and shipping. The change will probably require some recalibration of some postage machines, but the recent move to forever stamps means they do not have to be reprinted, but people in the past the robot forever stamps are now losing two cents per stamp that they own.

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