One news report this morning headlined “Cruse predicts bloodbath would trump as nominee”

It goes on to say Ted Cruz Saturday have predicted a bloodbath of Walter Mondale proportions the front runner Donald Trump wins the nomination of the Republican Party.

Mr. Cruz said strongly stressed his electability at a Jewish coalition meeting for Republicans in Las Vegas.

Typical trash talk state that do the math on the delegates and it favors his campaign, and also stated he has a legitimate path to the White House. He also made mention of control the Senate with turned trump as a nominee.

Was obvious scare tactics stating it the top of the ticket is blown out of the water were losing the Senate, Cruz was quoted as saying. He also went on to say there would be nothing that can be done to stop it.

And of course he had to throw in a comment that he would not be neutral regarding the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

Local media reported that audience members booed a preference to trump who earlier this year stated that he would be neutral in the conflict. Trump also stated that he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and vowed to cut regulations, Obama care, and abolish the IRS.

Typical trash talk that is done during the election season which in my opinion gets pretty disgusting and sickening listening to these fucking idiots talk like this all the time. It is done on both sides of the aisle Democrats and Republicans and I think we are a laughing stock of the world when it comes to the election seasons.