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Mexico tries a new tactic of standing up to Donald Trump

It seems the Mexican government has gotten extremely concerned about the anti-immigrant wave Donald Trump is riding in his campaign. It appears that Mexico has reshuffled some of their top people in her diplomatic corps and are now trying new strategies in the image that is conveyed by Mexicans abroad.

Trump’s campaign has constantly attacked the United States southern neighbor in regards to the border crossers, some people say calling them rapist and criminals I personally do not believe that’s what he said. And he is now threatening to cut off the money flow from Mexican immigrants to their families back home. He is making these threats saying that if he is elected they will be in activated unless Mexico pays for the border wall. The Mexican government has been pretty much silent in this issue except in rare occasions.

But it appears now, under pressure, they are adopting new strategies to stand up for the Mexicans and defend their people living in United States. It’s interesting that they say their people but they are living in United States, interesting way that they put that.

After just a few months on the job Mexico’s ambassador to Washington, Miguel Basanez Ebergenyi, will be replaced by Carlos Solana, the consul general in Los Angeles. Another top aide to Mexican Pres. Nieto will take over as senior foreign ministry official for the area of North America.

Mexico in United States have large trading agreements, with bilateral trade in excess of $1 billion each day, and millions of Mexicans obviously live North of the border. Trumps rhetoric as a government concerned that wider anti-Mexican sentiment could hurt foreign investment and tourism and lead to more damaging policies in the future. And one foreign Sec. was quoted in a newspaper saying that the government must reevaluate their strategy and performance toward United States.

They see exasperated mood towards their illegal aliens in our country, and against their country. They feel that this could be an effort that can grow and create a large amount of hostilities towards their illegal aliens in this country.

Mexican officials have conducted some public opinion polling about the trial issues, in United States and spoke throughout their consulates. And they said it raised new worries about the increase of anti-Mexican feelings.

Now the government hopes that it diplomats to make a more fruitful argument about what Mexico provides to the United States by way of benefits. But in my personal opinion I think it’s the other way around, or they would be coming here.

Mexico feels there is a clear need for the Mexican government to do something about this and there is intense pressure from the but domestic front.

There is no doubt in my mind that they got a phone call from the White House on this issue to because our president loves to talk trash you get nasty with Republicans. And personally I believe the leader of the free world should be above that but he has shown he is not.

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