By Marty Carlson


I know many of you been waiting to hear about the motion hearing in regards to Christine DeFilippo, unfortunately the judge was sick again today and it was canceled. I do feel bad that I contacted as many people as I could in regards but not was unable to contact everybody that likes to show up. And there were some people that showed up at the courthouse this morning to find no one there. I do apologize I would’ve posted something, but I wanted to get down to department eight of the regular courthouse, to judge Cordova’s courtroom, to observe the Robert Woody hearing this morning.

While I was sitting in the gallery waiting for Robert Woody to appear for his hearing, Marlisa Ferreira find showed up alongside Kirk bunch. I also notice prior to the hearing when I was out in no hallway waiting for the court to open that investigator Lingerfelt had gone in a side entrance to the courtroom back to where the inmates were. That immediately caught my attention in the fact that Kirk bunch was there also caught my attention.

When Robert Woody was finally brought into court he was wearing a red and white striped jumpsuit, which means protective custody of course. In addition he almost had a mountain man look about him wearing a thick bushy beard and long thick hair.

He again waived more time for his preliminary hearing and he was reset another date of May 23, 2016 and department eight at 8:30 AM.

Sitting in the gallery I also noticed a lady that was sitting in a wheelchair right in front of me who I believed to be Robert Woody’s mother. And as soon as his case was done she and the lady that was with her left the courtroom. I approached her I identified her and asked her if she would have any problems discussing the situation with me. She had some interesting things to say which I told her at this time I will keep in confidence, but it sounded to me like she had some information that she could not reveal.

While I was talking to Ms. Woody investigator Jacobson, Lingerfelt, and Bunch were leading Robert Woody, who was in shackles, out the front door of the courthouse not the inmate exit. As I continue to talk to Ms. Woody she also stated that she was going to the DA’s office to have a visit with Robert since he was here. Now I may be mistaken but that it appears the investigators have been ordered not to talk to any of these witnesses, but continue to do so, and are now providing special visitations for Robert Woody with his mom.

Now I had heard rumors in the past that I had no confirmation about till now of these type of visits that were happening. We again hear constantly that there are no special arrangements being made for any of these witnesses but then keep seeing otherwise. Now why would the DA’s office be making special arrangements for visitations for a murder suspect, who has admitted to the crime, is scheduled to testify in the Carson et al. preliminary hearing, but does not have a deal in place to do so as of yet?

Sadly, the situation was so obvious and downright flagrant, with their walking down a public hallway instead of making him go out the inmate access. Everybody in that hallway saw what was being done they never even attempt to hide it. And I repeat again the investigators have been ordered by Judge Zuniga not to have any contact with the witnesses.

And as a side note apparently three weeks after the Hampton situation in Oakdale the report by investigator Jacobson, from what I was told today, finally completed his report on that incident where they have claimed the whole time they did not have any conversation or doing the interview with Patrick Hampton after they took him to the District Attorney’s Office. So what I am understanding here it took them three weeks to write a report that said they did nothing.

Another side issue of this Carson case, that seem to have plenty of these, is Sabrina Romero, who embezzled $12,000 from her employer three years ago, is finally made a plea in her case and apparently from what I’ve been told has been sentenced. It must be also noted that the court index is not been updated in the Sabrina Romero case, it still shows her last hearing on March 14 and no disposition or future hearings.

This was all done without the knowledge of the victim, who has gone to court about 25 times to be nothing but frustrated by this lack of justice that we have, and was not even notified of the sentencing hearing for her to make a victim impact statement. If that were me I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs to anybody that would listen to this talking bull shit that is going on in this case. Now note Sabrina Romero has been sentenced but is not in custody nor has she been in custody since this all started. Apparently she never went to jail from the start so she could not have time served. There was a lot more to this and other issues going on and I will be posting as it becomes public information and provided to me.

Prelim scheduled to be back in session tomorrow at 9:30.