Crime produces a large profit margin in Stanislaus County

by Marty Carlson


There is an old saying justice delayed is justice denied. Court having been canceled today gave me an opportunity to do a little research. I had been advised that Sabrina Romero, one of the many witnesses in the Carson et al. case who were pending charges. And obviously looking for a deal. Had in fact been made a deal.

Now just for clarification Sabrina Romero had embezzled $12,000 from a local dentist, as she was working in a position of trust obviously, and information that I had received was that she was able to manipulate the computer system in the office and was able to keep the cash payments for herself. This particular dentist had appeared at least 25 times in the numerous hearings in this case, and was obviously interested in the outcome and in the seeking of justice, in addition this case was originally filed on February 27, 2013.

It is my understanding that this dentist had been very clear recently at one of the hearings about her frustration in the delay of justice being dispensed. Now looking at the court index the last hearing was March 14, 2016, and there was no disposition entered on that hearing. So this writer took upon himself to obtain a minute order of that particular hearing. The minute order has been attached at the bottom of this report.

Now remember Sabrina Romero had embezzled $12,000 was charged with 508 pc a felony, but was one of the many cases been strung along in the Stanislaus County judicial courts, and it appears it may have been so because she was a witness in the Frank Carson et al. case.

On March 14, 2016 Sabrina Romero pled nolo contendere to a misdemeanor 508 PC, so the felony had been reduced to a misdemeanor. Her case was immediately sentenced, as what happens when there is an agreement, and states that she shall serve 90 days in the County jail and is to report to the jail on June 14 of 2016. It also states she has a total of approximately $220 in fines. In addition, she has a three-year probation, it also states that miss Romero has zero days credit for time served, meaning she was never arrested or went to jail for embezzling $12,000 from her employer.

As most of us know these days there is a severe crunch at the jail’s these days, and in this being a non-violent offense, and now a misdemeanor, miss Romero will probably only be booked and released at the jail and will do no time.

What is interesting also about this minute order there is no order for restitution, meaning the victim in this case has been not given any remedy for her losses.

It must be also noted the victim in this case was not notified of this plea in advance, she was not given any consideration nor considered in her losses. Apparently she had was mailed a letter after the fact and was not given the opportunity to address the court in accordance with Marcy’s law, which is a victims Bill of Rights law enacted in 2008. See Marcy’s law here.

I have also reached out to this victim but has yet to have an opportunity to talk to her on the phone or in person, but have exchanged a few emails and get a general feeling of her unhappiness of the situation. I have left her several messages since I received this minute order and I will post a response if any when I receive it.

I must note also on the Stanislaus County webpage for local help for victims it states in the first paragraph what appears to be something to the effect of a mission statement place there by Bridget Fladager, See statement here.

This is the justice system in effect it appears in Stanislaus County and we constantly hear stories and comments to the effect that we want justice, and these comments are coming from administrators and deputy DA’s in the courtroom. We see a total lack of justice in this particular case and it appears that they were attempting to smooth over this case without it being noticed, even at the victim’s expense.

This appears to be how justice is going to be dispensed at a large expense to the public, the Frank Carson et al. case is now at $3.5 million and counting. This dentist is out still about $10,000.

I have had some major attacks recently online by people who say I am not being fair and unbiased. I continually see this type of abuse of the justice system by the people that are supposed to keep it intact. I am constantly seeing criminals sit in court and tell a story that they feel someone wants to hear to receive a better deal. I constantly sitting court listening to career snitches and tell defense attorneys in the room to “fuck off.” It appears as long as they’re telling a story that some people want to hear their behavior is acceptable despite the fact they are fucking predators on society.

The only people that can change the problems in this community and every other community are the people that live here, the victims need to step up, some people need to be held accountable for their actions or in some cases their lack of actions in dealing with criminals. They are too willing to let violent criminals go free to go after someone else that the bigger fish regardless if there’s reliability there or not.

I am hoping to talk to the victim in this Sabrina Romero case and find out what she has to say I’m sure there’s plenty.

See minuet order here: romero