1. She might just be of Stanislaus of County’s DA’s office. I put myself in her shoes and I might get a touch of the flue for a few days.

      1. I would like to be a fly on the wall when she meets up with her colleagues in Contra Costa County.

        “Why did you assign me this case! You should see how it works out in the sticks!”

        Her colleagues are probably getting a good laugh at her stories.

        I imagine she gets this a lot too “Where headed Judge Z? Back to Stanislaus County? Is the trial about over? WTF! It is still in prelim! Quit joking around. Where are really going?”

        1. I feel sorry for this poor judge I think she got saddled with something that was a lot more than what she bargained for. United States taking a big toll on her physically

  2. She might be thinking right now- there is no end in sight. I need a break. When I return I want a Xanax salt lick on the judge’s stand to get through this. A big one! Like the salt lick’s cows use, but made of XanaX. Marlissa (I still cannot spell her name so I keep guessing. She is the DA something lady, the prosector? The one that came up state from Lansing, that’s a reference from one of my favorite movies “Anatomy of a Murder” ) anyway each time Marlisa gets up to call a witness the judge takes three likes off the Xanax salt lick. By the the end of the day it’s half gone.

    1. I think judge Zuniga got more than she bargained for in this case. It’s a dog with fleas and very contentious. She is a person who has a few health problems too and this is not helping. And all the motions and all the research that she has to do for these motions I think it’s taking a large toll even with all the breaks

  3. No court- my assignment is to learn to write Marlisa A. Ferreira’s name correctly. What is my grade?
    1. Marlisa A. Ferreira
    2. Marlisa A. Ferreira
    3. Marlisa A. Fereira
    4. Marlisa A. Fereira
    5. Marlisa A Fereira
    6. Marlisa A. Ferreira
    7. Marlisa A. Ferreira
    8. Marlisa A. Fereira
    9. Marlisa A. Ferreira
    10. Marlisa A. Ferreira

    Out of respect I should learn to write her name correctly. Three r’s in it? Doesn’t follow the pattern i before e except after c, or in Ferreira. And is there one or two s’s in Marlisa or is it Marlissa?

    Please help me as I know the person know as CopSucker does check of syntax errors.

      1. I copied and pasted it now- DDA Marlisa A. Ferreira? I just need to remember “errei” and I think I will get my grade up from a D- to maybe a C+. I have used a few tools to help me spell it.
        I just sing it- “E rr e I” “E rr e I” ” E rr e I” ” The DDA has a farm, the DDA has a farm ei, ie no o..”

        1. You realize that copsucker has a screenshot of all this now…….. and It will be all over the bee

          1. Maybe she will copy paste it on her Stanislaus County Insider. I haven’t seen much on there lately except links to other people’s work. She interviewed somebody I think from the city council or someone like that. I thought she really interviewed him in person at first. At the bottom it says thanks for sending me your questions. As I read it, even before I got to the end, I was thinking this looks a letter from a 6th grader at one of Modesto’s schools by the questions she asked. I just tried to google her website to see her letter to put in some of her questions, (this is the truth) I accidentally typed in “Cop Sucker”. The results were not good. I will stop there.

            1. I don’t think there’s anything that’s been done on her site for two or three years it’s just a waste of cyberspace at this point course I guess it always was

            2. You need to do that search for Cup soccer on my side and not on Google all the information will come up

  4. You guys are too much. LMAO made my day. At least Garcia got a few more days of rest in to let his ankle heal. I wonder how the DA is going to side step the comments made by Woody’s mom in the affidavit that Cooley was the one who murdered Korey and their were 2 witnesses. This statement from a recorded conversation from jail.

  5. I think the correct spelling of her name is…..CORKY THATCHER

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