Tickle me this tickle me that

by Marty Carlson


Being in court every day on the Carson case gives me access to a lot of scuttlebutt and a lot of things that may be going on in the behind the scenes. And being at the regular courthouse in the last two days in other business there was some more insight that I was given privy to.

Apparently a couple of sources have revealed to me there been some rumors started about some of the defense attorneys in this case. Now I personally do not believe any attorney on either side of this case would be deliberately unscrupulous. But there have been some nasty rumors that somebody has started about some of the defense attorneys. Mainly saying they are leaking information to the public.

Myself personally have not received any information from the defense attorneys that is not already public information. They are very careful what they disclose that is their job. In fact, I have been told more by Mme. DA in her willingness to continue talking and sometimes not thinking it through, like when she was talking about confidential information in regards to investigator Bunch, and revealing that there is medical and psychological information about him that has been the subject of subpoenas in the past, and it sounded like it was recent.

But apparently the defense attorneys in this case have been victims of rumors saying they are releasing confidential information to the public and to this blog. Nothing is farther from the truth nor will I put out anything that I do not here in open testimony in court.

There has been information put out, and testimony recently revealed it is what investigators like to call tickling, and I think it is more of an attempt to distract some of these people from the task at hand the to be honest with you I don’t think it’s possible, in fact it probably just pisses them off causing more focus.

This all seems to be happening about the same time the recent attacks on this blog by the person I lovingly referred to as the copsucker, she initially came to this site under the name of Susan Friedman, demanding that I be more unbiased and fair. I gave her the opportunity to come to court put up the reports to have her say unedited but she refused to do that, and just want to continue to criticize and demean myself and other people who come in support Dawgs Blog, she also started in with a second alter ego as she commonly does by the name of Mary Martin, they both felt the need to Photoshop screenshots that they claim are comments made by me. I did in fact tell her to go fuck off after a long series of demeaning comments and attacks of me and my site. In fact, I still have those comments and there is 48 total.

I guess some people in this County do not have faith in their ability to righteously convict somebody of a crime, they have to make it personal and get into personal attacks. This is what they have done with the attorneys just about all of them, that is what has been done to me, and sadly it distracts from nothing and says nothing about us but says plenty about the people that need to say those things. His low caliber people that’s all there is to it. Some of these people continually want others to stay away from this site but then come daily and spend several hours a day on this site. Cop sucker makes a big deal about IP addresses which every website in existence does including the Modesto bee, and she made a comment that she will stay in the back where it’s nice and safe. That is a typical coward’s response it’s a typical coward that will say those things under the mask of a different identity and not willing to step up and say who you are and be accountable. This is what I do with Dawgs Blog and I will step up and spit her face as I am right now.

So as we hopefully come to conclusion in this preliminary hearing soon we can see some people step up and act like responsible adults and quit getting stupid. All these attacks do is piss everybody off in fact thank you Miss cop sucker you increase my hits dramatically, you get people to follow my blog and my Facebook pages, because they obviously can see how big of a dumb ass you are and you raise their curiosity level and come check me out. The same result is going to be done with these attorneys and these other people need to stop and think about it and realize their egos can be their biggest enemy.

I would like to also add that as of this writing the preliminary hearing is scheduled the restart tomorrow at 9:30 AM. If something happens and the judge is still sick, I will post something as soon as I can to let everybody know if they have plans on going to the courthouse.