From visual aid to Justice delayed by Marty Carlson Afternoon session 4-13-2016 The afternoon session started with the attempt to play a video of an interview of Brian Coates, who is Robert Woody’s nephew. This interview was dated February 26, 2014 and was done at the Turlock Police Department byContinue Reading

This is a lunchtime report the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on 4-13- 2016. By Marty Carlson Court finally resume today scheduled for 9:30 but actually started at 10 a.m. The judge welcome back attorney Jesse Garcia wishing him well also confirmed that he was physically and mentally capable of continuingContinue Reading

VS I was notified today by someone that Verizon workers on the East Coast were going on strike today, there has been a video by the workers circulating recently about this strike and I think it is a very realistic and truthful way of saying what their needs are. VerizonContinue Reading

As most of you probably enjoy your Facebook news feed where it is loaded with your friend’s families and acquaintances posts and pictures. But the social network is getting concerned that there is not enough personal information about Facebook itself being posted. Of course Facebook is extremely popular, it hasContinue Reading