As most of you probably enjoy your Facebook news feed where it is loaded with your friend’s families and acquaintances posts and pictures. But the social network is getting concerned that there is not enough personal information about Facebook itself being posted.

Of course Facebook is extremely popular, it has about 1.6 billion users worldwide, but it is finding that those users tend to post a lot of news articles and links to funny videos rather than sharing personal life updates and observations.

This phenomenon is known as context collapse.

When they use the term context collapse what they are saying is not all people are using Facebook less often or posting my stuff, but they are posting a of the different things. They are posting news articles or YouTube videos rather than what they originally were using Facebook for, which was the sharing a family photo, vacation pictures, or catching up with old friends. It is become less personal use.

That last personal use apparently has Facebook concerned that their user trend will be more likely to turn to twitter or other social media. But apparently twitter is suffering some of the same pains of Facebook and it is quickly becoming more of a news and information sharing site.

That this becomes a problem for social media because people’s personal engagement drives the advertising towards other companies and brands.

One report by Bloomberg said that original sharing a personal stories on Facebook had seen a drop of 21% since mid-2015. Many users, especially younger ones, began moving to applications like snapshot and whatsapp for their social media interactions, Mark Zuckerberg apparently feels the need to be an emphasis on personal sharing for the company to continue moving forward, which means making more money.

Some experts said the company is hoping that the new and interactive features like life videos, and on this day remembrances, it gives users a chance to recall and re-engage on a more personal level. It is also said that Facebook’s acquisition of instant Graham and what’s up are also ways to increase more personal usage. And the bottom line is Facebook wants to increase income by getting users to boost their personal posts and images, and it not be used as an advertising tool for companies and financial interests. Recent changes in Facebook rules have indicated that to me.

Now for Dawgs perspective

Facebook is a privately traded company, and what happens with privately traded companies they become investor orientated and they start to forget what made them so popular in the first place. Investors get a predatory nature as a have a constant thirst for more income and residuals.

The investors eventually become thirstier for more money, and that is a thirst at some point that cannot be satisfied. Investors actually make more money by shutting down companies, putting people out of work, and selling off assets.

There is actually a lot of initial money to be made by owners of the company when they first go public, but in the end their company will end up being shut down, because at a certain point the only way for investors to make more money increase their money flow is by destroying companies.