This is a lunchtime report the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on 4-13- 2016.

By Marty Carlson

Court finally resume today scheduled for 9:30 but actually started at 10 a.m.

The judge welcome back attorney Jesse Garcia wishing him well also confirmed that he was physically and mentally capable of continuing on in this case and making sure that there was no painkiller use heat or anything along that line to inhibit him. He is sure the court that he was fine and had no problems continuing on.

Investigator Navarro again took the stand and was asked about the previous cases that Carson had Been the defense attorney, an officer Navarro claimed he had no ill will against Frank Carson. He also stated that he had no complaints were filed against him buy Frank Carson or any of his clients.

Percy Martinez inquired about some cases where complaints had been brought against officer Navarro, specifically getting a female to sit on your boyfriend’s lap in an effort to get a confession out of the boyfriend. Navarro claims there was no complaint or action taken.

Madam district attorney then attempted start a redirect on an incident that occurred about 12 years ago with a family member that had stolen some property from Frank Carson. They have made the statement 2 Navarro in August in regards to behavior that they said Frank Carson exhibited. No police reports were filed no further action was taken and in fact they were prosecuted for stealing the property which I believe we’re books of course drug charges.

The judge ruled that this is an improper line of questioning as it was a long period and time between this incident and the Korey Kauffman case and there was no other reports of this type of activity in between.

The da then attempted to put Patrick Hampton back on the stand to the objection of all the defense attorneys because they had just been provided discovery this morning just prior to court. The judge ruled that she cannot give discovery on a witness and then turn right around and immediately called that Witness.

Madam DA  then explained that she wanted to get Patrick Hamptn on the stand as soon as possible because she was not sure how long he would be in custody and the problems she may have getting him here out of custody. And this is the gentleman that inserted himself in this case but apparently is Running Scared.

The da then stated she would like to get Woody’s mom on the stand as soon as possible as she is in failing health. Discussion then lead to a long conversation about the visit that Robert would he had with his mother after his court appearance on Monday. It was representative to the court that would he had made a request to visit his mother and was accommodated by the DA’s office.

When I was standing outside the courtroom you Monday morning before it open I had seen investigator lingerfelt enter the court room through the side door where the inmates go in and investigator Bunch appeared in court with the DA Marlisa Ferreira there was no request made in court when the case was called and Beverly Woody told me outside the courtroom that she was going to go visit her son at the DA’s office. This was a pre-planned visit and the attorneys were requesting any recordings or reports or transcripts as in custody situations with homicide suspect all visitations are recorded normally.

Gary said no recordings were made no reports were written and they had a visit by themselves would know law enforcement or investigators present. This is also a murder suspect who has confessed comma even though it’s his mother she is a witness in this murder case and is to be called. The attorneys argued that there were special considerations Happening Here and the judge advised them if they want to pursue this with a motion to file briefs and let’s move on.

One last request was made by Percy Martinez that was to allow Frank Carson to visit his mother, who is 88 years old comma in a private setting just as Robert Woody was allowed to do. Of course the judge denied that and of course there’s going to be no cooperation with the district attorney on that.

Then investigator Bunch retook the stand and was asked again by Percy Martinez when he started on the investigation which was April 2nd of 2012 which was only a couple days after Corey Kaufman’s missing persons report has been filed.

Martha magana began asking the witness about text messages that he had sent tell him what he he had a warrant for his arrest. He also stated that he had received the phone number from family members of Woody but through further Christine revealed he already knew Robert Woody’s phone number through the multiple wiretaps that they have been doing.

Investigator Bunch also revealed even though Robert Woody was a murder suspect he had sent him text as in at least two of them and stated he had not kept a record of the text or their content. Further questioning into the text continued until an objection by the district attorney was made as outside the scope of the direct which was sustained by the judge.

Just before breaking for lunch the judge advised she had received some paperwork from Department of Corrections in regards to a subpoena by Jesse Garcia. It was received from Pleasant Valley State Prison and was a general file under the name of Ronald Cooper.

And broke for lunch to return at 1:30











  1. Wow–talk about special consideration–This entire process is filled with unadulterated horse manure! Woody can have a special little visit with his mommy, but Frank Carson, who is being railroaded by the DA’s office cannot have the same privilege. I certainly hope the good people of Stanislaus county are taking note of this utter hogwash! Disgusting!

  2. Unfortunately when I try to tell people about what goes on no one wants to listen! Maybe it will them some day, and I can say- I told you about this before! The system only works for those who have criminal records. You need to graduate to 5 units of criminal convictions then you will be allowed special treatment. You they can become a “Certificated Jail Snitch” and be able to walk free and enter the world of drug use, stealing, scrapping, with the only caveat being that you might have to wear an ankle bracelet with a radius of 300 miles.

  3. A question: What was Bunch doing investigating a missing persons’ case on April 2, 2012, just a few days after Korey Kauffman went missing?

    Answer that question and we might learn a whole lot more about this case, than is known publicly.

    1. That is a very good question, a very quick jump to Da investigator involvement.

  4. note- This is purely a work fiction!

    We should email the bastard! Maybe Cop Sucker can do it with one of her many personalities. She could pretend to be from Homeland Security, I am sure none of these knockleheads would even know a Homeland Security agent’s badge would like or be able to tell if they were. It probably scare the bastards into turning over every detail and even more from that day.

    “Mr. Branch you are conspiring with a right-winged know terrorist group! Turn over all your files now, or we have a one way ticket for you to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba! We have of ways making people talk there. No more water boarding of course, but just think about what liquids we might use in place of water? This by executive order too, do not ask for a writ of habeas corpus. You think you can get away with a lot here in Stanislaus County, wait and see what we get away with at Guantanamo Bay!”

    Once again- this is purely a work of fiction, and in no way reflects on any happenings in the United States.

    Sincerely (Nom de plume),
    Eric Arthur Blair

  5. First to Rachael Graybill….
    Thanks for your concern of the residents of this scandalous county that they are hopefully taking note
    Sadly that is not happening because the puppet master is controlling the strings of the Modesto Bee reporter!!
    He only shows up once every two weeks and we all know it’s when he gets a call
    Bet he will there tomorrow though!!

    Great report Marty, you always do a great job reporting, what would we do without you, Tom Jensen and Warren Yates??

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