From visual aid to Justice delayed

by Marty Carlson

Afternoon session 4-13-2016

The afternoon session started with the attempt to play a video of an interview of Brian Coates, who is Robert Woody’s nephew. This interview was dated February 26, 2014 and was done at the Turlock Police Department by investigators Bunch and Evers.

The video started with Brian Coates sitting in the interview room it would appear to be a leather chair and look and extremely nervous. In fact, he had finally taken his shirt and shoes off, I guess trying to make themselves feel at home. Investigators Bunch and Evers had made a very clear to Mr. Coates that he was not in custody and was free to leave at any time as he was there to just take a statement about his uncle.

They advised him that they were aware of Robert Woody statements about killing Korey Kaufman, and that they also have recordings of his confession. Mr. Coates stated he knows nothing about the murder as he was not in this area at the time, in fact he was in Fresno. Investigator bunch continued telling him that Robert Woody has said things that only the killer would know.

At that point we started having massive issues with a video not playing properly, which has been an ongoing issue which the judge is addressed personally with the proper people involved to take care of it and was assured it had been taking care of but obviously not. There are several different ways it was attempted to play and after long delays in several attempts the people in charge of the A/V equipment showed up with a separate screen and projector to play the video.

The video went on where investigator bunch reveals to Mr. Coates that he is asking questions that he already knows the answer to an already knows who killed Corey Kaufman. At that time investigator Evers piped up and seem to be giving Mr. Coates a pep talk and they were only thinking about his best interest to keep him out of trouble. Investigator bunch also made a statement on the video that he had not arrested Robert Woody yet because of other people that were involved. So my understanding is he was letting a murderer walk free for some reason.

They also try to convince Mr. Coates that he would be helping Robert Woody by telling them what he knows, because of Robert Woody’s admissions already, and then goes on to mention maybe the Atwal brothers were involved. Now basically Brian Coates does not know anything more than what was contained in the Woody wire as he was present during much of that conversation. Mr. Coates stated he does not want to snatch but Kirk bunch assures him saying the right thing in a situation like this is not be a snitch.

Sucker punch at that time tells Mr. Coates that of all the interviews that he is done in this case that he is the smartest interview that he has had as of yet. Investigator bunch also reassures Mr. Coates that they are not grasping at straws.

The let me paint a picture for you right here, Brian Coates is sitting there with no shoes, no shirt, pant legs rolled up or was wearing shorts, this was in the middle of February, Mr. Coates freely admits that he gets high all the time on marijuana, but he is being told that he is the smartest person they have interviewed up to this point. Maybe that goes to say the type of people they were interviewing throughout this case.

Brian Coates repeatedly Saying that he knows nothing, and they continue to ask him what the family says, what the rumors are. Investigator Evers keep saying the Brian Coates the does not appear that he wants to tell us anything or cooperate. The only time he has conversations with Robert Woody, his uncle, is what he wants to talk about his problems in life and issues along that line, in fact had repeated that multiple times.

During this interview investigator bunch said he has a text message that he sent Robert Woody trying to get him to turn himself in, which caught my attention because during his testimony this morning he stated he had not kept the communications that he was attempting to have with this murder suspect. Mr. Coates Saying a nothing repeatedly and it appeared that they were not willing to accept his answers.

He did note that were Robert Woody had found the recording device that Miranda “sunny” Dykes had worn for the Dist. Atty. investigators, he played with it somewhat poor the battery out of it and putting it back in the for some reason did not destroy or erase the device. It almost sounded like Robert Woody did not know what the device was when he found it. But it was hard to tell listening to the interview.

The video and its issues with playing it took up most of the afternoon and after 4 o’clock testimony was stopped.

At that time Martha Magana obviously irritated again requested a recusal motion against the DA’s office where they had violated attorney-client privileges with two separate clients than what is in this case.

Apparently during the investigation into the Patrick Hampton claims of being threatened, DA investigator Steve Jacobson had made contact with to a Martha Magana’s clients and in fact requested one of the clients contact missed Magana on the phone what he was standing there, during the speaker on a listening to the conversation between attorney-client. There was also discovery that was turned over that showed investigator Jacobson had been contacting missed Magana’s clients using a phony name an effort to gather information about the Hampton situation and the attorneys involved. This apparently is confirmed by a law enforcement reports filed.

This is caused missed Magana to be conflicted in those cases and had to advise those other two clients to seek separate counsel because their privilege have been compromised. Missed Magana, who was extremely agitated at this point made a comment that the entire DA’s office is not capable of being able to do a fair and impartial investigation of any clients that may belong to any these attorneys involved in the Carson case.

Missed Magana also went on to say that the DA has information that there were some other attacks on people related to some of the Korey Kaufman activities, namely some stolen tools that were taken in one of the people involved with Korey Kaufman was attacked and beaten. She also stated there were multiple visits to the site where the remains of Korey Kaufman were found in someone had actually talk to the Hunter who found the remains, but the District Attorney’s Office is not releasing that information which she claims includes photographs.

It was also claimed by Ms. Magana that rumors have been put out on the street that Percy Martinez had been putting out information about Patrick Hampton or others to some gang members thus putting Hampton at risk. Keep in mind a common practice used by these investigators as we have seen in the past love to use rumors to stimulate things on the street and they called it “tickling.”

During this very livid argument being made by Ms. Magana I noticed some I was a Ferreira’s body language start speaking volumes, she was not a happy person, Ms. Magana ended her argument requesting that this preliminary hearing be stopped in a hearing be held with the Atty. Gen.’s office as to possibly taking over this case.

Mme. DA responded saying they cannot ask for recusal at this point as a have already attempted to do so, and only get one bite of the apple. Missed Magana piped up very quickly and said that is not true.

Mme. DA agrees that investigator Jacobson did listen to an attorney client conversation concerning Ms. Magana, and also stated that Percy Martinez had put out snitch information on Patrick Hampton for the gang members to be made aware. She also accused defense attorneys of leaking information that has been revealed on the Internet.

Since Mme. DA did not specify this writer I cannot be totally sure as to what she was referring to. But I will at this time state here and now I personally have not received any information that is not public knowledge. Any evidence that’s been admitted to the court, that is not subject to a gag order, is public knowledge. Any conversations on the record in the courtroom, testimony, arguments, motions, again are all public knowledge and anybody can be sitting in the courtroom can report what was said in heard.

Again I will say I have not received any information from anyone that is not of the public domain in the right to know. In fact, there is been some admitted evidence that I have been having frustrated in my efforts to get but have not been able to do so.

It appears the District Attorney’s Office is making a stance that they feel the public does not have a right to know what happens in our courtrooms. It appears that they seem to be concerned about the bloggers in the back row instead of just taking care of their case.

It might be noted to that during the playing of the video I had moved to the other side of the courtroom gallery to get a better view of the screen, which put me almost directly behind the district attorney and her investigator, and they are constantly looking towards the back row they did a quick look around the room to see where I was. Apparently I’ve gotten in their head a little bit and I don’t really know why. All they have to do is their job and present the evidence not worry about the blogger in the back row.

I might also note that after the arguments by Mme. DA Percy Martinez was obviously very agitated one to make his argument in this issue and it was already past 4:30 and the judge stated he can make it tomorrow that it is already too late. And that I understand because a court reporters working very hard and needs to stop and also prepare her transcripts to be ready for the next day.

Court was then continued until 930 tomorrows, I’m not a sure what we going to see tomorrow but it’s possible Patrick Hampton may retake the stand. It sounded like to Dist. Atty. wanted to get Patrick Hampton’s testimony on the record while he was stealing custody. I think they were afraid once he gets released, which could be anytime, they may not see him again.

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  1. It appears the DA and Investigators are the ones putting information on the streets about Hampton being a snitch. This is one of Jacobson traits along with other law enforcement. Where do they get off doing the shit that they are to these innocent people. This is not the first time Woody has visited his family in private, they have also brought food for him from outside. Since when does jails allow this. The Mayor needs to start checking into the activities these criminals are being allowed to do by the DA office. I think the majority of the DA office needs to be replaced and the corrupted ones sent on their way. We need honest people in there to uphold the laws the way they should be and the true criminals held to answer to this murder. If the law would have handled it correctly from the start and hold the lying, druggies, and thieves accountable the DA wouldn’t have to convince their witness to lie. The DA and Investigators surely have made a laughing stock of Stanislaus County and the justice system. The people of this county will think hard and long the next time they vote.

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