By William Thomas Jensen


After a long break, court resumed today at 10:02 AM. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia was welcomed back by Judge Barbara Zuniga. When asked how he was doing, Jesse Garcia replied better than you it seems. Judge Zuniga has been sick for several days now, and had a very bad cough, and raspy voice. Judge Zuniga asked Jesse Garcia whether he was on any medications that would interfere with his ability to conduct the defense of his client. Jesse assured Judge Zuniga that there was no problem with medications.

At this time, Detective Frank Navarro is put back on the stand. Navarro is asked questions by prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra about previous cases involving Frank Carson that he was involved with. Navarro said that there had been no complaints involved with these cases.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez then asks Detective Navarro about a time where Navarro had a female sit on her boyfriend’s lap to get a confession. Navarro states that there was no complaint about this situation.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra then brings up an incident that occurred 12 years ago with a Niece of Frank Carson. This Niece had stolen books from Frank Carson, and had sold them to Yesterday’s Books. Frank Carson had found these books at Yesterday’s Books and allegedly became furious. Frank allegedly threatened to kill her boyfriend over this. As it turns out, no reports were filed on this incident. Frank’s Niece, and her boyfriend were prosecuted for stealing these items. The defense attorneys objected to this line of questioning because of the length of time that had transpired since the alleged incident, and the fact that no reports were made at the time that it allegedly happened.

At this point, Marlissa Fereirra wants Patrick Hampton to be put back on the stand. There are immediate objections by the defense attorneys. The defense attorneys stated that they just got new discovery from the DA. She states that Patrick Hampton is scared about threats against his family, and that Patrick will be released fairly soon. If the DA is really so concerned about his impending release, I am sure they could arrange for an extended stay in jail.

The DA wants to put Robert Woody’s mother on the stand soon. It appears that her health condition is very poor, and she wants to get her testimony.

Really big stuff happens now. The defense attorneys bring up Robert Woody’s visit with his mother at the DA’s office. The defense attorneys had become aware of this private meeting by a conversation that Woody’s mother had had with an individual. Woody was taken by Detective lingerfeldt, and DA investigator Steve Jacobson to the DA’s office. It seems inappropriate to me for the two investigators to have such contact with that key witness in this case. It also seems inappropriate to me for Robert Woody to have a private meeting with his mother who is a witness in this case. It is stated by Marlissa Fereirra that no recordings of this visit were made. Everything gets recorded in that office whether you know it is recorded or not. She also stated that there were no recordings made while Jacobson and Lingerfeldt drove Woody to the DAs office. I don’t believe this either. I think that what happened will become a big can of worms for the prosecution to deal with.

At this point, defense attorney Percy Martinez requests a private visit between Frank Carson and his mother who is 88 years old. Judge Barbara Zuniga states that she always leaves this up to the people at the jail. I assume that Frank will never get such a visit.

Kirk Bunch is now on the stand. Defense attorney Percy Martinez gets Kirk Bunch to state that his first day working on this case was April 2, 2012. This was about 2 to 4 days after Korey Kauffman was reported missing.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana asks Mr. Bunch about a text message he sent to Robert Woody. Bunch stated that he had obtained the phone number from family members, but also had the phone number from wire taps that had been done. Bunch stated that he does not have a copy of the text messages that were sent. Kirk Bunch was then allowed to step down from the stand.

At this point, judge Zuniga states that she got a file on Ronald Cooper from pleasant Valley. This file had been requested by defense attorney Jesse Garcia. Marlissa Fereirra complains that she had requested these files as well, and has not received them. Poor baby. It is now time for lunch.

The afternoon session starts out with us watching a video of Brian Coates who is Robert Woody’s uncle. Brian Coates father is Brian Woody. In this video, we hear Kirk Bunch tell Brian Coates that “We have several recordings where Robert Woody confessed to the murder of Korey Kauffman. During the interview, Kirk Bunch constantly coaches Brian Coates. Bunch states that “We know there is a bigger picture in this murder.” Bunch states that “The reason we haven’t arrested Robert Woody is that we know there are other people involved.” “Robert will come to the table guaranteed.” Bunch asks Brian Coates about how Robert Woody did the murder. Bunch wanted to know who was involved. Coates stated “I don’t know.” Bunch then asks Coates if Dalgit or Balgit were involved in the killing. Once again, Coates states that he doesn’t know. Coates states that he was at the house with his girlfriend Sunny when he heard Robert Woody state that he killed Korey Kauffman. Coates states that he heard something about pigs eating the body. He heard something about Korey hopping over the fence, and stealing something, and leaving. Coates then talks about Robert Woody saying about how things were taken from Frank Carson. Bunch presses Coates about who was involved. Bunch reminds Coates that “Remember, I already know the answers.” Coates then says “I don’t remember.” Coates then says “I smoke too much weed.” Bunch then tells Coates “You know but you will not tell us.” Coates then tells Bunch about finding a tape recording device that had been left by law enforcement. Coates says that his girlfriend brought the recording device into his house. Coates states that he became mad about this. Bunch then tells Coates that he is holding back.

It is now 4:08 in the afternoon. It is brought out that a witness with the last name of Branco will be the next one to be on the stand.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana then requests an advance recusal motion. In a very forceful argument, Martha tells the court about two of her clients that she can no longer represent because of misconduct by the DAs office. One of Martha’s clients named Terry Fullin had been called by Steve Jacobson. Jacobson used a phony name and set up a meeting. Jacobson wanted to speak with him about Patrick Hampton. Jacobson asked her client a series of loaded questions about alleged threats to Patrick Hampton.

Jacobson had Terry Fullin call Martha and had Terry put the phone on speaker mode so that he could listen in on their conversation. Martha stated that this was malicious bullying and was a serious breach of the attorney client relationship.

Martha then brings up another client by the name of Daryl Harris who was the cellmate of Ronald Cooper. DA Investigator Kirk Bunch visited Harris in jail. Martha was never informed of this visit, and learned about it in discovery. Martha stated that the prosecution is incapable of doing a fair prosecution.

Martha then talks about a crime partner of Korey Kauffman who was beaten up because of stolen tools from Kevin Pickett, and how all these people had been to the grave site of Korey Kauffman in Mariposa. Martha then states that a picture of Jason Armstrong was found in Pickett’s truck at the grave site. Armstrong told Bunch he met the Hunter that found Korey Kauffman’s body in Mariposa. Martha states they made multiple visits to the grave site, and that not one police report was made about this.

Martha Carlton Magana then states that the DA needs to be gone and the Attorney General needs to step in and take over this case. Defense attorney Robert Forkner then states that he wants the Attorney General to be given his motion as well. This can of worms seems to be overflowing.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra then goes into a thirty-minute tirade of arguments to rebut what has just transpired. She seemed to be desperate, and reaching for anything that could save her failing case. I think her arguments were weak, and disjointed. She spoke about how this was too late in the game to do what Martha wants to be done. She uses all the time up, and Defense Attorney Percy Martinez is frustrated about not being afforded to speak about another issue he wants to bring up. This will have to wait until the morning.

Sincerely, William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. Bravo, yet another fabulous rendition of what occurred at the Circus Big Top today
    I am dismayed that the sneaks allowed for Woody to be with his mom with no recording, no prior permission etc. and they still are getting away with this BS
    When does this madness end?

  2. I think Frank carson should have a visit with his mother. This is very stressful for her and the natural love between a mother and son will be comforting to her health .She is very old

  3. What did Ms. Magana mean when she said lots of people had visited the gravesite. Was this before or after the body was discovered, or before it was removed or after everything had been looked at by law enforcement? I’m not sure what she meant by that.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I believe he was referring to information that the DA’s have of people that are visiting the site where the remains were found apparently he feels are some information that they have not divulged including pictures and video

  4. I read up to lunch yesterday, but wanted to bring this up. Judge Z asks Jesse Garcia if he is on meds. In a nice way, more worried about his health, but did she ever ask Hampton? I mean if he was it does work for the defense. I guess Hampton’s meds would be non-script though.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Personally I think we need to have a drug recognition officer present before Hamptons testifies to see if he’s capable

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