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I was notified today by someone that Verizon workers on the East Coast were going on strike today, there has been a video by the workers circulating recently about this strike and I think it is a very realistic and truthful way of saying what their needs are.

Verizon wireless is a very profitable company, and despite the villa vacations of unions in the recent years, Verizon has still shown large increasing profits even during the tough economical times of recent past.

They have been working without a contract for about nine months now, and Verizon is, from what I was told is offering nothing but a take away contract. They want the employees to absorb all costs and then some of medical, retirements, no wage increases. From what I understand in the video explains it somewhat there is also a big issue about transferring personnel around the country, and these employees would like to have more input into what and how that is done.

Now I will admit that I believe in unions but many in the past have forgotten what their role is as far as making companies successful. I also believe that companies have lost their feeling of responsibility of the employees that are making them successful. And if one or the other is not negotiating in good faith, it leads to a large breakdown in communications and causes a lot of anger and discontent to the other side. I personally do not like to see employees going on strike, but sometimes there is no other alternative. And I hope the union and company keeps in mind that there’s always options available, there is always a solution out there sometimes you have to think out-of-the-box a little bit.

I truly hope the best to all I like to see companies successful, it keeps people working, especially one as large as Verizon as they have a snowball effect on the economy and all the site jobs that are created with this type of company.

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