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  1. Just saw this from Susan Bass-

    ” I wonder how the DA is going to side step the comments made by Woody’s mom in the affidavit that Cooley was the one who murdered Korey and their were 2 witnesses. This statement from a recorded conversation from jail.”

    Didn’t Cooley also point to a place on his property and say “This is where the kid got it”

    Why did he bury the bike if he was innocent?

    Also, did the police get a search warrant for Cooley’s property and use cadaver dogs? Also important, did they do it at the same time they hit Pop-n-Cork and went to Carson’s with the SWAT team? By-the-way, why did they need the SWAT team? Was Hampton inside holding hostages?

    Back to the question of is this still an open investigation?

    Another thought I have been wondering about, does Cooley still live in the same residence on Lander? Are people still going through the fence and stealing? Druggies need their drugs, drug dealers want to be paid, and right now they know Carson is no longer on the property.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      To my knowledge Michael’s Cooley property was never searched biker diver dogs or anything else. Usually in an investigation the last person to see the victim alive as usual your first suspect but in this case for some reason that was different.

      What is mom is supposed to testify sometime here in the very near future it’s going to be interesting how your testimony plays out

  2. Lets not forget about Cooley’s sister Linda Burns dog being buried in his back yard and dug up and moved because Eula was moving. Still for the sake of me I don’t understand why dig the dog up. I think it was Korey. If I wanted to take my dog with me where ever I go after they pass I would have the dog cremated. These are some morbid people.

    1. Dug up her dead dog to take it with her… LOL.. OK, so where is the dog buried now..? let’s have it up again for an necropsy..

    1. Thank you Susan, that is more information I did not know. I had no clue she dug up her “dog”. It still bewilders that all the properties involved were not treated as crime scenes. I mean was Cooley just playing horse shoes in the back watching the SWAT team tear apart Carson’s property? This is Tragicomedy that I hope ends with correct justice. It’s real life though and not a play. I do apologize if some times my levity in the matter might go to far.

  3. You’re welcome. You would be amazed at all that has gone on and numerous other people arrested and accused of killing Kory. Marty can fill you in. The DA and Investigators are fishing for anything to frame Carson and the others because of vendettas and lawsuits and just because he is a DAM good attorney and they can’t compete with him. Jacobson’s vendetta goes back over 20 years for Carson. Jacobson used the same corrupt ways now that he did back years ago. You would think by now he would have grown up. But that hasn’t happened.

  4. I got confused and reread what you wrote and now have some questions. I was thinking you were talking about Cooley’s mom, or Cooley had dug something up and said it was his mom’s dog. It was Woody’s mom who dug up her “dog”. She is in the wheel chair? Maybe not way back when this happened. Getting all these people confused again. So to make sure I am correct, the dog that was supposedly dug up was on Woody’s property? Woody’s mom dug the dog up? Cooley dug up Kauffman’s bike? Woody lives right near Pop-n-Cork? One thing I have to believe is the Atwal brothers are way too smart, if involved, to bury the body near where they work (I think).

    So as the narrative goes, Carson wanted someone with knowledge of who was going into his yard and stealing things (everybody). Woody became the person with information as to who the thieves were. Does Woody know the Cooleys and some of the thieves before this happened? If we went back 6 months before this murder who would have been connected to whom? One of the Atwals supposedly got into a fight with Kauffman (something I would not advise because I have been to Pop-n-Cork and the Atwals are big and it is all muscle, this was before they were arrested), still this altercation is questionable. Maybe not anymore as Woody is now talking. Who is it that lives near Johnson and Linwood? I know one of the Officers, but was it Woody or Kauffman who lived back there too? So was the “dog” dug up near Johnson and Linwood?

    That’s enough for now. How is jury going to figure this out?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      What is Mom is in the wheelchair and pretty sick apparently comma and it only got to visit with her son in court the other day
      Michael Lee sister is the one that apparently supposedly buried a dog in the backyard that was dug up and take him with her when she moved and that’s where the bike was buried.
      The Atwal property was searched and multiple multiple multiple samples were taken and to this point there have been no DNA results from that property.

      So we constantly hear all these questions about Woody Cooley keys Burns Romero camera gang members that have had it in for Corey and all this conversation you never hear anything about Frank Carson, Walter Wells, the Atwal Brothers, Georgia and Christina difilippo comma or anybody else that the defendant in this case it’s funny how they’re always talking about all these other players that have long criminal histories and much of its violent

  5. Woody’s mom is in the wheelchair and is scheduled to testify later on. Michael Cooley’s sister who is Linda Sue Burns was the owner of the dog that was buried on Michael Cooley’s property. The dog was dug up by Linda Burn’s other brother Rick Cooley from Mike Cooley’s property not Woody’s mom property. Later on Kory’s bike was buried where they dug the dog up on Mike Cooley’s property. Hope this makes it a little clearer for you. So many witnesses and things being said and done by them it does get confusing.

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