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Being too tense leads to nonsense

By Marty Carlson


The afternoon session continued with a video of Robert Bronco, which by the way I believe I used Branco, that is clarified to me after lunch. Mr. bronco went on to say that much of Turlock had some type of issue with Korey Kaufman and there is many that wanted to beat him up.

He also mentioned there was a conversation at the store where they discuss a man that had been missing, and one of the Atwal brothers were talking about smashing someone up. Later on in the recording Mr. bronco stated that someone has dealt with him and Robert Woody was the last person to see Korey Kauffman alive.

When he was asked if he knew the Robert Woody had made regular trips to the mountains he stated that he has never known Robert Woody to visit in the mountains anywhere at any time. Investigator bunch began showing the witness a bunch of pictures, that he had in a large stack and where mostly numbered which he responded to that he did not know any of them, except for maybe one after investigator bunch told him who it was.

They also had a conversation about the wire that Miranda Dykes had worn in the recording device had been found on the front porch, and he stated that he really did know what it was, but stated that he felt it would probably put there by investigators to listen to them. He also stated that Robert Woody had a past domestic violence history with a previous relationship but had not known him to be violent with women in recent history.

He also stated that he didn’t talk to sunny much he didn’t really care for her, and she’d only been staying at the house what he called a “minute” meaning a short time. Robert Woody had kicked her out of the house because of her wandering ways at night.

But he also agreed that Sonny was in the house that particular day when a SWAT team had made entry. In addition, a SWAT team was still at his house as a spoke as part of the search warrant being served on the Woody residence.

Bronco had advised that he had heard from “some dude” on the street that Frank Carson had wanted Korey Kaufman dead. He stated that he has lied to sunny a lot that he didn’t really care for her, but also stated that he would not lie about a murder. He did not know anything about the Atwal truck being stolen and burned.

At the end of the interview investigator John Evers handed him a card as he was walking out the room, Mr. bronco probably wadded up the card look like he is looking for somewhere to throw it away but then stuck it in his pocket probably thinking better about it. The investigator finishing up the interview by asking bronco if Robert Woody had been involved in a previous homicide sometime in the past, he stated he knew nothing about it.

At that time several defense attorneys requested that the photos used in the interview be discovered say they have not received them as of yet, with the DA claiming they had. Apparently there was a bit of confusion as a numbering on the photos in the video was different than the numbering on the photos given in discovery. Apparently there was two different officers involved using two different methods and things got confusing.

After watching the video, the only defense attorney who still had questions was Martha Magana, and she inquired to what caliber the weapon was that D Atwal was wearing on his belt when he interviewed him, investigator bunch advise it was a 40 caliber. He was also asked if he knew when the newest Pop N Cork had opened and he advised it was in 2014 sometime.

When Martha Magana inquired if the psychic originally talked about had talked to the Hunter, Gary Crosby, at or near the site because she was aware that the body had been placed above ground, and that was one of the specific “knows’ the investigators for using that only the killer would know.

Missed Magana continued on in a very intense cross-examination asking questions about Jason Armstrong who had took several people to the site of the scene where the remains were found, also referred to as the grave, on or about January 2013 in January 2014. Investigator bunch stated that he had no knowledge of this, and missed Magana inquired if that in fact was true that would mean there was information on the street that was not specific to what just the killer would know.

I saw a bit of a body language change in investigator bunch during his interrogation and it just seemed to be the general attitude of everybody in the room today especially this afternoon. All attorneys are very agitated this point and it appears to me that the judge, especially not feeling well, they start to show signs of wear and maybe even weariness of this case. Maybe it’s best for all involved if we do start working four-day weeks on this trial.

Ms Magana accused investigator bunch of putting false information on the Ramey warrant knowing full well that there had been visitors to the site and apparently there had been some information they had talked to the Hunter, Gary Crosby, about what he had found. Ms. Magana’s contention was that it had been widely dispersed throughout the community where the body was found and in fact had been at least two groups of people that had been visiting the scene.

At this time the district attorney objected to the theory of multiple people visiting the scene, as in fact it had not been established, and the judge sustained her objection.

During this time there was a contentious exchange between all attorneys Mme. DA felt the need to explain to the judge some the proper ways of some of the things that are being done in the court with especially the defense attorneys, the judge gave her that judge look very clearly said I wear the robe. I must say at this time to it was not just the district attorney that she was upset with and showed ire towards all the attorneys in the room, in fact chastising all of them in a short speech.

For several frustrating minutes Ms Magana was pressing investigator bunch very hard about having a photo of Jason Armstrong at the scene of the grave, which he continually denied, the questions continually drew objections from Mme. DA. The judge at actually told the district attorney that the questions were not focused on the direct that she had done on investigator bunch but the judge this stated she’s going to let her do it anyway.

Again Martha Magana continue to ask if there were any photos of Jason Armstrong or anybody else at the site of the grave he continued to say no. After several objections by the district attorney the judge actually assisted Ms. Magana wording the question in the proper way, investigator bunch finally admitted yes there was a photo of Jason Armstrong at the scene where court Corey Kaufman’s remains were found. It appeared at this time that investigator bunch was extremely upset and in fact pretty red in the face, and he finally had to admit there was evidence that he had not turned over to the defense. And apparently this photo had been referred to in a previous interview that had been discovered where he stated to Jason Armstrong that he had a photo of him at the scene. I really don’t know why he was denying it at this point, it was not photos taken by him apparently it was a forestry photo that just happened to catch him.

This is getting towards the end of the day and the attorneys were talking and were going to have to have Gary Crosby return as a witness, because this new information that somebody may have talked to him, and gone to the scene and relayed information about it to others in Turlock so it is no longer specific information only the killer would know.

There were just a few testy arguments about Gary Crosby if he just found the body and reported it are actually gone and looked at the body and rummage around the scene or something along that line. Apparently Jason Armstrong and another individual by the name of McMillan had made trips to the scene which is what led the attorneys to believe that centering on information that only the killer would know was inaccurate.

Just a few observations at the end of the day and scheduling was discussed knowing that the judge has been sick this week, and looking a little pale, she seems frazzled and very tired at this point. Investigator bunch was looking pretty aggravated and pretty stressed. Mme. DA did not look happy and seem pretty aggravated or irritated over the course of events of this afternoon.

The witnesses scheduled to be called next Monday, as court is down tomorrow, will be Beverly Woody, Robert Woody’s mom, then probably Patrick Hampton and the guess is he’ll probably be on the stand at least two days, maybe more,  the way things have gone.

Court then went into recess until 930 Monday


  1. The statement by bronco that some dude said Frank Carson wanted Korey Kauffmsn dead should be stricken. Even though hearsay is admissible at a prelim it must be reliable. This is triple hearsay by someone who is not identified during an unknown time period in an unknown context. It has zero reliability. It should not be admissible even at a prelim. Hopefully the attorneys will strike it on Monday. For all we know the dude could have been bunch or Jacobsen

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Yep but they are hanging their hat completely on stuff like this.

    2. The entire parade of DA puppet witnesses are ALL convicvted felons… most of them mulitple felonies… none of them have any credibility.. not one of them… and the other half of her witnesses… like the Investigators violating court orders in direct violation of the judges orders… have very little credibility themselves as they have demonstrated a willigness to be less than forthcoming even while under oath.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      That is one of the rumors going round, Cooley was extremely jealous and violent.

      1. What about the guy that is known to have said he would cut Korey’s throat ear to ear for stealing his money from the trailer scraping job they did… and that was just days before he was suddenly missing..

        And the far fetched story about the strange dog burial and dig up be cause she was moving… and that just happened to be Cooleys sisters yard..? and then the story about burying the Koreys bicycle… ? those people like to bury shit and dig it up for fun… that’s of course normal behavior… everyone does that.. it just a coincidence that they happen to be doing alot of digging at about the exact time frame of the disapperance of Mr. Kaufman…

        There are 2 people that are known to have threatened his life… and both of them had a penchant for talking about using knives on people… in fact, 2 of the witenesses in this case… were arrested for a residential take over involving knives… after Korey went missing…

        The investigators in this case seem to have bumbled stumbled and dumbled their way along through a 3 year investigation (if you could really call it that.. IMO it does not qualify as professional investigative work) the D.A. has taken a failed investigation turned it into a 3 ring circus replete with a cast of characters out of dick tracy comic series then tries to manipulate the media spin with spoon fed stories to the Bee reporters.. were the trial will get held in in the court of misinformed public opinion.. nice little 5 million dollar side show that the Taxpayers get to foot the bill for… a side show that includes Hawaii and New York City vacations… next thing you know… the DA will parade a unicorn farting raindows into court to testify..

  2. I live in Michigan and I’ve been following this on Facebook this is 3 ring circus that DA should be diisbad my dog is smarter than she is not only that the people of that county are paying for that circus

  3. I must say that all comments are super but the person with the gmail address has me cracking up this early morning!
    The part about Dick Tracy comic figures is genius!!
    Will say that the judge had a tuff time last week, it must have hard to deal with illness and be attentive to all that is going on

    It was great to see Attorney Jesse Garcia back, this man is amazing at what he can endure
    When he fell and broke his ankle we never heard a peep from him, I would have been screaming
    I hope that Mr. Microphone is feeling some kind of remorse now for making the statement that he was most likely “faking” his fall and then lying about it to me that he never said anything like that
    I wonder if MD thinks the cast, special leg scooter and wheelchair is fake also that Mr. Garcia is stuck with for weeks!!

    Thanks again to everyone who blogs and it only saddens me that the Modesto Bee is too expensive to be able to buy a section where these in court gentlemen could place the stories for all of Modesto Bee readers could learn the real truth of the activities in court daily
    Thank God that there are MANY readers on this Dawg blog that are getting informed of all the DA’s office shenanigans

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