By Warren Yates


This Carson persecution just keeps getting more sinister with each session. Webster defines “Sinister” as “having an evil appearance: looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen”. We have Webster here in all its glory or… After having been absent for a while working on other criminal cases I come back to find more and more detrimental conduct within the District Attorney’s Office.

For openers, finding out that a secret deal was made with the felony embezzler Sabrina Romero in which the victim was not allowed to make a victim impact regarding the hardship this criminals conduct placed upon the victim. The illustrious District Attorney’s Office at the behest of one of their district attorneys, (If I have to tell you which one, you have not been following the true reporting of this case either on or Dawgs Blog), saw fit to reduce the $12,000 felony embezzlement charge to a misdemeanor with a whole 90-day jail sentence none of which she will never see behind bars because of the overcrowding in the jail.

For those of you who don’t know, Sabrina Romero is one of the prosecution’s star witnesses in this case. Romero’s felony embezzlement case was filed on February 27, 2013 and had 20 some pretrial hearings for the last three years. Then suddenly without any commotion, Romero was quietly and inconspicuously given a misdemeanor conviction with a 90-day jail sentence that won’t be served and no restitution order for the victim in the minute order. Romero has paid back $2000 of the $12,000 that she stole and heaven only knows where she got that money from. But the victim has no restitution order to try to enforce.

But remember, chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira has guaranteed the court that no deals whatsoever have been made to in anyway benefit the criminals that she is parading before the public answer testily, darn spellcheck never works when you need it. Since I have your attention, remember I am selling my oceanfront property in Death Valley at a bargain price. (Sarcasm intended). The way this hearing is turning out, there may be some people who will have a hard time getting their noooose in while entering Department 26.

Checking the Stanislaus County court index, Romero’s case still shows a preliminary hearing on March 14, 2016. On that date she pled nolo contendre and was sentenced. Here it is about a month later and there is still no status update on the Stanislaus County court index. Is there some mysterious reason why it doesn’t show her conviction? Normally the court index is updated on a regular basis at least on people who are not prosecution witnesses in this case. See her minuet order here: romero

As an example, below is a case I was the investigator on that shows that on February 17, 2016 our client pled guilty to the charge, was sentenced, the fine was sent to collections and the case was disposed of on February 19, 2016. This update to the court index was done in two days. Where, oh where can Romero’s update be? You don’t think her case has been expunged already do you? Just saying.

Event Date Event Type Event
02/19/2019 Status CASE CLOSED
08/19/2018 Status CASE CLOSED
02/19/2016 Status CASE CLOSED
02/19/2016 Hearing PRETRIAL – DEPT 1 02/19/2016 08:30 AM
02/19/2016 Hearing PRETRIAL – DEPT 1 02/19/2016 08:30 AM
02/19/2016 Report CASE DISMISSED
02/19/2016 Report CASE DISPOSED
02/19/2016 Report CASE DISPOSED
02/17/2016 Hearing PRETRIAL – DEPT 1 02/17/2016 08:30 AM

This morning in court Frank Navarro believed to be a Turlock police officer, resumed the stand for a few questions. He was asked if the fact that Frank Carson had called Mr. Navarro a liar and a perjurer and had filed complaints against him would it anyway give Mr. Navarro and incentive to go after and try to ruin Frank Carson’s reputation? Mr. Navarro stated no, that he was not angry at Frank Carson for doing and saying those things. I think that is very magnanimous of Mr. Navarro and he’s a better man than I am Gunga Din, as Rudyard Kipling so aptly put it.

When I was in active law enforcement, if an attorney had called me a liar and a perjurer thus impugning my integrity and my reputation for honesty, I would have filed a complaint with the California State Bar against the attorney. I think that would be egregious mis-conduct on the part of an attorney to attack a law enforcement officer unjustly. But of course, the affirmative positive defense to libel and slander is TRUTH. Just saying…

Defense attorney Martinez then asked Mr. Navarro if he recalled a case in which he asked the girlfriend of a person by the name of Saucedo, (?) to give Saucedo a lap dance or sit on his lap or something to elicit information from him regarding a crime. Mr. Navarro stated that he does not recall that particular situation and in fact does not know the name Saucedo. Well probably if I was not the guy who had the nice girl sitting on his lap, I probably would not have remembered it either. Mr. Navarro did indicate that he has not had any complaints filed against him.

Then there was an issue that came up regarding an interview conducted by one or more of the meritorious Dist. Atty. investigators of the subject by name of Leonard Hall and his wife or squeeze Heather Rich. Apparently Leonard Hall now resides in Tennessee and his other half resides somewhere else in the deep South part of the United States. During an offer proof by Mme. district attorney, she indicated that under some rock somewhere they turned up Leonard Hall. Mr. Hall allegedly said that when he and Heather were renting a home owned by Frank Carson, that they had been stealing valuable books and selling them to a local used book store.

Leonard Hall then allegedly told the investigators that when Frank Carson found out he and Heather were stealing his books, that he then went to their residence and soundly berated them, scared them and told them to get out. Hall allegedly told investigators that Frank Carson allegedly made threats of physical violence against them. Well, I can’t say I blame Mr. Carson for saying that. Sometimes you have to put the fear of God in certain dregs of society and sink to their level to make them understand.

Well when they asked when this terrible stuff happened, it appeared that it happened in 2004 after Leonard and Heather been arrested. Well it does show that under Stanislaus County case number 1081236 old Leonard was found guilty of grand theft, of money, labor or property over $400 in value. His felony charge of receiving stolen property was dismissed. (I didn’t see that one coming. Sarcasm intended.) This was for the theft of Frank Carson’s property. But wait, it’s not over yet. Under Stanislaus County court case number 1081235, the lovely Miss Heather apparently fled the charges in 2007. She was charged with the same grand theft of money, labor or property over $400 in value and also felony possession of stolen property, that would be the books. Old Leonard skated on the possession of stolen property charge and just got bopped for the felony grand theft.

Now the lovely Miss Heather shows that apparently in August 2015 the long arm of the law, or the long arm of the District Attorney’s Office needing another potential witness, managed to find her and bring her back. The court index shows that there was a bail hearing on August 28, 2015. Now I know this is hard to believe but she has had five pretrial hearings since her arrest in August 2015 and the next pretrial hearing is scheduled for, are you ready for this, May 13, 2016. You don’t suppose these pretrial delays are on the same order as the twenty some pre-trial delays in the Sabrina Romero case, do ya? Nah, there couldn’t be any correlation. Just saying…

The works of Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone could not hold a candle to the machinations of the DA Zone here in Modesto. Let’s talk some more about Leonard and Heather. Under Stanislaus County court case number 1098487 both of these products of Modesto’s finest are charged with keeping a place to sell narcotics and controlled substances and, get ready, WILLFUL cruelty to a child. Just by coincidence, old Leonard’s charges were dismissed 2015. Now I know those dismissals would have nothing to do with any statement that he gave to the District Attorney’s Office. :0)

But let’s get back to sweet Heather, she has had five pretrial delays on this case and her next hearing date is May 13, 2016. Now we don’t know what happened or why Miss Heather didn’t take the bait but for now she still has her feet stuck in the muck. Don’t know what kind of buffoonery is going on here but a reasonably intelligent person would know that there’s something rotten in Modesto, whoops, Freudian slip, I meant Denmark. Just saying…

Then Mr. Martinez brought up the fact that after Robert Woody appeared in Judge Cordova’s court, Messieurs Bunch, Lingerfeld and Jacobson personally escorted Woody to the District Attorney’s Office or he was afforded a private visit from his mother who was in court. But Mme. district attorney stated that even though Woody’s mother is on the witness list and expected to be called to the stand this week, she didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. I will leave that one up to the defense attorneys to determine. It reminds me of something Judge Judy said, deals made with criminals are like unexpected company, they both begin to stink after three days. Go Judge Judy.

The final beast that is reared its ugly head has been discussed among the gallery. It is the contention of those people that want to know, there should be a complete accounting of all of the mini-vacations that the Dist. Atty. investigators went on to Hawaii, New York and every other place they traveled to.

Questions: what class did they fly on the airlines? Were their accommodations at the Hilton or a Super 8? What was the daily stipend they were given to eat with? It was reported that when they traveled to Hawaii to interview Walter Wells sister, the interview only lasted two hours. How long did they stay in Hawaii after the two-hour interview? If longer than the next day, why? The interview was prearranged and they knew it would not take very long so inquiring minds want to know how long they stayed after the interview and why.

The same goes for their jaunt to New York City. How long did the the interview take, how many days did they stay there and if they didn’t leave the next day, why? I’m sure the taxpayers would like to know why they are funding these mini- vacations. This may be part of the reason why this persecution has cost in the millions of dollars. The prosecution and I might add that County Supervisor DeMartini has said that the district attorney cannot win this case.

When Mme. district attorney went into Judge Zeff’s court to advise that this preliminary hearing was lasting longer than she thought it would and told Judge Zeff that at that moment there appeared to be a “dark cloud “over the Kauffman case. Judge Zeff quickly responded “At the moment or from the very beginning?” It appears that County Supervisor De Martini, Judge Zeff and many other county residents feel that there is something ominous looming on the horizon for this case. Maybe some of the powers that be to take heed of what influential citizens and regular citizens feel regarding this case. Just saying…

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  1. Appalling and dangerous conduct by law enforcement is just something we can get used to or buy them out with a HUGE early retirement package;,bureaucratic extortion as usual apparently

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