Six weeks’ out

By William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


Today, we were informed by Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra that the Frank Carson trial is probably 6 weeks out till conclusion. I think this may be a bit optimistic based on what is happening with the health of Defense Attorney Jesse Garcia, and his need to go to a four day per week schedule to accommodate his physical therapy appointments. Judge Zuniga still is very sick, and could hardly talk between coughing fits that plagued her throughout the day. Judge Zuniga is going to allow Jesse a break as well by doing only ½ days on Wednesdays.

Talk went to starting Patrick Hampton’s testimony today, but Judge Zuniga shot that down. She stated that she needs to be physically strong for Mr. Hampton. Those F Bombs really sap the strength from all of us. Talk then went to starting with Robert Woody’s mother Beverly Woody, but Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana stated that she needs some discs that have not been provided to her. The talk then went to bringing Detective Jon Evers to the stand, but Marlissa Fereirra says she has been trying to contact the LAPD about Evers, and “It has been a nightmare.”

Beverly Woody will be brought to the stand next Monday. Patrick Hampton will testify after.

Defense Attorney Percy Martinez then states that Patrick Hampton was a witness in this trial, and had fled from probation, had a 3-hour standoff in Oakdale and was absconded from the situation by DA Investigator Steve Jacobson and taken to the DA’s office. Percy stated that the DA knew there was an order against any contact with witnesses in this trial. No charges have been made so far against Patrick Hampton. It was stated that Patrick Hampton requested that no recording be made of his contact with the DA’s office, and the DA’s office agreed to not do any recordings. Much argument was made over this. Marlissa Fereirra stated that there is no legal requirement for the DA to record such matters. I think that is a crock of poop.

Hampton is claiming that Percy Martinez is threatening him through a former client. Percy counters by stating that the person had never been a client of his. Percy stated that his only contact with this person was a simple “Hello” when he encountered this person in court one day. Percy stated that he was in Kansas doing a Federal Trial when he was allegedly said to be locally in contact with this person.

Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana then states that she is afraid of the intensifying efforts against defense attorneys in this case. She states that the target is “Me” with regards to a Mr. Fullen.

There is a motion to strike Patrick Hampton’s testimony. Martha asks that Steve Jacobson be made a witness so the Hampton issues can be explored.

Defense Attorney Percy Martinez wants to photograph the cell where Hampton allegedly tried to hang himself. Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana says that she is going to file a motion concerning Hampton soon.

Percy Martinez argues that the DA is doing whatever it wants in this case. Judge Zuniga states that “I have already dealt with that.”

We are then treated to a video of an interview of Robert Branco by Kirk Bunch and Detective Jon Evers. Bunch did most of the talking. Bunch: “I know everything about you.” Bunch states: “I am not going to tell anybody about what you say.” We should really believe what Kirk says. Branco says he was a friend of Korey Kauffman, and his house was raided shortly after Korey went missing.

At this point in the video, Kirk Bunch sits on a “Love Seat” with Branco and puts his right arm over Branco’s shoulder. This looked so creepy to me. Branco states that he became friends with Kauffman about two weeks before he went missing. The way Kirk Bunch was “Touch Feely” with Branco seems to me like he has some latent tendencies. So strange was the body language that I saw.

Bunch: “We put things together.” Branco states that he smoked crystal yesterday. He looked very zapped out during the interview, and stated that he is going to go home to sleep after the interview.

Branco states that Robert Woody came over and told him that Korey Kauffman went missing. He stated that Robert Woody did not want him to smoke crystal. Bunch: “I will tell you he smokes crystal.”

Bunch shows Branco a series of pictures, asking if Branco recognizes each one. Branco states that he worked for Pop N Cork “For a minute.” Bunch: “Would you lie for them?” I could not understand his response to this question. Bunch: “I really don’t want you to get in trouble over this.” Bunch: “Robert did what he did.” Bunch: “It’s going to come around.” Bunch: “It’s a train with no brakes on it.” Bunch: “Nothing is going to stop this.” I think the judge could stop this, and I think she should stop this.

At 1:39 PM, the video continues after the lunchtime break. Bunch feeds information to Branco that Dalgit Atwall and Balgit Athwall were involved. Branco states that Balgit said that they were going to beat Korey Kauffman up. Branco did not recognize a picture of Frank Carson.

Detective Jon Evers tells Branco that he told Sunny that Robert Woody killed some lady on Golden State Blvd. Defense Attorney Robert Forkner tells the judge that he wants copies of the 73 photos that were shown to Branco during the interview.

After our break around 3:00 PM, Defense Attorney asks some questions to Kirk Bunch about Jason Armstrong telling him that he had spoken to the hunter who found the body of Korey Kauffman. Martha brings out that the hunter had brought his nephew to the site.

Defense Attorney Percy Martinez then tells the judge that the information about the body had been spread around town, and was not something that only the killer would know, as the prosecution has asserted in this case. When Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana asked Bunch if the hunter (Gary Crosby) had contact with the body of Korey Kauffman. Bunch answers “Yes mam.” Martha states that this is exculpatory evidence that the defense should have been provided.

At around 3:30 PM, Mark Davis (Mr. Microphone) had his cell phone ring in court. Marissa Fereirra turns around at this point and asks: “Is that your phone.” They work so well together you know.

Bunch testifies that Gary Crosby never went down to the body of Korey Kauffman, and only looked at the body through binoculars.

There are a couple of things going on today that are disgusting and shocking to me. Comment on these items at this time could cause some problems, so I must hold on to it for now. More people should come to court and see this fiasco for themselves. The Truth Will Set Them Free.


William Thomas Jensen (Tom)