Go die in your own country…….


Apparently now it is a crime for an American to go kill themselves in a “suicide by tourism” act.

The Associated Press today reported they were told by the Canadian government official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, visitors will be excluded under a new law that is to be announced. This law precludes anyone from coming to the country under the wanting to commit “suicide terrorism.”

The official stated to take advantage of the law the person would have to be eligible for health services in Canada.

Apparently what they’re discussing now is assisted suicide, which is now legal in Washington, Vermont, Montana, and Oregon. Not to mention a California recently legalized assisted suicide in the law will take effect later this year.

The feeling is the American Medical Association code of ethics says “allowing physicians to aid in assisted suicide would cause more harm than good.”

Terminally ill patients and their loved ones have fought to change laws, like Brittany Maynard the newlywed who suffered from brain cancer and made national news last year. She had moved from California to Oregon so she could have a legally assisted suicide.

Miss Maynard, when she died, was 29 years old. She claimed it’s a person’s right, and that she refused to subject yourself in a family to prolonged pain, suffering, at the hands of an incurable disease.

They also mentioned that the Canadian law also excludes the mentally ill and does not permit advance requests to in one’s life in the future.

I don’t know but you but it sounds to me like they’re worried about nothing since it becoming legalized everywhere here.

watcha gotta say?

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