AMC theaters deletes texting in theaters idea

AMC theaters chief executive officer had phoned the idea of texting friendly theaters recently, and apparently social media response was immediate and in a recent poll 97% of voters hated the idea.

CEO Adam Aron stated recently “you can’t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cell phone.” He stated that is simply not how they live their lives, the social media responses were immediate and to the extreme negative of that thought.

A recent major opponent of this was late night show Jimmy Kimmel, stating this is like a national forest deciding to allow bottle rockets to be shot off. Courtesy towards others supposedly one of our last remaining unspoken rules. (course we know that is not true anymore)

so today AMC theaters had tweeted that In-theater texting would not be allowed. Nor is there any plans for it in the near future.

The executive also went on to say that the company has plans to spend in excess of $1 billion to enhance its theaters.

Now if they were just willing to discuss popcorn munching and the loud talking that occurs in the theater

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