A resident in a Nashville Tennessee community as a neighbors in an uproar about flying a Nazi flag on his property.

Dale Spurgeon of Springfield which is in Robertson County states that he’s a member of the national Socialist movement and has been displaying the flag on his property for about the last month. And no one has said anything to him about it.

One of the neighbors and Air Force veteran, an owner of a local business stated shock to learn the flag was being flown just down the street from her home in business. She and her husband have lived there for 17 years with him being in the service for almost 20.

The Southeast regional director for the Anti-Defamation League said the decision display the flag on the property is disappointing but not illegal.

Quoting the First Amendment he goes on to say in America there’s nothing to say you can’t hate sometimes people just want attention that’s one way to get it.

A person flies and not the flag in front of his house is probably just trying to be provocative he says, and neighbors looking at them flag who are anything but purely white are going to be intimidated.

The national Socialist movement is the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi group the United States with 46 chapters. The group is best known for its violent anti-Jewish rhetoric, racist views, and a policy allowing members of other races groups to join by retaining membership and other groups. This is according to an extremist group database maintained by the Southern poverty Law Center. They went on to say that members of this group referred to Adolf Hitler is their holy leader and unapologetically Nazi.

Spurgeon, said he is retired painter and factory worker and served in the Army in the early 70s and has come to agree with the structure of national Socialism in the past few years.

In addition Spurgeon said I in no way condone the extermination of a race I would never be part of something like that, this just in some ways I think socialism would be good for America like it was for Germany.

People in this article Talking about his First Amendment rights  and what he’s able to do but there’s no doubt my mind if that was a Confederate flag there’d be a major uproar and public officials would be demanding it be taken down.

First Amendment rights would not be applicable with a Confederate flag.