The Chicago Police Department was involved in another shooting last Monday that resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy. And of course black lines matter supporters are furious and want to talk about how good of a boy he was.

Pierre Loury, was running from police officers, and when he attempted to scale a fence, police reported, he pointed a handgun at officers and they were forced to resort to deadly force shooting him once in the chest.

The 16-year-old was unable to be saved in place reporter handgun was recovered at the scene. The 16-year-old is also a known gang member and he’s posted pictures of him posing with guns on his Facebook account.

Despite this information black lies matter supporters are saying the team was executed in cold blood. They marched through the neighborhoods and then gathered at the police department and even shut down in expressway is a poured out into the highway. Which is become an all-too-familiar scene.

One protester was quoted as saying,” the gun down one of our brothers, they executed him, 16 years old, 16 years old, you should be here right now.”

The police are maintaining that the individual turned and pointed a handgun at the officer, which was recovered at the scene, where he was shot.

Apparently overcome with emotion, the young man’s mother was unable to stand without assistance. As is the typical response to any parent that is lost a child, and in this case their unwillingness to admit this young man created a situation for that to happen.

As is protocol the officer who fired the fatal shot has been assigned 30 days of desk duty while the investigation run its course. And the officer has not been identified as of yet.

Many times you’ll hear me speak up in these issues with law enforcement. The bottom line is that these law enforcement officers have a right to go home safe every night. They have families they have children they have loved ones they have friends is this a situation where they executed him? On the surface it doesn’t appear so, but there are more than willing to chastise officers no matter what the situation and who initiated.

It appears this young man may have been fed into the anti-police mentality which led to his death, and you can thank the people that were in charge of his life, and structuring his life and help defining who he was. They can take responsibility for some of that stuff too.


  1. Interesting in that running away is punishable by death . it doesn’t actually say anything about the original contact,were they responding to a crime? A probation check? General walking while black? Why chase him to begin with?

    • I agree it does not say that, but if someone points a gun at an officer does he have an expectation of getting shot or not?
      In addition he is a documented gang member, which in itself could be probable cause.
      My point is lets find out more and lets quit this Black Lies Matter crap.

  2. 100% attendance at charter Christian high school and attempts to be a rapper and got part of his clothes caught on the fence he tried to jump over which possibly makes it hard to point a gun at police.Could be more than his fault for not being home tucked safe in bed at 7:40 at night?

  3. did you see the pics of the body after the shooting ? I don’t know about the gun. I don’t like the criminal as victim automatic response ,but Chicago demonstrators were incensed at a report also that concluded black lives don’t matter to chicago police that came out a day before. I hate people who shut down the freeways also . I think fatherless boys who want to be rappers in poor inner city neighborhoods need someone to watch their back. Running away /shotgun blast to the chest ,i’m glad I’m not poor and black in Chicago

    • This poor black thing is getting old, It is a victims role and not very appealing.
      Yes they need more father figures and such.
      There is more Black on Black killings all over the country than done by police, but yet they do not want to clean up that.
      If the police were wrong I say hang em out to dry, but the same people need to step up and take control of their own neighborhoods and realize ALL LIVES MATTER. It does not matter what color your skin is.
      Black lives matter is a self serving bit of hypocrisy.

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