Well I guess it is not the Brady bunch

A Russian woman has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing her husband to death and feeding his flesh to their pet dog.

Her name Svetlana Batukova and she is from Majorca. Her husband who is a German, Horst Hans, was 66 years old and had been stabbed numerous times and parts of his arms appeared to been stripped to the bone.

Some of the flesh from his arms at been eaten by the family dog, a bull Terrier.

A postmortem has been completed and it revealed the husband bled to death after being stabbed a number of times of the kitchen knife.

The husband apparently had had recent surgery on his throat and was not able to speak, in addition reports were that he been drunk before he was attacked.

Ms Batukova was reported to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs when she was taken into custody. Local police of been called out to the residence a number time in the past for domestic issues.

Is been reported to couple have been together for a couple of years before marrying in January. Reports have emerged that she had previously made efforts to arrange her husband’s death by offering someone some money to kill him.

Seriously folks go ahead and kill your spouse, but a faithful dog would never eat you!

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