Just as a reminder tomorrow the Frank Carson et al. case will continue and was some interesting witnesses coming up, one being Beverly Woody the mother of the confessed killer Robert Woody. The second is going to be the career criminal and career snitch Patrick Hampton, he likes to play the victim role lately and I doubt if HE’S ever been a victim in his whole life. They have received massive background information from the California Department of Corrections of his confidential file, will be interesting to see how big of a snitch he really is.

You have to remember he inserted himself in this case now is crying like a little girl. He sat in court told people the fuck off while he was on the witness stand, but all his fans still want to defend his actions and criticize this writer for using some foul language after I’d been massively assaulted by two ignorant people.

Now I know these people claim they do not partake of my site, but then have responses everything I say on their Facebook pages with one of them being a phony page, but complain about IP addresses being tracked which is done on every website on the Internet especially when you make comments. It is done on the Modesto bee just like anywhere else.

So my challenge to you my ignorant fans who can’t respond to me on my site because I will not allow it, is to come to court see for yourself and start your own blog with the Patrick Hampton fan page, everybody likes to complain about what other people do and not do anything themselves. Typical bullshit asswipes.

The boyfriend of cop sucker even referred to my site as a vanity blog. And I think that is hilarious and appropriate and I thank you for that. I also think all these ignorant people for all the attention they have drawn to my site increasing my site activity and increasing my followers altogether do is look on the sidebar of my site and see how many followers I have now and how many views I have every day and I want to thank you for that.

Oh BTW the look on copsuckers face when Violets Atty asked her what “copsucker” meant was priceless, and her response of “just look it up” was even better.

Enough about the shitheads we will get back to work tomorrow and hopefully soon we can bring this thing to its end and with the proper outcome.