This is the Morning Report if today’s preliminary hearing are Frank Carson et al.

The first thing of note is one of my fans showed up in the parking lot prior to the doors being open, that being Linda “copsucker” Taylor, oh I do appreciate the attention that she is a part of me of late it has been profitable for my website I think her for that. But she did the bee reporter impersonation stayed about 20 minutes Mad  Dog  me for about 15 minutes of that and left.

Now that is enough about her we have important things to talk about.

Beverly woody  was called to the stand and was talking about statements that Robert would he had made to her about the death of Korey Kauffman. She stated that in 2012 he had lived with her and he was working at the pop and cork store during that time. Apparently he had worked at the store about 3 years or so. Can talk about the search warrant that happened at our house in July of 2012 and was told that Robert was a homicide suspect with him claiming he did not do that.

Now all the statements that Beverly Woody makes on the stand is all that Robert would he had told her.

Multiple objections by the defense that this witness is obviously not used to courtroom decorum and Madame de is trying to elicit information without proper  foundation’s. In fact the judge tried to Warn Madame da the questioning this witness is probably not going to turn out well for her with the obvious problems involved. Madame DA advise the court that she would like to the attempt to elicit her testimony anyway.

Robert Woody apparently told his mom about the incident at pop and cork with walter Walls getting in a fight with a subject in the parking lot, and then specifically started talking about Frank Carson’s property on 9th Street in Turlock.

He said he received the phone call but one of the Atwal Brothers to go to the property as they needed his help. In one of the buildings on the property he said they we’re standing over Korey Kauffman still alive body but was rolled up in a fetal position on the floor. She went on to say that her son Robert had turned around to leave wanting no part of this and then heard a gunshot comma with daljeet standing over the body with a gun in his hand.

He stated that all he wanted to do was get out out of there and went to leave and there was a Turlock PD officer there telling him to get back in there and clean up the mess. The body was loaded up into one of the Atwal pickup truck it was moved over to pop and cork where was buried in the garden.

He also stated that Frank carson took possession of the gun and doesn’t know what happened with it after that.

Beverly woody he stated that her son was crying about what had happened and could not sleep after about an hour half an hour he will decided to go back to the pop and Cork and came home again about 4:30 in the morning. She stated that officer yu head showing up pop and cork again also.

Beverlywood he was asked to describe this officer and could only state that he was not very tall. Nor could she describe his uniform or vehicle.

She went on to say that the body was moved about 29 days later and because they were concerned that the body was still there and Robert would he have what they described as loose lips. They then also wanted Robert Woody to leave the area.

And the body was taken to the mountains and left and some Tall Grass above ground due to the fact I had no time to dig a hole. Robert what he was then given some money to leave the area and went to Washington and was there for about a month.

She said that the body was moved from the 9th Street property and one of the Atwal brother’s pickup truck which was later burned out in the country and the body was moved a second time in the what are the Atwal brother’s Alexis which he States was also burned to destroy evidence. He apparently also made a claim that Frank Carson was his attorney and would keep him out of trouble.

Beverlywood he stated that she had asked Robert to come back as a sister was real sick and after he’d returned she had in fact passed away. She stated that the Atwal had given Roberts some more money to leave again.

Not understand this testimony did not go smoothly it was very difficult to retrieve from this Witness, in addition constant objections by attorneys on both sides and in fact resulted in a verbal argument with the court reporter finally telling everybody to stop. It was very nicely done I might add.

Beverlywood he also stated the Atwal had paid a large sum of money for him to get his teeth fixed where in fact his teeth were pulled and new teeth we’re Puttin all in one day. It does not seem very likely in my opinion.

Later on she went on to say that there were three officers on the scene but not able to identify any of them and she also stated where was upset that the Atwal had placed a money jar for the Kauffman family to help and his funeral expenses, he felt that was hypocritical  after what they’ve done.

Beverlywood he also said that they had set Cory kauffmann up to teach a lesson to the thief coming to the property. Did laid some pipes up by the fence that would be perfect for The Scrappers to steal. There was also some conversation attributed to Frank Carson saying they were caught tired of these thieves stealing and not getting punished for their crimes spending no more than two days in jail.

No I have been sitting in court 4/5 months now and this is the first time that I’ve actually heard anything that resembles a crime has been committed by the defendants. We have heard crimes that have been comitted by all the witnesses but not defendants

Beverly Woody who I feel is not a liar but it is what I feel a mother first and even though she may be relayed what she was told, as this is all hearsay of what her son told her is protective of her son. And there have been multiple stories by her son told depending on who he’s talking to.

During his testimony there was multiple objections and arguments the witness was asked to leave the room several times during some of those arguments and it will be interesting to see how she responds to the defense attorneys cross. My guess is she’ll be on the rest of the day.

Give me back in session at 1:30 for more fireworks I doubt if we’ll get to Patrick Hampton today

By the way just a footnote because that’s all she’s worth Linda Taylor picture was taken in addition to Lewis Davis who is also known as Richard Blakely

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a picture of Susan Friedman and if anybody would like to have a copy of that picture please let me know I would be more than willing to provide that to you it is a sight to behold.