By William Thomas Jensen


Today started out with defense attorney Timothy Rien doing cross examination of Beverly Woody. Timothy used a very gentle approach, in his cross examination, and turned up the heat at the very end. Speaking to Beverly Woody, Timothy Rien said” you love your son and don’t want him to get in trouble.” Beverly Woody testifies that” it is not up to me; it is up to the courts.” She then says that he was involved with the murder. Timothy Rien asked her if she had had discussions with the DA on her son’s fate. She said no.

Timothy Rien then goes into an interview on her that was conducted by Kirk Bunch on February 26, 2014. Timothy Rien:” did you know everything then that you know now about the Korey Kauffman case?” Beverly Woody says Robert Woody told her everything after he was arrested. The February 26th interview occurred in her house.

Robert Woody told Beverly: “Mom don’t think I’m a monster.” Beverly stated that Robert Woody did not want to tell the authorities the truth because he was promised he would get a lawyer by Daljit Atwall. That promise was broken, according to Beverly. Beverly stated that Robert Woody talked to me in my room one night and another time during the day. She stated Robin drove Robert Woody over to Frank Carson’s property. This was before the porch telephone call. Beverly stated that Robert Woody was in the jail for one and one half years before he told the truth. Timothy Rien asked Beverly Woody if Robert Woody told her that he personally killed Korey Kauffman. Beverly Woody said Robert was involved, but was not the actual killer. Timothy Rien gets Beverly Woody to admit that Kirk Bunch told her that Robert Woody confessed to the murder. An informant had worn a wire and Robert had confessed to the murder. The informant was told to wear a wire, and she would get her children back.

Talk then goes to Steve Jacobson and Kirk Bunch telling Beverly Woody that Robert has a very good heart. Beverly states that Robert Woody was trying to stop it. Robert Woody allegedly told the Atwal’s: “let him go, he has learned his lesson.” Robert Woody told his mom that he wanted no part in it, and that he tried to walk out, and that is when he heard a shot. Beverly stated that Robert didn’t beat or shoot the guy. Timothy Rien tells Beverly Woody that Kirk Bunch told you it was murder with special circumstances. Beverly admits that this was told to her. Timothy Rien tells Beverly that Robert Lee told her that a woman wore a wire, and that he found it, and destroyed it. Beverly says Robert destroyed it on the porch. Timothy Rien says Bunch told you he heard words only your son would have known if he was the killer. There was an objection to this that was sustained.

Robert Woody went in to Modesto and turned himself in to the police. Timothy Rien asks Beverly whether Kirk Bunch had told her that he would rather have Robert Woody as a witness rather than a defendant. Beverly says no.

At 10:15 AM defense attorney Jesse Garcia was looking very uncomfortable, and asked whether we could take a break at this time. The request was granted. At 10:36 AM we are back in court. Defense attorney Robert Forkner requests recordings of the meeting in the jail with Robert Woody and his mother. Robert Forkner stated that he had received no recordings of this visit. DA prosecutor Marlissa Fereirra stated that Robert Woody was in the public safety center and no recordings are made at that facility on visits. Several of the defense attorneys stated that was not true. Judge Zuniga instructed Marlissa Fereirra to have the people in your office check into this and give me the date of the visit.

Still talking about the February 26, 2014 interview, it was brought out that Robert Woody was arrested two days after the interview. Beverly Woody states that her son thought he had destroyed the wire, but Kirk Bunch said he heard Robert Woody confess on the recording. Timothy Rien asks Beverly Woody if Kirk Bunch had told her that Robert was like the key holder like Moses. She said no. Timothy asks her if Kirk Bunch sent him a text message telling him to turn himself in. She said no. This is in direct conflict with the testimony of Kirk Bunch. Timothy asks Beverly if Bunch wanted her to convey to Robert Woody that Kirk Bunch had him recorded on a wire. Beverly said no. Beverly Woody then said Kirk Bunch wanted Robert Woody to turn himself in. Timothy Rien gets Beverly Woody to admit that Robert Woody’s confessional talk happened before she met with Kirk Bunch.

Beverly Woody denied her sons involvement with the killing when Kirk Bunch interviewed her on February 26, 2014. She told Bunch that: “yeah, my son is not a monster.” Timothy Rien asked Beverly Woody if Kirk Bunch had asked her if Korey Kauffman had been beaten. She answered yes. Timothy then asks if Bunch wanted to know if Korey Kauffman had been shot. She said no. This is hard to believe. She told Kirk Bunch that Korey Kauffman had been killed on his own property. Beverly stated that she didn’t want to say anything. I think a whole bunch of this is happening during her testimony. Beverly denies that Kirk Bunch said he wanted her son only for a witness. Timothy Rien asks Beverly Woody if she told Kirk Bunch that her son went over to Frank Carson’s property after he got off of work. She answered yes. She stated Robin drove him over there.

It is brought out that Beverly Woody had Valley fever before her son was arrested for the murder. She stated that she has lost a lot of memory. She was hospitalized at Emmanuel Hospital in Turlock for the condition. She stated that she still has problems, and takes 22 pills a day for her ailments.

Talk then goes to on August 19, 2015 meeting at the DA’s office with her son. Many family members were there. She said DA Investigator Steve Jacobson asked her about the letter that was allegedly written by Robin. This letter was discussed during the family visit.

Beverly Woody said that after the body of Korey Kauffman was buried at Pop N Cork for 29 days they put Robert Woody on a bus to Washington state. During the family visit at the DA’s office, Steve Jacobson had asked her if she knew Walter Wells. She was asked how many cops had gone to Frank Carson’s properties in 2012. She stated that one cop had gone there. Timothy Rien says: “Yesterday you told us about an officer who told Robert Woody to go back on the property and clean up the mess.” Beverly Woody admitted she said that. She stated that the officer lived around the corner from me. Timothy Rein reminds Beverly Woody that she had said the officer was a Turlock police officer. Beverly stated that all cops look the same to me. Discussion then goes to how she referred to this officer as one her son called “U.” She seemed to be very confused about whether it was officer “U” or officer “Q.” Beverly Woody stated that she doesn’t like cops. She stated that her son was beaten up by the Turlock police department. She stated I can’t trust any of them. How could anyone trust Beverly Woody. Beverly Woody stated that her son was scared of the officer who made him clean up the mess.

Beverly Woody stated that she knew Korey Kauffman was dead from her son once it happened, and that her son was arrested at 5 AM while he was going to work. Korey had told his mom that they are going to arrest me. She told him to tell the truth. Beverly Woody stated that they talked through the little vent during the jail visit at the public safety center, rather than using the phone.

Beverly Woody says that when she broke for lunch yesterday, she left with Chris and Beverly who are family members. She stated they did not discuss Walter Wells. Beverly said she studied and studied and tried to remember his name. It was brought out that Steve Jacobson had sent Beverly Woody a letter telling her that she was going to testify. She called Steve Jacobson last Saturday. Timothy Rien asks Beverly Woody if her son told her that Steve Jacobson had asked him if Walter Wells was at the Carson property that night. She said no. She then said that she did not know what her son told him.

Timothy Rien is now done with cross examination of Beverly Woody. It is now time for lunch. It turns out that I must attend to some personal business after lunch, and I am unable to attend the afternoon session. I am sure that Marty Carlson and Warren Yates will do a fabulous job reporting on what transpires.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


A face only a mother could love

by Marty Carlson


pm session

The afternoon session started with defense attorney Hans, and I use that because I cannot pronounce his last name sorry buddy, asking Beverly Woody about the times again when Robert came home from the Pop n Cork on the infamous night. Beverly Woody is stated that she had gotten a bit 5 AM to fix breakfast for everyone but she always does and to go to work. No one else that come in but was privileged to this conversation. She also stated that she did not tell him to tell the truth until he was arrested and she felt that it was the best course of action.

She stated on April 14, 2014 at 7 PM during a phone call from the jail, that there was paperwork being sent from Washington state, stating that he was there at the time that Corey was killed and to establish an alibi. She also stated she was not being forthcoming with the investigation that was going on.

Beverly Woody then started complaining to the judge that the attorney is wanting to get information he wants put out that what she wants. She states that she just wants to say what’s on her mind, and apparently does not want to answer questions.

They talked again about the Frank Carson property in the squad car that was there on that so-called fateful night, it was all repeat information in it was not very clear. She also stated she had no idea how long Robert Woody had stayed on the property to clean up the mess. She then kind of rambled on and a long narrative about his teeth were removed and replaced in one day something I’m still trying to figure out myself because I’m waiting for my teeth to be done currently.

She was also asked about when Robert got home if he was dirty like a been digging in the ground, sweaty, greasy oily, look like a been doing hard work, and to all those she said no he looked fine.

They also went in to the issue where she claims they gave him $10,000 and what it was for, she said they did his teeth to keep him quiet, but previous testimony stated that the teeth were redone for $7000. She had no idea when the truck was actually burned, and was absolutely sure about when the body was moved again 29 days later. Now the attorney asked are you sure it wasn’t a month, are you sure it wasn’t four weeks, she specifically knew it was 29 days later is what she was told by Robert.

They went on to talk about the pickup truck in the car that were both burned because of possible evidence from the body, but stated Robert Woody had burned both vehicles. Beverly Woody was asked if she has a lot of influence on her son, and she stated he is a good kid, and he has a good heart, but attorney Hans and then started questing or about some domestic violence that occurred in the home with female victims in the perpetrator has been Robert Woody her son, Mme. DA immediately objected stating it was improper impeachment. Mme. DA then within the long narrative as she also often does these days and Martha Magana went into an objection about the Dist. Atty. advising the judge of the laws of the court and evidence.

After a little vigorous argument on both sides the judge ruled that she is not going to allow this mother to be asked ‘if her son hits women.’ I noticed at the time that she stopping by did not give a legal basis for her ruling, as when somebody usually uses the I’m a good person or they are good person defense usually opens the door for bad acts, but her ruling was actually an emotional ruling not based on law.

Beverly Woody stated that she told her son Robert four or five times to tell the cops to truth it would work out better for him this was even after she stated that she does not like nor trust cops. Attorney Hans and then inquired to trips to Washington state prior to 2012 that Robert Woody had made and parts of it were paid for by the out walls for money he had earned by working at pop N Cork. Hans then said he was done with his questioning.

Martha Magana then began her cross-examination by starting talking about the family living in the house and their names in their relationships, I don’t know how big of the houses was but there was a lot of people living there. Beverly Woody was having trouble with remembering family member’s names, having trouble remembering dates times and when search warrants in such were conducted, the no had no problem remembering this story that she said her son relayed to her. Beverly Woody again express some frustration in not being able to answer the questions as she pleases.

She was also asked of her son Robert has been or ever was a special needs person, meaning maybe a little slow or as she put it may be not all there. She stated there are some children in the house with these issues but her son Robert Woody is fine.

Beverly stated that Robert was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the new year in 2014. She also stated that the so-called confession letter written by Robin was in possession of investigator Steve meaning Steve Jacobson during one of her interviews but has not seen it since. She also stated that Robert got paid cash for doing handyman work of some sort around the out walls store, and she personally had been to the store 4 to 5 times in 2012, but it was physically in the wheelchair at that time and was limited to visiting the store only about three times on the inside with her wheelchair.

She also stated in 2012 DA investigators were harassing her family was some of her kids and grandkids getting arrested and going to jail or prison, in fact she said they were doing too much time on some of the stuff.

Beverly Woody says there was no relationship to Korey Kaufman investigators, and no one is being forced to testify in this case that she is aware of. She is also not sure what her last interview was which was August 19, 2015.

Much if not most of her testimony was repetitious, confusing testimony. Especially when you look at no clothes were dirty, disheveled greasy or oily sweaty or otherwise in a condition that would indicate that he was out bearing a body in a garden behind the store. No one else was present when he made his confession to her at the house said 5 o’clock in the morning, this is also when she stated that she had gotten sick and had the Valley fever during sometime around this time and was real sick but stated she was still working and was able to get up and fix breakfast for the family before she went to work, but also stated that she needed in-home care. It all gets a little confusing that I was not able to completely decipher.

She also stated that Robert told her that he had lied to investigators thinking he would not get in trouble, Beverly Woody stated that she visited him several times in the jail when he was here they knew phones were recorded and only made jokes and fun of the recording devices on the phone, but did there conversing to the little opening in the window.

She reiterated that Korey was not killed by Robert but he was there when it happened. Remember Beverly Woody did not witness any of this in this is only hearsay testimony that she says was relayed to her by her son. What Robert Woody told her she seemed to be very clear about but is not able to recall many other things including having a lot of trouble recalling the names of her kids and grandkids.

At that time, it was getting late in the day the judge observed that miss Woody was getting pretty tired and ended testimony for the day. Testimony to be continued Thursday at 9:30 AM as tomorrow is a down day for the court.



This is a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson et al  preliminary hearing

This morning session started off where Tim Raines left off yesterday asking Beverly Woody about her son going to prison. She said that she knew he was going to be going to prison just not sure for how long.

She stated that Robert had told her about the murder in 2013 when he had come home from work and wanted to talk about the truth. He then started talking about the conversation on the porch with the Atwal in the supposed attorney on the phone. And I talked again about how Rob and had driven Robert to the property on 9th Street.

Emphasize that Robert did not admit to killing Korey Kauffman and stated that he did not do anything about going over a fence Kama that was done at the pop and cork store. That left myself and a few of us scratching our heads to exactly what was being talked about there.

She stated that investigator bunch I told her about the wire that Miranda dikes had worn she stated and told her that Robert had confessed to the murder. She stated that Robert thought he had destroyed that recording once he found it on the porch .

Went on to say that Robert has a good heart and is willing to help people and he was in fact trying to stop them from killing Cory at the property but somebody else has actually fired a shot and killed him.

Martha magana and Madame da started having a long conversation about some legal arguments concerning her testimony and some of the statements about the Atwals. These legal arguments were kept to an extremely civil tone and was very respectful between the two and I thought it was a nice change from yesterday and all the tension in the room. The judge finally put an end to it stating she will take it under submission based on what some of the answers to Beverly Woody give.

Beverly Woody continue to emphasize Robert story where he says he did not hurt Korey Kauffman Kama it was done by others. In addition investigator Bunch had told Beverly Woody dad Robert was facing some serious issues, and also told her that Miranda died that wore a wire even though Robert had thought he had destroyed the recording. She stated that Robert had turned himself in later that night and the investigator Bunch kept telling her that he was a witness and not a suspect. They they’re established fair in February of 2014 what he had not talked to investigators as of yet.

After some discussion about a Jail visit that she had had with Robert Robert forkner requested an audio recording of that Jail visit which is done he said in all visit with homicide suspects. Did da claimed there were no recordings which led to several attorneys objecting stating that again that is always done with homicide suspects.

Martha magana  an appointment at that point saying there was a sheriff’s detective who is also looking for recordings at the Safety Center so they must exist. At that point all attorneys stipulated that Robert would he was arrested on February 28th 2014.

Tim rain continued on asking about what the investigators were inquiring and telling her what he had heard on The Wire. She also stated that Corey cough and had been to her house several times in the past but didn’t really know him. Also made an interesting comment at that time where she stayed Cory kauffmann was not killed he was and I emphasize the word “murdered.”

She’s also stated on the day of the search warrant February 26th of 2014 she was not aware at that time that Cory kauffmann was dead also did not want to tell the officers any more than what was necessary. Beverlywood he is a very StreetWise and cagey person and I personally believe he knows how to talk to police officers that she has probably done it many many times.

One thing of note that she mentioned in her testimony is that several years ago she had valley fever and has lost much of her memory and has trouble recalling things especially names.

She stated she had been hospitalized for a week and she is currently taking 22 medications everyday.

She also stated that she was staying up on what was going on in this case through family and friends but does not look at articles other than the pictures. She also stated when all the defendants in this case were arrested there was at least 15 of them taken into custody.

She also stated that she has been afforded several personal visits with Robert on his court dates at the District Attorney’s office as she is unable to visit him at his current  location which is not being released to the public.

Tim Raines then brought her back to the alleged scene of the crime on 9th Street and talking about the officer that had told Robert to go back in and clean up the mess. She stated she did not know which officer it was she did not like police officers but thought it was a possible Merced sheriff or a Turlock PD. But did say his name was Wells. Also stated they all look alike to her.

He stated Robert was scared to not follow the officers orders to go back in and this review information was revealed when she had a visit at the Safety Center where she refused to use the phones and they talked through the vets, does this woman know what she’s doing or what?

She was asked about when she went to lunch yesterday and was having trouble giving the name of the officer but returned after lunch and remember the name Wells, she said she did not talk to anybody about her testimony either her family or the DEA but apparently you see shrewd bit of questioning by the district attorney to ask her again for the third time who is the officer outside the scene.

She said she was here to represent her son as no one else is going to has no idea what he told the investigators and she is starting to get tired and a little antsy on the stand. Did state that she always told Robert Woody to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and in fact said that was her last words to him.

At that time she was allowed to leave the room to go to lunch and there was a couple of matters discussed amongst attorneys about scheduling and some other discovery that would just been turned over.

We then broke for lunch to return at 2 p.m.





William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


Today was a day I knew was coming. The prosecution finally put forward evidence from the mother of the confessed murderer of Korey Kauffman, Robert Woody.

Beverly Woody is a felon, who has been convicted many times in the past for very serious crimes. She was rushed to the stand today by the prosecution because she is in failing health. She can’t read or write, but Judge Zuniga said this was irrelevant to her testimony. She was around 400 pounds, wearing a nasal cannula for oxygen, and was in a wheelchair. Her testimony today totally contradicted what she had told that the DA Investigators. During a series of interviews, and the subsequent reports that were written, and submitted for discovery. Somehow Judge Zuniga allowed most of this testimony to be put on the record.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra took all but 20 minutes of today’s session on direct examination of Ms. Woody. Marlissa constantly led Ms. Woody and coached the desired answers from her. Judge Zuniga several times warned her about this, but let the tainted testimony go on the record anyway.

Beverly Woody at times was confused about testimony, and contradicted herself many times. Judge Zuniga let in some damaging testimony today, but the source seemed to me to be someone only a fool would believe. Stuff like this will probably hold the defendants for a trial in front of 12 jurors. 12 jurors will never convict anyone based on testimony from the career criminal drug addicts that have testified.

Defense attorney Timothy Rien got the last 20 minutes for cross examination, and the day was over. Now sit back, and I will try to paint a picture for you of the day when the Empire struck back.

Testimony began at 10:20 AM. Marlissa Fereirra gets Beverly to testify about how she spoke with her son Robert Woody after the first search warrant was served on their home. Beverly: “Robert told me that an officer came to arrest him for the murder of Korey Kauffman, for which he did not do.”

Beverly testified that Frank Carson had Daljit Atwall and Baljit Atwall hurt Korey Kauffman. This was objected to vigorously. An offer of proof was requested by the defense and Beverly was taken out of the courtroom.

Marlissa Fereirra then states that Daljit Atwall gave Robert Woody $4000 to leave the state. She said that Daljit was providing illegal steroids to Robert Woody. She said that Robert Woody returned after three months. Judge Zuniga:” I’m having so much trouble with this Ms. Fereirra.”” I don’t know why you are putting her on.” Zuniga:” I don’t think this is going to turn out well for you.” After some arguments from Marlissa Fereirra, the judge said” I don’t think you are hearing me.”

Despite her concerns, the judge continued to let the tainted testimony go on, and Beverly Woody was put back on the stand.

Using her leading questions, Marlissa Fereirra gets Beverly to testify that Robert Woody told her that Daljit Atwall and Baljit Atwall were standing over the still alive Korey Kauffman who had just been beaten. He was in the fetal position. Robert Woody told Beverly that Daljit Atwall had the gun. The gun went off, and Robert Woody turned around. He said Korey Kauffman had been shot in the back.

Frank Carson then allegedly took off to Modesto with the gun. Beverly then said that Robert Woody told her that an officer on the property told him to get back on the property and help clean up the mess. She said that Robert told her that he was a Turlock policeman who he had seen at Pop N Cork. She said Baljit Athwall’s truck was outside of the Carson property, and Frank Carson’s vehicle was there as well. Beverly talked about Robert calling this officer “Officer U.”

Beverly Woody said that Robert told her that Daljit Atwall told him:” if you don’t help clean up the mess you will and up like Korey Kauffman.” She testified that the Atwall’s closed Pop N Cork around 1:30 AM, and told Robert Woody to not talk about it” you’ll screw it up.”

She said that Carson, Baljit and Daljit were there to teach Korey Kauffman a lesson. She said a trap was set for Korey. Beverly Woody said a mental pipe was propped up on the Carson property that was easy for Korey Kauffman to see. She said Korey was in the fetal position, and told Daljit and Baljit that he had enough.” Daljit:” I will tell you when you have had enough.”

Beverly Woody says Robert was told to burn Baljit Atwalls truck. She said Daljit had told him to do so. Beverly testified that the truck was burned to destroy any evidence that Korey Kauffman was in the truck.

It is time for lunch, and we are basically in shock over what we have just heard. Beverly Woody took off for lunch with her family. it was apparent to us that she got some coaching while they were gone together for 90 minutes.

When testimony continued at 1:38 PM, Beverly is asked if she talked to the DA Investigators. Beverly:” yes, when my son was locked up.” The investigators came over to her house. She stated that a blonde female lawyer that worked for Daljit and Baljit talked to her on her porch. They were accompanied by Baljit Athwall’s sister. Beverly:” the lawyer asked me if Daljit and Baljit had done it.”

Beverly Woody said that she told them that they had not done it. She said that Robert Woody had told her to say that, because that would help him somehow. There were many objections to this. She was contradicting stuff that she had told the DA investigators earlier in this investigation.

Judge Zuniga made Marlissa Fereirra start all over again with this line of questioning. Beverly Woody said Daljit Atwall told Robert that if he said Daljit and Baljit were innocent, he would get a good lawyer to help out.

Beverly said a private investigator named Jack Able came to her house after the search warrant was served. She said she was sick and in the hospital at the time.

She said that Robert Woody told her that he owed Frank Carson money for a previous case. She said that Brian Woody had hidden some stolen property under Robert Woody’s bed. Frank Carson had gotten Robert Woody off of these charges.

Talk then centers on a letter allegedly written by Robert Woody’s girlfriend Robin Attenhoffer on her death bed. Beverly Woody allegedly saw her write this letter. We must remember that Beverly Woody can’t read or write. This letter was allegedly sent to Korey Kauffman’s parents after Korey went missing. She said she saw that same letter again later, and it was the same handwriting. Once again, I must remind you that she can’t read.

Judge Zuniga sees a problem with the letter, but wants to hear more on this, subject to strike at a later time. God, she is giving this witness a mile of latitude. Talk then goes to the Atwall’s saying that they are going to file a law suit about their business and homes being destroyed during the search warrants. Daljit:” don’t screw up or you will end up like Korey Kauffman and they will never find your body.”” Your mom, dad, and son might end up missing.”

Robert Woody allegedly told his mother that Walter Wells was the one to tell him to get back in the store. She talks about Walter Wells being at ninth Street. This was objected to vigorously. The objection was sustained Beverly says she got it mixed up that he was not the one that was at the ninth Street incident. Judge Zuniga then gets very irritated with Marlissa Fereirra. Defense attorney Timothy Rien strongly argues about prosecutorial misconduct and moves to strike all of Beverly Woody’s testimony. He complains about her asking leading questions, giving Beverly the answers, and that the testimony does not fit anything that is recorded in reports of her interviews done by the DA Investigators.

At this point, Judge Zuniga says” I am leaving.” She bolts for her chambers. This is real hot stuff.

After a 15-minute break, we return to a much calmer Judge Zuniga. Zuniga:” I am now ready.” Defense attorney Timothy Rien and Marlissa Fereirra fight it out verbally. Marlissa:” I’ve never done anything wrong.” Yeah sure.

Marlissa, during an offer of proof, states that phone evidence shows Walter Wells was at Pop N Cork at 1:30 AM when Korey Kaufman’s body was allegedly buried there. Walter has a couple of very reliable witnesses that will testify he was out of town at that time.

Testimony then centers about times where Beverly Woody was allowed to visit her son at the DA’s office. Steve Jacobson was there at the visits. No recordings of these visits were done. Beverly Woody testified that nobody asked the DA’s office to not record these meetings. This contradicts earlier testimony that said Robert Woody had requested that they not be recorded.

After a few last minute discussions about scheduling the day was finished. This is hard work, but necessary. It must be noted that Linda Taylor, aka copsucker was present briefly at the start of today’s session. She seemed to be glaring at those of us that are blogging. She really did not stay long enough to see any of what was going on. I don’t think she really wants to know the truth. The Truth Will Set Them Free.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)