William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


Today was a day I knew was coming. The prosecution finally put forward evidence from the mother of the confessed murderer of Korey Kauffman, Robert Woody.

Beverly Woody is a felon, who has been convicted many times in the past for very serious crimes. She was rushed to the stand today by the prosecution because she is in failing health. She can’t read or write, but Judge Zuniga said this was irrelevant to her testimony. She was around 400 pounds, wearing a nasal cannula for oxygen, and was in a wheelchair. Her testimony today totally contradicted what she had told that the DA Investigators. During a series of interviews, and the subsequent reports that were written, and submitted for discovery. Somehow Judge Zuniga allowed most of this testimony to be put on the record.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra took all but 20 minutes of today’s session on direct examination of Ms. Woody. Marlissa constantly led Ms. Woody and coached the desired answers from her. Judge Zuniga several times warned her about this, but let the tainted testimony go on the record anyway.

Beverly Woody at times was confused about testimony, and contradicted herself many times. Judge Zuniga let in some damaging testimony today, but the source seemed to me to be someone only a fool would believe. Stuff like this will probably hold the defendants for a trial in front of 12 jurors. 12 jurors will never convict anyone based on testimony from the career criminal drug addicts that have testified.

Defense attorney Timothy Rien got the last 20 minutes for cross examination, and the day was over. Now sit back, and I will try to paint a picture for you of the day when the Empire struck back.

Testimony began at 10:20 AM. Marlissa Fereirra gets Beverly to testify about how she spoke with her son Robert Woody after the first search warrant was served on their home. Beverly: “Robert told me that an officer came to arrest him for the murder of Korey Kauffman, for which he did not do.”

Beverly testified that Frank Carson had Daljit Atwall and Baljit Atwall hurt Korey Kauffman. This was objected to vigorously. An offer of proof was requested by the defense and Beverly was taken out of the courtroom.

Marlissa Fereirra then states that Daljit Atwall gave Robert Woody $4000 to leave the state. She said that Daljit was providing illegal steroids to Robert Woody. She said that Robert Woody returned after three months. Judge Zuniga:” I’m having so much trouble with this Ms. Fereirra.”” I don’t know why you are putting her on.” Zuniga:” I don’t think this is going to turn out well for you.” After some arguments from Marlissa Fereirra, the judge said” I don’t think you are hearing me.”

Despite her concerns, the judge continued to let the tainted testimony go on, and Beverly Woody was put back on the stand.

Using her leading questions, Marlissa Fereirra gets Beverly to testify that Robert Woody told her that Daljit Atwall and Baljit Atwall were standing over the still alive Korey Kauffman who had just been beaten. He was in the fetal position. Robert Woody told Beverly that Daljit Atwall had the gun. The gun went off, and Robert Woody turned around. He said Korey Kauffman had been shot in the back.

Frank Carson then allegedly took off to Modesto with the gun. Beverly then said that Robert Woody told her that an officer on the property told him to get back on the property and help clean up the mess. She said that Robert told her that he was a Turlock policeman who he had seen at Pop N Cork. She said Baljit Athwall’s truck was outside of the Carson property, and Frank Carson’s vehicle was there as well. Beverly talked about Robert calling this officer “Officer U.”

Beverly Woody said that Robert told her that Daljit Atwall told him:” if you don’t help clean up the mess you will and up like Korey Kauffman.” She testified that the Atwall’s closed Pop N Cork around 1:30 AM, and told Robert Woody to not talk about it” you’ll screw it up.”

She said that Carson, Baljit and Daljit were there to teach Korey Kauffman a lesson. She said a trap was set for Korey. Beverly Woody said a mental pipe was propped up on the Carson property that was easy for Korey Kauffman to see. She said Korey was in the fetal position, and told Daljit and Baljit that he had enough.” Daljit:” I will tell you when you have had enough.”

Beverly Woody says Robert was told to burn Baljit Atwalls truck. She said Daljit had told him to do so. Beverly testified that the truck was burned to destroy any evidence that Korey Kauffman was in the truck.

It is time for lunch, and we are basically in shock over what we have just heard. Beverly Woody took off for lunch with her family. it was apparent to us that she got some coaching while they were gone together for 90 minutes.

When testimony continued at 1:38 PM, Beverly is asked if she talked to the DA Investigators. Beverly:” yes, when my son was locked up.” The investigators came over to her house. She stated that a blonde female lawyer that worked for Daljit and Baljit talked to her on her porch. They were accompanied by Baljit Athwall’s sister. Beverly:” the lawyer asked me if Daljit and Baljit had done it.”

Beverly Woody said that she told them that they had not done it. She said that Robert Woody had told her to say that, because that would help him somehow. There were many objections to this. She was contradicting stuff that she had told the DA investigators earlier in this investigation.

Judge Zuniga made Marlissa Fereirra start all over again with this line of questioning. Beverly Woody said Daljit Atwall told Robert that if he said Daljit and Baljit were innocent, he would get a good lawyer to help out.

Beverly said a private investigator named Jack Able came to her house after the search warrant was served. She said she was sick and in the hospital at the time.

She said that Robert Woody told her that he owed Frank Carson money for a previous case. She said that Brian Woody had hidden some stolen property under Robert Woody’s bed. Frank Carson had gotten Robert Woody off of these charges.

Talk then centers on a letter allegedly written by Robert Woody’s girlfriend Robin Attenhoffer on her death bed. Beverly Woody allegedly saw her write this letter. We must remember that Beverly Woody can’t read or write. This letter was allegedly sent to Korey Kauffman’s parents after Korey went missing. She said she saw that same letter again later, and it was the same handwriting. Once again, I must remind you that she can’t read.

Judge Zuniga sees a problem with the letter, but wants to hear more on this, subject to strike at a later time. God, she is giving this witness a mile of latitude. Talk then goes to the Atwall’s saying that they are going to file a law suit about their business and homes being destroyed during the search warrants. Daljit:” don’t screw up or you will end up like Korey Kauffman and they will never find your body.”” Your mom, dad, and son might end up missing.”

Robert Woody allegedly told his mother that Walter Wells was the one to tell him to get back in the store. She talks about Walter Wells being at ninth Street. This was objected to vigorously. The objection was sustained Beverly says she got it mixed up that he was not the one that was at the ninth Street incident. Judge Zuniga then gets very irritated with Marlissa Fereirra. Defense attorney Timothy Rien strongly argues about prosecutorial misconduct and moves to strike all of Beverly Woody’s testimony. He complains about her asking leading questions, giving Beverly the answers, and that the testimony does not fit anything that is recorded in reports of her interviews done by the DA Investigators.

At this point, Judge Zuniga says” I am leaving.” She bolts for her chambers. This is real hot stuff.

After a 15-minute break, we return to a much calmer Judge Zuniga. Zuniga:” I am now ready.” Defense attorney Timothy Rien and Marlissa Fereirra fight it out verbally. Marlissa:” I’ve never done anything wrong.” Yeah sure.

Marlissa, during an offer of proof, states that phone evidence shows Walter Wells was at Pop N Cork at 1:30 AM when Korey Kaufman’s body was allegedly buried there. Walter has a couple of very reliable witnesses that will testify he was out of town at that time.

Testimony then centers about times where Beverly Woody was allowed to visit her son at the DA’s office. Steve Jacobson was there at the visits. No recordings of these visits were done. Beverly Woody testified that nobody asked the DA’s office to not record these meetings. This contradicts earlier testimony that said Robert Woody had requested that they not be recorded.

After a few last minute discussions about scheduling the day was finished. This is hard work, but necessary. It must be noted that Linda Taylor, aka copsucker was present briefly at the start of today’s session. She seemed to be glaring at those of us that are blogging. She really did not stay long enough to see any of what was going on. I don’t think she really wants to know the truth. The Truth Will Set Them Free.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)