This is a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson et al  preliminary hearing

This morning session started off where Tim Raines left off yesterday asking Beverly Woody about her son going to prison. She said that she knew he was going to be going to prison just not sure for how long.

She stated that Robert had told her about the murder in 2013 when he had come home from work and wanted to talk about the truth. He then started talking about the conversation on the porch with the Atwal in the supposed attorney on the phone. And I talked again about how Rob and had driven Robert to the property on 9th Street.

Emphasize that Robert did not admit to killing Korey Kauffman and stated that he did not do anything about going over a fence Kama that was done at the pop and cork store. That left myself and a few of us scratching our heads to exactly what was being talked about there.

She stated that investigator bunch I told her about the wire that Miranda dikes had worn she stated and told her that Robert had confessed to the murder. She stated that Robert thought he had destroyed that recording once he found it on the porch .

Went on to say that Robert has a good heart and is willing to help people and he was in fact trying to stop them from killing Cory at the property but somebody else has actually fired a shot and killed him.

Martha magana and Madame da started having a long conversation about some legal arguments concerning her testimony and some of the statements about the Atwals. These legal arguments were kept to an extremely civil tone and was very respectful between the two and I thought it was a nice change from yesterday and all the tension in the room. The judge finally put an end to it stating she will take it under submission based on what some of the answers to Beverly Woody give.

Beverly Woody continue to emphasize Robert story where he says he did not hurt Korey Kauffman Kama it was done by others. In addition investigator Bunch had told Beverly Woody dad Robert was facing some serious issues, and also told her that Miranda died that wore a wire even though Robert had thought he had destroyed the recording. She stated that Robert had turned himself in later that night and the investigator Bunch kept telling her that he was a witness and not a suspect. They they’re established fair in February of 2014 what he had not talked to investigators as of yet.

After some discussion about a Jail visit that she had had with Robert Robert forkner requested an audio recording of that Jail visit which is done he said in all visit with homicide suspects. Did da claimed there were no recordings which led to several attorneys objecting stating that again that is always done with homicide suspects.

Martha magana  an appointment at that point saying there was a sheriff’s detective who is also looking for recordings at the Safety Center so they must exist. At that point all attorneys stipulated that Robert would he was arrested on February 28th 2014.

Tim rain continued on asking about what the investigators were inquiring and telling her what he had heard on The Wire. She also stated that Corey cough and had been to her house several times in the past but didn’t really know him. Also made an interesting comment at that time where she stayed Cory kauffmann was not killed he was and I emphasize the word “murdered.”

She’s also stated on the day of the search warrant February 26th of 2014 she was not aware at that time that Cory kauffmann was dead also did not want to tell the officers any more than what was necessary. Beverlywood he is a very StreetWise and cagey person and I personally believe he knows how to talk to police officers that she has probably done it many many times.

One thing of note that she mentioned in her testimony is that several years ago she had valley fever and has lost much of her memory and has trouble recalling things especially names.

She stated she had been hospitalized for a week and she is currently taking 22 medications everyday.

She also stated that she was staying up on what was going on in this case through family and friends but does not look at articles other than the pictures. She also stated when all the defendants in this case were arrested there was at least 15 of them taken into custody.

She also stated that she has been afforded several personal visits with Robert on his court dates at the District Attorney’s office as she is unable to visit him at his current  location which is not being released to the public.

Tim Raines then brought her back to the alleged scene of the crime on 9th Street and talking about the officer that had told Robert to go back in and clean up the mess. She stated she did not know which officer it was she did not like police officers but thought it was a possible Merced sheriff or a Turlock PD. But did say his name was Wells. Also stated they all look alike to her.

He stated Robert was scared to not follow the officers orders to go back in and this review information was revealed when she had a visit at the Safety Center where she refused to use the phones and they talked through the vets, does this woman know what she’s doing or what?

She was asked about when she went to lunch yesterday and was having trouble giving the name of the officer but returned after lunch and remember the name Wells, she said she did not talk to anybody about her testimony either her family or the DEA but apparently you see shrewd bit of questioning by the district attorney to ask her again for the third time who is the officer outside the scene.

She said she was here to represent her son as no one else is going to has no idea what he told the investigators and she is starting to get tired and a little antsy on the stand. Did state that she always told Robert Woody to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and in fact said that was her last words to him.

At that time she was allowed to leave the room to go to lunch and there was a couple of matters discussed amongst attorneys about scheduling and some other discovery that would just been turned over.

We then broke for lunch to return at 2 p.m.




  1. Baffling how it seems coached or trained and confused and rambling at the same time ,her testimony

  2. I would be curious to know where she went to lunch yesterday, and if in fact there were cameras. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the DA tagged along and even bought her lunch. She knows damn well she’s lying, and under oath nonetheless. She’s willing to lie and throw 8 people to the dogs to save her degenerate, meth head son. I pray she lives long enough to see her son sentenced to life w out parole. Then she can go choke on her 22 pills.

    1. Stop beating around the bush, just what are you really trying to say. lol

  3. What a frickin joke. Stanislaus county, wake up and put an end to this clown show. 3.5 mil. and counting.
    The money wouldn’t be an issue if the f-cked up DA actually had a shred of evidence. Beverly Woody, what a piece of work this one is for the DA. I guess we can add her name to the list of clowns being paraded in by the DA to waste more of the tax payers money.
    Come on Stanislaus County, head down to the bankruptcy court house and demand this case be tossed.

  4. Seriously, this is a complete sham in its entirety… it has become so blatantly obvious with this new testimony this week, compared with early on testimony… this case is leaking like a sieve… how long will they continue this charade…? it is nothing more than theater of the absurd.

    2/28/14 Robert Woody is arrested… and they take him to interview him as a suspect in a murder.. no video or audio recording is made of the interviews of the suspect.

    Who was it that arrested him… ? some cracker-jack detective or deputy that took him in and out burger to interview him… there is NO RECORDING of the post-arrest interviews… which is a convenient way to avoid the impeachment of coached testimony by the felonious parade of societal dregs which the D.A. continually drags up to the witness box… There are literally more two dozen instances in this hearing where the DA is easily impugned by previously represented facts within the LE reports.

    1. Then they put the mother on to give us his confession in a completely convoluted and different manner than every time in the past

  5. If a whole court room has to rearrange tables and shit just so I can fit on the stand, do me a favor and take me out. Can’t read, can’t write, can’t fit in a court room, cant breathe, can’t tell the truth….damn this prize hog is batting a thousand.

  6. I guess I am confused. Walter Wells (the CHP
    Officer) is now being placed at the crime scene on March 30, 2012 in a Turlock PD patrol car? Page 259 of the affidavit states he was not working that day (or any day near the day Kauffman went missing). This doesnt make sense?

    1. before lunch it was different 2 different officers one being YU(sp?) the other being Q? then immediately after lunch the DA asked again for some reason and it was wells, but also identified him as a Turlock pd officer.
      You are not the only one confused here, most notably is the witness.
      As a reminder too the Judge warned the DA not to have this witness testify but she insisted.
      I think it shows the lack of credibility in this case, they are grasping at straws.

      1. Sounds like she is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth! 😜 I also read that she admitted in court yesterday to lying during this investigation many times in the past. She did this for her son so what makes this new testimony any different? I would love to know how an off-duty officer goes and borrows a patrol car from another department when he is off-duty? I am sure Mr. Wells explained to them what he was doing and they were happy to lend it to him (of course I am being sarcastic for those who take everything said very seriously).

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