A face only a mother could love

by Marty Carlson


pm session

The afternoon session started with defense attorney Hans, and I use that because I cannot pronounce his last name sorry buddy, asking Beverly Woody about the times again when Robert came home from the Pop n Cork on the infamous night. Beverly Woody is stated that she had gotten a bit 5 AM to fix breakfast for everyone but she always does and to go to work. No one else that come in but was privileged to this conversation. She also stated that she did not tell him to tell the truth until he was arrested and she felt that it was the best course of action.

She stated on April 14, 2014 at 7 PM during a phone call from the jail, that there was paperwork being sent from Washington state, stating that he was there at the time that Corey was killed and to establish an alibi. She also stated she was not being forthcoming with the investigation that was going on.

Beverly Woody then started complaining to the judge that the attorney is wanting to get information he wants put out that what she wants. She states that she just wants to say what’s on her mind, and apparently does not want to answer questions.

They talked again about the Frank Carson property in the squad car that was there on that so-called fateful night, it was all repeat information in it was not very clear. She also stated she had no idea how long Robert Woody had stayed on the property to clean up the mess. She then kind of rambled on and a long narrative about his teeth were removed and replaced in one day something I’m still trying to figure out myself because I’m waiting for my teeth to be done currently.

She was also asked about when Robert got home if he was dirty like a been digging in the ground, sweaty, greasy oily, look like a been doing hard work, and to all those she said no he looked fine.

They also went in to the issue where she claims they gave him $10,000 and what it was for, she said they did his teeth to keep him quiet, but previous testimony stated that the teeth were redone for $7000. She had no idea when the truck was actually burned, and was absolutely sure about when the body was moved again 29 days later. Now the attorney asked are you sure it wasn’t a month, are you sure it wasn’t four weeks, she specifically knew it was 29 days later is what she was told by Robert.

They went on to talk about the pickup truck in the car that were both burned because of possible evidence from the body, but stated Robert Woody had burned both vehicles. Beverly Woody was asked if she has a lot of influence on her son, and she stated he is a good kid, and he has a good heart, but attorney Hans and then started questing or about some domestic violence that occurred in the home with female victims in the perpetrator has been Robert Woody her son, Mme. DA immediately objected stating it was improper impeachment. Mme. DA then within the long narrative as she also often does these days and Martha Magana went into an objection about the Dist. Atty. advising the judge of the laws of the court and evidence.

After a little vigorous argument on both sides the judge ruled that she is not going to allow this mother to be asked ‘if her son hits women.’ I noticed at the time that she stopping by did not give a legal basis for her ruling, as when somebody usually uses the I’m a good person or they are good person defense usually opens the door for bad acts, but her ruling was actually an emotional ruling not based on law.

Beverly Woody stated that she told her son Robert four or five times to tell the cops to truth it would work out better for him this was even after she stated that she does not like nor trust cops. Attorney Hans and then inquired to trips to Washington state prior to 2012 that Robert Woody had made and parts of it were paid for by the out walls for money he had earned by working at pop N Cork. Hans then said he was done with his questioning.

Martha Magana then began her cross-examination by starting talking about the family living in the house and their names in their relationships, I don’t know how big of the houses was but there was a lot of people living there. Beverly Woody was having trouble with remembering family member’s names, having trouble remembering dates times and when search warrants in such were conducted, the no had no problem remembering this story that she said her son relayed to her. Beverly Woody again express some frustration in not being able to answer the questions as she pleases.

She was also asked of her son Robert has been or ever was a special needs person, meaning maybe a little slow or as she put it may be not all there. She stated there are some children in the house with these issues but her son Robert Woody is fine.

Beverly stated that Robert was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the new year in 2014. She also stated that the so-called confession letter written by Robin was in possession of investigator Steve meaning Steve Jacobson during one of her interviews but has not seen it since. She also stated that Robert got paid cash for doing handyman work of some sort around the out walls store, and she personally had been to the store 4 to 5 times in 2012, but it was physically in the wheelchair at that time and was limited to visiting the store only about three times on the inside with her wheelchair.

She also stated in 2012 DA investigators were harassing her family was some of her kids and grandkids getting arrested and going to jail or prison, in fact she said they were doing too much time on some of the stuff.

Beverly Woody says there was no relationship to Korey Kaufman investigators, and no one is being forced to testify in this case that she is aware of. She is also not sure what her last interview was which was August 19, 2015.

Much if not most of her testimony was repetitious, confusing testimony. Especially when you look at no clothes were dirty, disheveled greasy or oily sweaty or otherwise in a condition that would indicate that he was out bearing a body in a garden behind the store. No one else was present when he made his confession to her at the house said 5 o’clock in the morning, this is also when she stated that she had gotten sick and had the Valley fever during sometime around this time and was real sick but stated she was still working and was able to get up and fix breakfast for the family before she went to work, but also stated that she needed in-home care. It all gets a little confusing that I was not able to completely decipher.

She also stated that Robert told her that he had lied to investigators thinking he would not get in trouble, Beverly Woody stated that she visited him several times in the jail when he was here they knew phones were recorded and only made jokes and fun of the recording devices on the phone, but did there conversing to the little opening in the window.

She reiterated that Korey was not killed by Robert but he was there when it happened. Remember Beverly Woody did not witness any of this in this is only hearsay testimony that she says was relayed to her by her son. What Robert Woody told her she seemed to be very clear about but is not able to recall many other things including having a lot of trouble recalling the names of her kids and grandkids.

At that time, it was getting late in the day the judge observed that miss Woody was getting pretty tired and ended testimony for the day. Testimony to be continued Thursday at 9:30 AM as tomorrow is a down day for the court.


  1. This is the problem I got with Beverly’s testimony. As reported Beverly is claiming to her that her son told her he did not kill k kauffman and was just there. He was just an accessory after the fact and ony because he was threatened he would be next if he did not assist them. But r woody is charged with first degree murder. So we have the DA putting on testimony that r woody did not commit murder. But the same DA is charging r woody with murder. So if the DA believes the testimony if Woodys mom to be true then the DA has and continues to wrongfully charge r woody. If the DA does not believe Woodys mom then the DA may be suborning perjury. Either way it appears that the DA is acting unethically or inappropriately.

      1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
        dawg417 says:

        One of the many stories being told

        1. My confusion is why didn’t the DA put Beverly Woody on the stand in the beginning if she believes her testimony is credible? Has it taken 6 months to coach her involving almost every defendant in her statement? When is the power above going to step in and drop the hammer???

          1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
            dawg417 says:

            Good question but why have they done everything that they have done in this mess.

  2. Because they’re idiots that’s why. I just don’t understand how come this bull shit is able to continue wasting tax payers dollars as if they haven’t spent enough already. It’s funny how Beverly Woody can’t remember her family members names that are living at her house but can recall names of the police and investigators and the make of the vehicles and time Woody came home and that his clothes were clean and etc. that happened over 4 years ago. Now you really have to be stupid to believe anything she says since her stories are totally different now. And who in their right minds would even discuss things on the jail phones admitting to the murder or indicating their are witnesses that Cooley did it and now say they were joking. God help all these people.

  3. Am I to understand that the night Kauffman was killed Woody came home and told his mother?

    The narrative at this point is the guys with the most to lose kill Kauffman?

    Then they bring in a 4th person (Woody) tweaker to help them to just move the body from Carson’s to Pop-n-Cork? It makes no sense except in the way little kids might tattle on someone. “I didn’t do anything Mom! I just showed up, went to leave, but there was cop behind me and he made me help clean up the mess.” Then it is sort of a that’s okay honey I will cook you some breakfast? That what she is saying? Oh, and Carson was there too and took the gun?

    I am the judge at this point I am saying bring me a factual, real story, or this whole case if being tossed.

  4. I guess when you do something and get caught there are the stories you tell your friends and one you tell your mother. Brag, brag, brag,, then to Mom I didn’t do anything. Or probably I didn’t do nothing.

    I have to ask- is the best the best Ferreira can do?

    Another question- In the original novel with no ending called the Affidavit, is there any mention of Woody’s mom being involved?

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