As the months and months of preliminary trial go on in the Frank Carson Trial, the cash register keeps going cha ching, cha ching. Over a month ago, Supervisor Jim DeMartini stated on the Backstory Internet Radio Show that the tab for this preliminary trial had topped $3,000,000.00. He also stated that “We are going to lose this trial.” We think that could be approaching $4,000,000.00 at the time of this article. We have a couple of more months left in the preliminary trial, and the dollars keep falling into a money pit. This preliminary trial is currently the second longest in California history. I wonder what the final total charges will amount to at the end of this fiasco. If the trial is held over for trial in front of a jury, the total cost could be staggering. The tax payers are going to be on the hook for all of this. This could affect everyone with reduced services in Stanislaus County. There is absolutely no way a jury of twelve people will ever convict anyone based on the case that has been presented, and the scum of the earth that are providing the evidence for the prosecution. The best thing would be for the judge to throw this whole thing out the door, but I think we will see our tax dollars wasted on a failed attempt at convicting the innocent. Kirk Bunch told Robert Woody that “This is a train that will not be stopped.” God help our budget if he is right.

Concerned; Tom Jensen


As everyone knows I was blessed with the presence of my favorite fan in court on Monday, that being Susan Friedman. Susan was quite a delight to see as everyone got massive enjoyment from her presence and are actually having the grapefruits to show up. Personally I didn’t think she could do it.

As I was seeing her walking across the parking lot several pitchers were taken in addition to the hallway waiting to go into the courtroom. It is a’s amazing sight to see in the glaring beauty and not to mention her little pet project on a leash with her, that being Richard Blakely.

It is nice to see that they’re just not all talk they can actually show up but sadly her mad dog looks directed my way was met with an incredible amount of amusement by all of us in the back row. In fact, it was like a Saturday night live skit, and the remake of Janis Joplin.

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Is this a sign of our times?

By Marty Carlson (DAWG)

An 18-year-old Ohio woman has been charged with running live video of a rape of her 17-year-old friend on a social media application. The woman’s attorney recently said she was filming the assault as evidence in defense of her friend. Yeah right!!!

Marina lonina has pled not guilty of several charges including rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering of sexual matter involving a minor.

She has a codefendant by the name of Raymond Gates, who also pled not guilty.

Apparently lonina and her friend, who are both high school students, met Gates at a mall the day before the attack. He had bought them a bottle of vodka and convince them to meet him the next day.

The attorney for the young lady admitted his client filmed the assault but said she was trying to get the girl out of the house where the attack happened. I guess that is a new form of trying to stop a rapist is by filming the attack in its entirety.

It was reported to police by another friend in another state who saw the live stream video and had called police.

The attorney for lonina, who seem to be very chatty in this article, says that his client is very active of life streaming on social media. In fact he claims that she did everything possible to contain the situation which included the question of what should I do now? The sleaze ball attorney said

in addition the attorney told a local media outlet that his client was also a victim that was preyed upon by this pervert.

The two girls are naturalized US citizens from Russia, in addition O’Brien, the accused rapist, is of Russian descent. And apparently all comments made on the video were all in Russian.

Lonina told police she was trying to record this assault as evidence, but are being behavior as people watching via the social app, and were giving “likes” to the video, seem to paint a little different picture according to prosecutors. Prosecutors said the video did show a brief attempt by the defendant to stop the attack where the victim was clearly scream and stop and no during the assault.

But it appears that she got caught up with the popularity of the video and all the favorable comments. And for overall did nothing to aid the victim.

In addition to the rate count she is also charged with live streaming her friend nude the day before the assault, because she is a juvenile it is a felony. And why was she being filmed naked the day before?

I guess it shows where technology has taken a sometimes to places we don’t really want to be.


They can’t outlaw guns so the just make them too difficult to buy

by Marty Carlson

There is new legislation being introduced in California- assembly Bill 2459- that is sponsored by assembly member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento). Some people feel if it is passed it would put shackles on federal firearms license holders with new requirements that could cause them to shut down. Maybe that is the intent all along.

It requires all FFL holders to maintain and video surveillance, that is of high enough quality for facial recognition of all records of transactions. In addition there must be video surveillance where firearms and ammunition are stored, immediate exterior of the licensed premises, all parking facilities owned by the permit holder. The video equipment would be required to run during all business hours and be set to begin recording when motion is detected at all other times. The license holder would also have to have a yearly video compliant certification, and make repairs within 15 days of any nonworking equipment. In addition all videos must be maintained for at least five years, but that could be extended if there is a law enforcement investigation. Also they would have to have signs posting to their customers that all transactions are being recorded.

In addition they are attempting to require a liability policy of a minimum of $1 million per incident to cover any issues arising from a theft, sale, lease or transfer or offering for sale, any transfer of firearm or ammunition, and all other operations of the business and its premises.

Assembly Bill 2459 also prohibits FFl’s from selling guns from a residence, it would all have to be done from a brick and mortar store.

It also makes it very difficult in fact buying a gun tedious by requiring video surveillance of the sale, because it is so specific about outline what must be video and when it must be video. All this must be done on a yearly certification confirming video compliance.

Also it is unclear in this legislation a what the fees would be for obtaining a certificate.

Also forcing them to maintain a million-dollar liability insurance, for each instance, will be a major cost factor in doing business here in California.

And also giving local government even more control on the seller guns in their areas, which leads to no standard controls statewide.

Basically what this comes down to in my opinion, they have been unsuccessful in attempts to outlaw guns so what they’re attempting to do is eliminate the ability to purchase those legal guns.

I keep hearing arguments from people saying they’re already too many guns in people getting hurt in this country, but there are more dangers killing people faster than guns are. One of those is being the automobile, and there is a large number of automobiles but not near is many automobiles as guns, but automobiles kill more people than guns do.

The biggest offender is poisonings, according to the Center for disease control, there are more poisoning deaths in this country than any other single method. And this is mostly done by our children getting underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink, and drinking affluence and chemicals underneath.

We constantly hear about guns killing our young people, but yet they are not the biggest killers out there of our young people. There are bigger dangers that nobody seems to be concerned about, except for the fact it’s just because of a gun that people have issues. Make note I am not a gun nut I do have a couple of guns, and I do believe in reasonable controls, but there are people that do feel that the world be a safer place without guns.

One recent comment I read online after the terror attack in France, was that someone said guns don’t stop anybody from getting hurt. Those people attacking unarmed citizens in France, would still be shooting to this day if it wasn’t for somebody that showed up with a gun to stop them, namely the police.

I personally feel if you want the right to protect yourself in your home, I feel that a person should be allowed to do that if they fit the proper criteria. Blanket legislation to take guns out of people’s hands, will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens and the need to feel safe in their homes, the bottom line is you cannot get the police to park on your porch every night for you to be safe.

Now for more follow-up in the dangers of society I recently heard a report that forks make people fat………


I received a comment on one of my posts last night and it was in my opinion very profound and cuts to the chase.

No name in Fear of retaliation,
This is the problem I got with Beverly’s testimony. As reported Beverly is claiming to her that her son told her he did not kill k kauffman and was just there. He was just an accessory after the fact and only because he was threatened he would be next if he did not assist them. But r woody is charged with first degree murder. So we have the DA putting on testimony that r woody did not commit murder. But the same DA is charging r woody with murder. So if the DA believes the testimony if Woodys mom to be true then the DA has and continues to wrongfully charge r woody. If the DA does not believe Woodys mom then the DA may be suborning perjury. Either way it appears that the DA is acting unethically or inappropriately.

Here is the post and comments:

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