Is this a sign of our times?

By Marty Carlson (DAWG)

An 18-year-old Ohio woman has been charged with running live video of a rape of her 17-year-old friend on a social media application. The woman’s attorney recently said she was filming the assault as evidence in defense of her friend. Yeah right!!!

Marina lonina has pled not guilty of several charges including rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering of sexual matter involving a minor.

She has a codefendant by the name of Raymond Gates, who also pled not guilty.

Apparently lonina and her friend, who are both high school students, met Gates at a mall the day before the attack. He had bought them a bottle of vodka and convince them to meet him the next day.

The attorney for the young lady admitted his client filmed the assault but said she was trying to get the girl out of the house where the attack happened. I guess that is a new form of trying to stop a rapist is by filming the attack in its entirety.

It was reported to police by another friend in another state who saw the live stream video and had called police.

The attorney for lonina, who seem to be very chatty in this article, says that his client is very active of life streaming on social media. In fact he claims that she did everything possible to contain the situation which included the question of what should I do now? The sleaze ball attorney said

in addition the attorney told a local media outlet that his client was also a victim that was preyed upon by this pervert.

The two girls are naturalized US citizens from Russia, in addition O’Brien, the accused rapist, is of Russian descent. And apparently all comments made on the video were all in Russian.

Lonina told police she was trying to record this assault as evidence, but are being behavior as people watching via the social app, and were giving “likes” to the video, seem to paint a little different picture according to prosecutors. Prosecutors said the video did show a brief attempt by the defendant to stop the attack where the victim was clearly scream and stop and no during the assault.

But it appears that she got caught up with the popularity of the video and all the favorable comments. And for overall did nothing to aid the victim.

In addition to the rate count she is also charged with live streaming her friend nude the day before the assault, because she is a juvenile it is a felony. And why was she being filmed naked the day before?

I guess it shows where technology has taken a sometimes to places we don’t really want to be.