All-that-you-can-eat fries are coming to McDonald’s, BUT……….



In my opinion the best french fries out there are McDonald’s when they are warm, that is why they never make it all the way home and up scratch around the bottom of the bag looking for more but come up empty-handed to soon. And it pisses me off I can’t remember eating all of them and they go so quick.

Well looks like all that is about to change. Hold onto your hat here comes, customers are about to start having access to endless fries and soon in some areas. That’s right I said bottomless fries.

The bottomless french fries are going to be available at a brand-new McDonald’s in Missouri, and it sounds like it’s going to be different in the any other McDonald’s in the country.

In St. Joseph’s McDonald’s is built a 6,500 ft. restaurant that will not only offer you bottomless french fries, they are also going to offer customizable desserts, sandwiches, and of course the burgers. In addition they are also going to be having table service. Customers will be able to eat as many fries as they want and won’t even need to get up from the table.

And for all you “living wage” enthusiasts please note that this particular location will be putting in digital kiosks for customers to order their food, which is something that is already started around the country within this organization. Be careful what you ask for you just may get it.

Also in the store customers will be able to relax, visit, and just hang out on modern looking couches and armchairs. Kids will be able to play in interactive play area and there will be a party room available for rent.

If you’re in St. Joseph’s, Missouri this gives you bragging rights as the only McDonald’s in the whole country, at this time, to give you access to an endless supply of french fries.

As awesome as the french fries are, for many people this is not cannot be the healthiest situation.

No doubt my mind that many people will be escalating faster to their type II diabetes condition.

Good luck with this one folks, on the other hand I am kind of envious.