This is the Morning Report for the Frank Carson case but Marty Carlson 4-21- 16

The morning session started with Martha magana cross-examining Beverly Woody again talking about Korey Kauffman and people she knew .

Beverlywood he was asked if Robert branco was one to lie or to talk boldly, she also stated that she does not like Eula Keyes or Michael Cooley,  Michael’s brother had come to the house before along with Corey Kaufman’s family in the past.

She was asked if her son Robert was known to lie and she states all people lie. During that time Madam da was objecting to a question that was not asked but insist it was comma and the judge read to her the record to show that it wasn’t.

Beverly Woody was asked if her son Robert Woody had daily contact or specifically had lied and talked boldly daily. It was also revealed the Robert had made a story up for Miranda Dykes to get her kids back, that had been taken away by CPS.

She talked about Robert saying Curt bunch had told her there’s no way out of his predicament being involved in the murder, and that Robert needed to call him. Curt Bunch also I told her there’s a lot of evidence.

Beverly Woody then started to let go on a long narrative about the Atwal involvement and had ended it by saying she just knows what she was told and Curt bunch of told her more people were involved.

She she also said her son was dropped off at the DA’s office by her husband when he turned himself in addition  also stated that there was no search warrant two days before Robert was arrested, which is a little bit different then with the facts have revealed before.

There was also a testimony that the Atwal had been over the house several times in the past after they were summoned to help her after she had fallen and assisted them in other ways comma and we’re doing this all along not just since 2012.

Much of the conversation by this Witness involved another potential witness who’s in the courtroom as her in-home care provider, Mary Bronco,  Jesse Garcia argued that maybe Mary Broncos should be removed from the courtroom is now a possible Witness. The judge stated she has not been subpoenaed at this point and so does not have to leave.

Also of note Mary Bronco was spending a lot of time sitting next to the Kauffman family which I thought was unusual, and was continually looking back to give Mad Dog stares in the back row where the Bloggers  sit.

Beverly woody denies the Atwal we’re helping them financially prior to 20012 comma when asked by Miss magana if they help them keep from getting their power shut off at the house. She also stated that one time Robert said he had to calm down Bobby Atwal who was upset at Cooley and Corey

Attorneys then started arguing about a letter from the Department of Justice that concerned evidence gathered in 2012 and they had just received discovery of that letter today. The letter it was a letter that was allegedly written by Robin Woody that she wrote when she was real sick and had sent it to the kaufmans.

Madame DA claimed that the letter has been in Discovery from the start and even at that point stated that there was a task force item that was used during the investigation. And yes she use the term task force.

There was long and continued arguments over this letter and Percy Martinez said that Beverly Woody has the inability to read and cannot determine who wrote the letter and again it can’t end it in the long conversation about discovery of that letter.

Madam da says the law only requires discovery under 1054 for trial only and Brady material is for preliminary hearings. And it is still in pre lab so they have fulfilled their Brady obligations,  which is a very repetitive argument that she makes.

A couple of attorneys argued that handwriting samples by Robin Woody are available but have not been discovered to the defense and there are apparently more tests to be run as a doj apparently does not do handwriting analysis anymore.

I think the Judge had the right answer in this one and telling investigator bunch at during lunch to make a simple photo copy of the letter and provided to the defense today. There is no forensic evidence like DNA or anything else it is only to be used for handwriting analysis and it could be handled to make a copy.

Robert forkner begin questioning Beverly Woody and again she said Robert had said he had killed Korey Kauffman to help Miranda dykes with her kids. And the night that Robin came home from giving Robert a ride to 9th Street she came home crying and extremely upset and didn’t want to talk about it.

At that point it was the noon hour and we broke for lunch to be continued again at 1:30