By Marty Carlson

PM session 4-21-2016

The afternoon session started with Robert Forkner discussing Robert Woody’s kids moving to Washington in 2010. In visiting them at least once a year, and he did extra work is a handyman for the out walls at the store to earn extra money to make trips to Washington.

She also stated when a SWAT team made entry into her house to arrest Robert they came in like storm troopers with long guns and laser sights and red dots were pointing at little kids heads in the house. She also stated that officers were making comments like if Robert is here hiding we are going to kill him.

They went back to discuss how many officers were there at the alleged scene of the crime on ninth Street and with her saying there was one being in a squad car but not really knowing which police agency it was. Again there was some more confusing testimony and was hard to follow, also Beverly Woody would appear to be getting extremely tired and starting to wear down very quickly.

But she said that Carson had made a point to be seen elsewhere to establish an alibi for that night, she thought meant may have been his office. She also stated that she had had four visits with her son at the DA’s office after court dates, but then shortly later stated that it was about six visits.

Robert Forkner then asked Beverly Woody if she would say anything including lying to protect her son, she stuttered around for a minute and then stated “any mother would do anything to protect her son,” when pressed by Robert Forkner for a more direct answer she finally stated “yes she would lie to protect her son.”

She again was asked where the body was left in the tall grass in the mountains, it was done like that due to they did not have time to bury the body. Her testimony today was that she doesn’t remember Robert saying they were going to bury the body.

As I said earlier Beverly Woody was extremely tired and worn out and the judge determined at that time that she would be done for the day to return on Monday. As she was being wheeled out of the courtroom the judge admonished her about talking about this case with anyone including family members and investigators. Beverly Woody asked if that included the Internet, and when the judge inquired somewhat she stated that her daughter had gone on the Internet reading DAWGS BLOG and was upset over some of the comments that were made on the site. The judge advised her to not read about or go online in regards to this case.

We took our afternoon break and in the meantime Mme. DA decided to call in investigator Rick Dodge and in fact apparently had called him on his off time, as he appeared in a work shirt and jeans. Investigator Dodge stated he been working traffic safety officer for the DA’s stolen car unit and that he had followed up on the investigation of the outlaw stolen pickup truck that had been burned.

Conversation began to talk about him attempting to get information from a local dealer’s parts department in regards to the FOB for the vehicles and if it was needed for that particular vehicle to be able to make it run. After more fruitless attempts by Mme. DA to establish proper foundations and illicit information out of a witness the judge looking a bit frustrated advised her to move on into another area as this was not been successful for her.

The investigator that stated he had talked to a claims adjuster for AAA insurance who stated that it initially was marked as a suspicious claim but eventually it came out that no full investigation was done by a AAA due to the fact there was no fraud indicated. Mme. DA again tried to go into an another area about any settlements that the out walls had received but was stopped very quickly by the judge as she was not able to lay a proper foundation and illicit the information.

Investigator Dodge stated there was a CHP Ofc. Moran who had found the pickup in an Allman Orchard on loony in East Avenue outside of Turlock, but stated it was a typical burned vehicle type recovery. There is been no witnesses and no one around the burn dated 4-27-2012. In August 2012 he had requested the claim file via letter and not an attempt through a subpoena. He stated that he had asked for all information including statements and any other records available, he also stated that he had never talked to the out walls about the truck. It would apparently be established that Robert Woody never had the key or FOB to the truck as that would be needed to start it.

Investigator Dodge appeared to have never really testified in court before as he did not understand some basic things like when an objection is made you wait for the judge to rule. He wanted to go into narratives in his answers instead of just yes and no’s, and to be honest with you it was not a testimony that went well it was painful to watch as many others have been in the judge finally strongly suggested the DA cut her losses and stop as his testimony was not really going anywhere.

The only defense attorney to ask a question with Martha Magana was asked in 2012 had he sent a closing letter to the insurance company stating he was closing the case with no further action, and he had verified that fact. She then asked no further question.

This it taken is late in the day so they just began talking about some scheduling for next week as the court is dark tomorrow. So they plan on finishing with Beverly Woody on Monday that they have some interview video to play for the court. And then after she has done probably Tuesday at the earliest Patrick Hampton will be brought to the stand if he still available.

Mme. DA also advise that there was a massive number of wiretap recordings of telephones and such, she said about 10,000 in all, but I had selected out about 100 of them that were relevant at least to this hearing.

Martha Magana motion to the court to allow the current court interpreters to proofread the Punjabi translations on the transcripts, with the judge shutting that thought down very quickly, which I agreed with, saying that makes them a witness in the case and not just certified court interpreters.

Another contentious day comes to an end I think right now everybody is pleased to be having a three-day weekend including myself, court to restart again Monday morning at 10 o’clock.