Late last year and into January of this year a 20-year-old Sweetwater Tennessee woman claimed she had pancreatic cancer and only had a few weeks to live.

She and her family have pleaded for prayers and beg for help in the small community.

Benefits were held at a nearby church, they created Facebook pages, conducted private fundraisers, sold T-shirts, and launched a go find me page. And some one was kind enough to treat her to a day at the local salon.

The local news investigation had found that Ashley lively and only pretended to have cancer and use the money to take trips and buy a new car. Authorities in the area which includes several counties are considering an expected to file charges.

Munro County detectives Mack Williams was quoted as saying she’s a young girl that made a bad mistake but we still have to find out where all the money came from. And she has admitted that she lied about.

Also Williams went on to say he expects the case to go to the grand jury soon.

In addition, Go Fund Me, their website that allows individuals or groups to raise money for causes has shut down the account dedicated to lively after officials suspected fraud.

Britney Morrow, who had held live events for lively and her family and friends at an elementary school in Loudoun, stated people who don’t have money to give gave to her. She also said that she had initially gave her the benefit of the doubt but then stopped facilitating donations for her realizing the problems involved here.

At this point no one is sure of the exact amount of money given but one source stated it’s at least $10,000 but could be much more.

Her aunt, Margaret Shubert said the family had no idea that her niece had made up the story. They said they received a text recently from Ashley that the cancer was fake and she only did it for attention. She had told us that she had the names of all the people who donated and would pay them back.

Just what I expect a family member to say.

Apparently, Lively’s husband Dalton was also posting messages on Facebook stating “everyone please help us out.”

Other Facebook postings stated she had stage for pancreatic cancer that had spread to her liver, stomach lining and lungs. It went on to say that her life on earth has been cut down from six months to two weeks, but she knows in her heart the good Lord will take me whenever he’s ready. Also if it went on to say but if you all could say a prayer for me and Dalton that would be greatly appreciated.

Positive responses to her have changed dramatically now with his comments like “you better start praying for her well-being karma is coming shame on her!!!”

Other people have responded recently talking about family members that they have lost to cancer and how disgusting this type of activity is.

The contribution site Go Fund Me spokesman said the company has shut down the account. There are unfortunate instances where people create campaigns with the intention to take advantage of others’ generosity he told local media recently. He also stated that fraud accusations began to surface they began an immediate investigation and shut the account down. The funds will be returned to the donors.