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Just as a reminder this weekend I will be recording a podcast with Tom Jensen and Warren Yates, we will be discussing the Carson case and the events of this week. We’ll take a look at what may be coming up in the future in this case.

We are scheduled to do this tomorrow morning if anybody has any questions they like to ask, or have clarified, you can send your questions in anonymously to Dawgonnitdawgsblog@gmail.com

I’d love to hear your questions or anything in particular you would like to hear about.



  1. I got a question for yur podcast. Are you just making all this stuff about the frank carson prelim up? Are you even actually in court or do you just make up a story of what happened in court that day?

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    • Well that was an interesting question, I guess people are going to decide for themselves for 6 months now I’ve been making up stories from 3 different alias’s in court every day or not.

    • Is this question for real? The only people “making stories up”, would be the DA, meth heads, and shamu on the stand. I’ve been to court and read the reports afterwards. They are dead on accurate. So don’t worry about getting fairy tales here or on the pod cast. I know the story is very far fetched, but this is the DA’s story not Marty’s.

  2. What’s going on here. Comment coming from attorneyreferralservice is a site under construction as of January 21st. wordpress.com. Who ever is posting this comment needs to show true identity. Stop asking stupid questions and peoples time when they have better things to do then deal with your stupidity.

      • Oh ok, sorry attorneyreferralservice. I didn’t hear the sarcasm lol. It’s so hard to determine what people mean when you can’t hear the tone of their voice. I agree that Marty is doing a great job and is very truthful and thorough! Keep up the great work Marty!

  3. My apology attorneyreferralservice. Lately some very disgusting people have been on this site who think they know everything in regards to this case but will not go to court and use fake ID.

  4. You followers have now grown to over 200! Great to see…be even better to add a couple more 00’s so that more in the community are aware of whats going on. How does one hear the podcasts? Can they be heard after the fact?

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