Questions asked of Frank Carson about Korey Kauffman

These were the questions sent just before their visit to Frank’s office

August 9, 2012

Frank C. Carson

815 11th st. Modesto, California

Cell # (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Cell # (xxx)xxx-xxxx

RE: Korey Kauffman Missing Person Investigation #S12-10194

Dear Mr. Carson:

Pursuant to your request (when Det. Navarro and I met you in your office to ask questions about a missing person by the name of Korey Kaufman, you asked that any questions we had for you be written down), I am submitting some of my questions for you in writing.

I obviously would prefer to meet with you in person to ask these questions since any response would obviously lead to more questions or clarifications that I cannot currently anticipate.

In light of Mr. Kauffman still missing and time being of crucial importance, I would ask that you please reconsider your decision and allow us to meet in person so that we may have a more productive “question and answer” exchange. It is imperative that we find him.

It is equally as important to eliminate people as possible witnesses or if foul play is involved to substantiate who may be responsible for his disappearance. If you so choose not to meet with me and/or other law enforcemen officers in this investigation, please answer the following written questions: 

1. I have been advised that Korey Kauffman, who is now missing, was headed toward your

family’s property located at 838 9 1h Street, Turlock, CA., for the purpose of stealing some

of your property on the last night that he was seen (03/30/2012). Were you on the

property on this specific day / night? If so, what were you doing and who was present

with you? Do you know what happened to Korey Kauffman? Do you know who does?

Has anyone spoken to you about what happened to him? Do you know where Korey

Kauffman can currently be found?

2. Do you know if any of your property is missing? Have you ever experienced thefts on

this property in the past? How often? When was the last occasion? Were all the thefts

reported to Law Enforcement? What have you done to prevent thefts from occurring,

such as installing lights, dogs, and all types of sensors and/or alarms? Have you ever

caught someone on your property who you believed was there to steal from you? Has

that happened more than once? What action did you take? Is there anyone that is on

your property or has access to it besides you and your family?

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3. Have you ever asked anyone to handle, hire, or otherwise to deal with individuals that

you suspected were stealing from your family’s property (838 9 th Street)? Who were

these people? When did you make the request? What specifically did you request? What

action was taken on your behalf? What was reported back to you?

4. Have you removed any large containers (the type carried on the back of trucks) from your

property after 03/30/2012. When, where and why did you move the large containers from

your property (838 9 th Street)? How were they moved and who moved them? Where

are they now? What were the contents?

5. In the last year, have you been notified by anyone including your family/associates or

neighbors of 838 9 th Street of any in-progress thefts occurring on the property? Who

made the notifications along with dates and times of the notifications? After receiving

the notifications did you respond to the property armed with any type of weapons,

including firearms? Did you take anyone with you and who was at the property when

you arrived? During these specific incidents did you make any type of notifications to

Law Enforcement?

6. Have you ever personally conducted any type of searches (outside of Law Enforcement

present) on Mike Cooley’s property located at 1364 Lander Avenue, Turlock, CA? Who

was present during these specific searches and was Law Enforcement notified prior or

after the search was conducted?

7. Have you ever made any type of threats to anyone that you were going to do great bodily

injury to them or their friends if you caught them on your property (838 9 th Street), prior

to and after 03/30/2012 related to the ongoing thefts?

8. Where were you on 03/30/2012, and 03/31/2012? Who was with you during this same

time frame and do have any evidence/information within your possession that could

confirm your whereabouts?

9. Would you be willing to submit to a polygraph examination to assist with the

investigation, so I can eliminate you from the investigation as a “person of interest”

which will allow me to move forward in locating the responsible(s)? As you know, time

is extremely crucial and I would like to eliminate you from this investigation if you are


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10. Did you ever talk to your family/associates in person or on the phone regarding specific

details about Korey Kauffman or how the Korey Kauffman investigation was progressing

in way of purposely misdirecting the investigation? If so who did you talk to and what

were the dates and times that these conversations occurred and who was present during

the conversations?

11. Have you had any conversations with family/associates that you have hired to make

contact with witnesses that I and other Law Enforcement officers have interviewed

related to this pending investigation? And during these interviews did you or others

obtain any information that could lead me to Korey Kauffman or to the responsible(s)? If

so what are the names of the individuals and the dates and times of the contacts?

12. Have you or any of your family/associates ever done active surveillance on your property

(838 9th Street) or related to the residence of Mike Cooley’s residence (1364 Lander

Avenue) in an attempt to catch individuals making entry onto your property prior and

after 03/30/2012? If you did who was present during the surveillance and were you ever

contacted by or did you ever notify Law Enforcement that you and others were doing

active surveillance?

13. Do you have any suggestions for me outside of following the evidence trail and following

up on active leads that could help me in locating Korey Kauffman or the responsible(s)?

14. What do think should happen to the person(s) who are involved with the disappearance of

Korey Kauffman or the person(s) who are purposely misdirecting/concealing evidence

related to this active investigation?

I appreciate your immediate response to the above-mentioned questions. As I previously

stated, time is extremely crucial to this investigation and your answers to the questions can be

pertinent and material to the investigation that could lead me to the responsible(s) and the

high probability in locating Korey Kauffman so I can bring the grieving family the proper

closure they deserve. If you have any questions or want to sit down and talk please contact

me immediately at (209) 652-6922.

Deputy Kenneth Barringer

Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department

250 East Hackett Rd. • Modesto, CA 95358

(209) 525-7074 • FAX (209) 525-7108


Note sent back to Sheriff’s dept. by Frank Carson

July 13, 2012

To: Deputy Kenneth Barringer

Re: 7-12-12 Visit to My Office

Deputy Barringer,

I don’t know you or anything but you. I do however know Frank Navarro and will not with him.

I know him to be untruthful, unethical, and abusive from cases I’ve handled or

am currently handling including People v. iJorge Mendez, People v. Gary Spray, and others.

Neither I, my family, or friends have done anything wrong. I repeat what I said yesterday that I will entertain any question you pose in writing when given the opportunity.

I will not (and don’t deserve) to be threatened as Navarro did (in front of a witness) that

I’d “…had my chance” to talk and hadn’t. I am surprised your department has apparently rehired Navarro after his previously leaving it.

Respectfully yours,

Frank Carson