Rapist gets ball’s cut off at gunpoint and forced to swallow

by Marty Carlson

Fayetteville, North Carolina neighborhood saw a somewhat gruesome scene unfold after convicted child molester had kidnapped a 17-year-old woman and assaulted her at his home.

The victim who I will not identify, said she was walking home from a friend’s house when she was approached by Robert Williams Sunday afternoon, Williams is a three-time convicted felon. He asked her if she wanted a ride to where ever she was going and she replied no thank you. And apparently Williams had drove off the when she turned the corner he came out of the bushes grabbed her and threw her in his car.

The victim was taken to Williams home where he assaulted her for several hours. Then according to police reports, dip shipped Williams fell asleep after taking massive amounts of alcohol in the victim was able to hide herself. She then approached the slobbering jerk, and in a bit of rage tied him up grabbed a knife and castrated him. But apparently the dateless wonder was now screaming and yelling as she walked over with this teeny-weeny and tossed it into the microwave. The victim was quoted as saying quotation marks I threw them bastards junking the microwave, grab the plate, fork and a steak knife and cut it up like little hot dogs. She then grabbed a gun that he had left on the kitchen counter, walked over to him, and forced him to eat himself. She stated that she has no remorse she is not sorry that bastard deserve it and he’s going to hell. It appears to me that not all of him is going to help some of it is missing.

William statement said he was afraid to die like the victim’s morbidly discussed the request. He was transported to a local hospital bandaged up, with a maxi pad no doubt, then booked in the Fayette County jail. There was no clarification if he was booked at the women’s or men’s jail.

Due to circumstances the victim will not be charged with any crime in fact some are touting her as he wrote with one person saying that we don’t have to worry about that pervert doing this to anyone else, if we castrated every child molester we would never have this problem the neighbor was quoted as saying.

To hear more about this dickless wonder go to Snopes.com at the link below:


Yes, it is a phony story but a hell of a lot of fun to report on.