One of the issues in the Carson case last week was a stolen pickup that was found burned outside of Turlock. It seems that Mme. DA is again trying to show” consciousness of guilt” because the Atwal pickup truck that was stolen. Just for information I research some auto theft statistics for 2012 and came across the national insurance crime Bureau statistics for 2012.

Do keep in mind the Atwals pickup was a 2007 Chevy Silverado, and the prosecution contends, based on testimony of Beverly Woody, that the pickup was used to transport a body than burned to destroy evidence.

The NICB statistics show as follows:

For 2012, the most stolen vehicles* in the nation were:

1.  Honda Accord  58,596 
2.  Honda Civic  47,037 
3.  Ford Pickup (Full Size)  26,770 
4.  Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)  23,745 
5.  Toyota Camry  16,251 
6.  Dodge Caravan  11,799 
7.  Dodge Pickup (Full Size)  11,755 
8.  Acura Integra  9,555 
9.  Nissan Altima  9,169 
10.  Nissan Maxima  6,947 

As you can see 23,745 full-size Chevrolet pickups were stolen in 2012, and here’s a breakdown by years:

Chevrolet Pickup Full Size 23,745
1999 1,464
1994 1,292
1997 1,240
2004 1,224
2000 1,148
2003 1,141
1995 1,070
1996 1,063
2007 1,047
2001 1,042
1992 976
1993 958

So just putting a little information out there, in 2012 there was 23,745 Chevrolet full-size pickups stolen, of those, 1047 of those were of the year 2007.

In recap Chevy full-size pickups were the fourth most stolen vehicle in 2012, it is a popular vehicle to be stolen here in what was described in court as a nation’s capital in auto theft.

Attached is a PDF file with all the statistics from the NICB.




  1. They are saying that Robert Woody admitted to burning this truck but I would like to know when he started admitting to this? To me, Robert has changed a lot of his stories after he was arrested. It sounds like he had been fed a lot of information and after he is becoming desperate so he will say whatever they want him to. They love to make deals with these criminals and at this point Robert will say whatever gets him off. Its no secret that Robert is a liar so I could care less about how many things he admits to, there has to be proof. Where is the evidence in this case? I see nothing but a bunch of criminals trting to help themselves by testifying to whatever the DA wants them to say. Very sad!

    1. The last line in your comment seems to be the whole story here.

  2. There were how many stolen trucks in Stanislaus County in 2012 …. _______ ?

    1. Good question maybe someone needs to google that to see how many of the over 4,000 auto thefts were Chevy Silverado’s

  3. Good morning: I signed up for emails from you and all of sudden I am not receiving them. The last one I received was on April 25, 2016 around 4 am. Your blogs are the only way to stay informed in what is happening in the unlawful, malicious prosecution of all the innocent citizens in Frank Carson et al.

    Mary Lynn Belsher, J.D.

    1. Thank you Ms Belsher sure I appreciate your contact, I just looked at the list and you are still on it and everything should be fine. The only thing I can suggest is you possibly look in your junk or spam folder to see if I didn’t inadvertently get sent there. I do appreciate your following me as I think it is really important what is going on in this case and the status of the system here in Stanislaus County and just as much more so California. Thank you I appreciate it if there’s any other issues please let me know

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