This is the lunchtime report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing.

This morning started out was Robert forkner again on cross-examination Beverly Woody. Beverly stated that Robin had returned around 9 p.m. after dropping Robert off at the 9th Street address. There was no mention by Robin to Beverly at that time about squad cars being at the residence or even any officers being seen. I also asked if there any police lights on any overheads or any lights in the grill of the car which she stated that none.

She did repeat though the Carson had left with that Second Officer to establish an alibi and went to his office. In addition there was a another lawyer at his office. It was not very clear during her testimony how she knew that.

Attorney Fortner then ask her about her previous felony convictions of receiving stolen property and multiple counts of forgery comma and some petty theft with priors which makes them a felony. She did not seem too happy along this line of questioning and stated it’s not about her it’s about what happened in this case.

Then the first of three audio recordings was played it was of poor quality but it was a interview of Beverly Woody talking about Frank Carson and Robert Woody. Investigator bunch was Kentucky in the interview and was a talking about Franck Carson’s representation of Robert Woody. And they had also revealed they had found the body which beverlywood he did not seem to know.

Investigator bunch told her that they had Robert Woody on tape admitting  that he killed Korey Kauffman he also went on to say they have been doing a lot of work due to the amount of people involved at evidence reveals that Frank Carson is involved , also stating that break hearts and will make Robert Woody the Fall Guy in all of this.

Beverlywood he started talking about if Robert started talking it could put his life in danger comma and Curt Bunch told her no one has ever had their life put in danger by talking to the cops. Investigator Bunch also stated that Robert would he will get consideration for talking. I guess there’s the deal.

Curt Bunch went on to say that lying in wait homicide bad things will happen later on if you don’t tell the truth. He said they set a trap and that is premeditation.

Beverly Woody then went on to say in the recording that the Atwal Brothers had some cousins that flew in and had taken care of Korey Kauffman and then left again and Robert had driven them to the airport. Take on a plane back to India.

Curt bunch then advised that Frank Carson was in the yard with a gun hiding and looking for thieves. Beverlywood he went on to say that Robert is not all there.

Beverlywood he said Bobby Atwal was crazy and out of control and was going after someone at the pop and cork but does not know who it was and it was unknown if it’s Korey Kauffman. Beverlywood he went on to say that there is a video of Corey Kaufman getting killed but it’s not on Frank Carson’s property. She went on to say there was a falling-out between the Atwal and Robert but they still gave him $4,000 to go to Washington to see his kids in addition they had previously paid $10,000 to get his teeth fixed.

Curt Bunch said he will go to bed for Robert Woody and will not arrest him that day if he comes in and talks. Beverly what he said she needed help to scare some people off.

As they were finishing the conversation the Second Officer there I believe to be John Evers stated do not tell others what they had talked about to jeopardize the investigation.

Then a second audio recording was played of an interview with Curt bunch and Beverly Woody for the investigator told them that the Atwal have been told not to go over to beverlywood his house again. He also stated that as long as Robert would he is honest he will not be arrested and his trying to get Beverly to get him to return to the residence  that night. Vesta Gator keep repeating the fact that Robert will be out and not arrested if he talks to them soon and is honest.

A third audio was began where was the interview with Curt bunch and Beverly Woody and they had talked about an incident with a gun at pop and cork with Robert and a multiple of people who were at the store during an incident where Bobby had produced a gun, and then shortly there come over to the woody house.

She also talked about somebody driving a nice Chevy pickup that she believes is parked outside of her house when the outlaw and relatives came over, in addition to another incident where the pickup is driven by their house slowly after leaving the pop and cork and stuck their arm out the window with a thumbs-down sign at the house.

At that time the audio is stopped and lunch break was called to be returned back at 1:30 p.m.

Also as a side note at the Modesto Bee reporter was here for the morning testimony had talked to some defense attorneys for a change and left at the first break.


  1. And what is the Judge saying about these recordings and what has been said? I bet the DA is trying to come up with some excuse now. If these recordings don’t show show Beverly was told more or less what to say and that a deal for Robert Woody was in place then someone just is not listening or cares to drop this case now. Someone needs to look up Berger & United States, 295 US. 78(1935. Justice Sutherland explains Prosecutorial Misconduct.) The DA has proven over and over again to be guilty of misconduct . She and others need to be held accountable now for everything they have put innocent people threw.

  2. Why, oh why, did Lady Macbeth put this lady on the stand? If I am the defense all of her testimony is staying on the record. It makes no sense. All I see is a mother trying to create a narrative where her son did nothing wrong and it was everyone else’s fault. I mean like to the point of Robert went there, saw what had happened, was appalled at what he saw, in shock, and went to leave, but oh no he couldn’t, a cop had snuck in behind him and made him stay! Robert was victim I guess? Held against his own will and forced to “clean up the mess”. That does sound a lot like what he has said in prior statements. Wait a second, well no, now that I think about it, ummmm… he seemed to brag about the killings. In fact, none of his many stories, match…. Time to call mom to help me get out of this one. Maybe this “Mom they made me do it!” worked in the principal’s office in fourth grade once or twice, but mom cannot get you out of this one. Only in the way that this is so freak’n crazy that like in baseball, you cannot argue balls and strikes, you watch, and you say to yourself, the manager is going to get tossed from the game, they are going to kick him out, then the ump gives him the “You’re out of here”. I feel like Judge Z. is nearing that point of the “You’re (the case) is out of here” I think when Judge Z told Lady Macbeth calling Robert’s mom to the stand might not work out well. May have meant what you are about to do is the straw that breaks the camels back and she will have to throw the case out.

    I kept expecting that at some point I am going to come home and read- the case has been tossed.

      1. Well just read the Bee article and now I get why Lady Macbeth put big momma on the stand.

        Court of public opinion. It was purely for the Bee article I finally got a chance to read it and shame on the Bee.

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