By Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started right in with playing the number three audio of Steve Jacobson doing an interview with the Woody’s about people throwing rocks at their house in addition to receiving threats. Couple people at the Woody house had stated that might’ve been Hispanic male driving by making a thumbs down gesture with his hand and then a sign of a gun with his fingers, then laughing and driving away. Must be noted to that they initially had said a Hispanic male but the investigator suggested a possibly he was an Indian male and then they agreed with that.

While the occurrences of harassment had occurred since Robert Woody had been arrested.

Mary Woody began rambling on about how she was arrested for having drugs namely hash, admitting it was hers but she was charged for having a pipe for smoking that hash that was not hers and she was very upset about that.

Beverly Woody had stated that Dalgit Atwal had pulled a gun on her husband about three weeks’ prior around August 1 of 2015. She also said that someone had put a pill in either her sons or her husband’s drink that they had received from the pop n cork, they said somebody had been trying to kill them, in addition she said someone at the store had slapped her husband on the back so hard they left a handprint. She also stated that the Atwals were constantly calling Robert Woody a pussy all the time.

After all this it happened she stated Robert Woody went back to work at Pop n Cork the next day with no fears about his safety. She also stated that the store was giving her free medications for allergies, along with drinks sodas, and beer for free. But also stated that her husband was always getting pills in the drinks from the store.

Steve Jacobson has stated to Beverly that her son Robert was very cooperative and had been to all the alleged crime scenes with him. He also stated that Corey was getting the best of Bobby so D shot him in the back. Robert Woody had got there and it was already over with but they told him to clean up the mess. Which seems a little bit different than what we heard the other day.

Her testimony kept getting a little confusing and sometimes she was referring to Robert in the statements and sometimes she was referring to Robin in the statements. She stated a Robin said they had told Robert to keep his mouth shut or the same thing would happen to him. In addition, Steve Jacobson was reading from the letter that was allegedly written by Robin Woody when she was sick, also the letter that they claim they did not have.

Another story was told that Robert had to pull Bobby offer Korey Kaufman, and then another story was told when they showed up Korey Kaufman was already dead. In addition, the story now reads as three people went over the Carson fence to steal the irrigation pipe and only two returned. In the video and they said that Robin said they had put a trap in the yard to catch thieves, and the strap was placed by the back fences.

Again Beverly Woody Talking about Robert then Robin in almost the same breath and it was confusing who she was talking about at times. But she also said in the audio interview that Robin said Robert was getting shots from the out walls to boost his steroid levels.

In addition, Beverly Woody said that Korey Kaufman was buried at the pop N Cork for about six months in the garden in the back. Another change in the story.

Beverly Woody’s said that she wishes Robert had come forward telling the truth a long time ago to avoid all this trouble, and the out walls continually said the Robert talks too much and then got upset because they cut off money that they were putting on his books.

She stated apparently Robert thought he was looking at about 10 years that found out due to the special circumstances in this case is looking at 25 years. She also said popping Cork had girls, drinks, and barbecues constantly with the police officers over there. She said Robert told her that on Fridays and Saturdays he was constantly cleaning up a mass left over from a parties the night before.

She went on to say that Robert had said that Frank Carson had told him to be quiet and he would get him out of trouble. She also said that she wants to help her son in any way she can and the investigator Jacobson told her if you’re telling the truth you are helping your son.

I thought an interesting thing that was said than was a narrative by Steve Jacobson how we talked about how the body was dismembered and parts have been removed. The recording stopped about that time we had finally reached an end.

Robert Forkner begin did asked Beverly Woody if she had heard they put pipes by the back fences bait, she stated she had heard a lot of stories like Corey being buried and dismembered, she stated there was a lot of rumors going around Turlock.

Robert Forkner then asked why didn’t she say anything before that Frank Carson had left the property with a gun. Miss Woody had no real response. At that time Robert Forkner requested the records of the interview regarding the family members on that day that had occurred earlier.

Ms. Carlton Magana stated there is a second interview they do not have but referred to that interview in their later interviews and had requested copies of those also.

Robert Forkner then requested a video or audio of transcript of the trip to Carson’s property that Robert Woody had taking investigators, in addition the trip to the mountains that Robert Woody had taken investigators on, and to the popping Cork alleged burial site that Robert Woody had taken investigators on.

Mme. DA again says they have all videos and audios with the attorneys insisting that they don’t. The judge began asking investigator bunch for the bates stamps of that discovery that they said has been turned over, which resulted in a long conversation between investigator bunch and Mme. DA with the judge waiting patiently for an answer.

Mme. DA began reading from records or documents in front of her, and Robert Forkner advised that’s not the day he was talking about.

Again Mme. DA stated that they have all interviews,

Again the judge insisted on the bates stamp of that documentation.

Again Mme. DA insist everything has been disclosed.

Again the judge asked if that interview had been recorded or not?

Mme. DA stated it was a casual talk that was occurring prior to investigator bunch arriving for the official interview, so now it was a casual talk and not an interview with the family of a homicide suspect.

The judge got that particular look on her face that judges get and stated I feel like I’m talking to a witness here and you’re being evasive.

Mme. DA advised that she will make sure there were no other recordings available and will turnover if they are. It appears that the judge is finally figuring out there are some fast and loose issues going on as far as discovery, leading the comments like the DA saying I believe I have fulfilled my Brady obligations, but not coming right out and saying if they’ve turned over everything they have or not.

Court was then in recess for the day to be continued tomorrow at 930.

Just another quick note it appears that Beverly Woody will be at be back on the stand in the morning that will probably be done by lunchtime, and then on to Mr. Patrick Hampton and we shall see if he continues on with that arrogant asshole behavior he displayed in court before, and this is all after he inserted himself into this case they did not go to him.

I believe that is what they call a snitch.


  1. A lot things I do not understand, but thing in particular since the start has confused me.

    Irrigation pipes supposedly were put by the fence to entice the Cooley bunch to go over the fence and steal them. However, Kauffman was supposedly trapped in a chicken coup. I cannot put together in my head how Kauffman ended up in the chicken coup if he was going to steal irrigation pipe that was near the fence. It is a large piece of property, irrigation pipes are not easy to carry around. How does the story go that Kauffman ended up in chicken coup when he was after the irrigation pipe near the fence?

    One more question- The Atwals, I forget which one is which, but the story goes that Kauffman was getting the best of one of the Atwals so i am assuming that Kauffman and the Atwal he was fighting were probably moving around and if Kauffman was getting the best of him he must of had in some sort of hold or they were at least close together tangled up. So the other Atwal brother shots Kauffman in the back. If he shot Kauffman in the back he would but his brother in grave danger if he missed or the bullet went were to exit the body and hit his brother too. Two people fighting in close proximity is a very dangerous shot and instead of shooting Kauffman you would think he would jump in and help pull them apart. Somewhere I read too that Woody tried to pull them apart saying that’s enough fellas implying the Atwals wear getting the best of Kauffman.

    These two narratives of Kauffman’s murder to not fit in anyway, and both were told by Woody. I also recall somewhere that Woody said something to the effect that after the first punch Kauffman was dead or close to it.

    Another one I just thought of- a bloody body at two locations and no DNA? A saw used? Limbs cut off, implies blood would be all over the place? Can you make any sense of this?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Irrigation pipes that were no longer there the next day, but if he was caught where were they? why weren’t they still there? The chicken coop ended up being a storage area or barn I think, not an actual coop. And yes if there were two people fighting and you shoot at one it would have a good chance of hitting the other, (despite what you see in the cowboy movies)
      The woody wire that Miranda Dykes wore woody claimed to put Korey down and beaten with a few punches after Korey had hopped the fence.
      And if Korey had been shot in the barn there would have been some type trace evidence or DNA and none was found nor did the dogs pick up any scent.
      Also this latest story, and there have been many said the body was buried at the pop N Cork for months in a shallow grave, but no odors were smelled and the dogs did not pick up and traces there either.
      Remember Beverly woody did not witness anything, she only told another story that she claims was told to her and this is about the 9th story that has been told.

  2. Well, I believe Judge Z. trumps the Bee. Lady Macbeth put out one last article before this case is going to be tossed. I think she has played so fast and loose with this case that before she has to answer to the questions on prosecutorial misconduct she is using Woody’s mom just like Woody. Maybe she is Big Momma’s daughter? She is telling mommy to save her too.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Trust me the judge saw right through this one…….

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