This is the Morning Report of the Frank Carson et al case on April 26th 2016.

The morning started with the investigator bunch handing out some new discovery to the defense attorneys. Which turned out to be recordings of phone calls that some of the defendants had made from jail. Early mostly the Atwal brothers and Walter Wells. The court was informed by defense attorney forkner who stated that the da stated in court that there was no recordings done at that particular jail so there was none of Robert Woody’s phone calls. But here we are with discovery of these defendants phone calls from that same jail.

In addition Robert forkner was asking for more Discovery from from the da on Jail visit logs and such when Robert Woody was here before being transferred out.

He also asked for him any audio or video recordings and reports of the three locations visited by Robert Woody and investigators after he was in custody and talking.

Cross-examination then begin on Beverly Woody Again by Robert forkner who asked if she had talked to her son since she testified last Thursday and she immediately said no and then turned around and said yes she talked to him on Friday. She also said Robert had talked about his kids and nothing else.

Attorney Jesse Garcia then took over questioning of Beverly Woody and began talking about the search where officers had threatened to kill Robert if he was hiding in the house. He said the police officers were there to kill Robert. no answer about his statements on the audio that she did not tell law enforcement, ever saying to them Robert did not have any part of killing Corey.

Then she then we said that investigators I told her the only want to talk to Robert and they did not want to arrest him but then did anyway. Talked about a conversation she had with investigator bunch and her statements, basically this is all repetitive testimony that we have all heard before. And also said on the property at Carson’s house there was four people on the property and one on the outside.

Beverlywood he kept repeating that she does not remember what was said during the interviews even though the audio was played yesterday, and went on to say that she never lied investigators.

I took a close look at Beverly Woody she did seem extremely tired and worn out it was not as quick with her answer that she was before sounds like this testimony has really taken a toll on her at this point.

She was asked about where Cory coffin was killed she stated she could not remember what she had said and answered. She also said that she was not following the case along well it was ongoing prior to everyone getting arrested. But then turned around and stated that her grandson was reading media reports to her.

She stated that several  members were present during the Jacobson interview about the rocks being thrown and the other issues, and said that is still happening to this day. She cannot remember testimony about the NyQuil that she received from the pop and Cork and how much and then a minute later turned around and said she got a little bit every month supplied by The Outlaws that was never charged for it.

She remembers investigator Jacobson saying that Robin told her that Corey coffin had been beaten not Robert. She also stated on August 19th of 2015 was the first time that she saw the letter that was allegedly written by Robin on her deathbed.

The witness was then removed from the courtroom to for her lunch break the judge inquired as to Jesse Garcia’s health and if he’s OK and can continue, and mr. Garcia assured her that he was fine.

Is a very confusing morning hard to follow hard to follow testimony and initially it was thought that Beverly would he would be done by the lunch break, and obviously she is not I do not feel we’re going to get Patrick Hampton today.

To be back in session at 1:30 this afternoon




  1. Sounds pretty typical of “Special Agent Bunch”, also known to be a “clown”.Lie lie lie and try to catch me so I can lie lie again.
    And how bout that beautiful piece of journalism by the Bee. What a piece of shit rag that paper is. No wonder their subscription rate is tanking. Is there anything Rosalio can write on her own without having
    her head buried up the DA’s ass. Why don’t you try writing something factual instead of this fictional bullshit you send out to the public. How about letting the public know about how much money the DA has wasted on this case, ($4000000.) and counting and still have not one ounce of evidence. Only tons of bullshit.
    Come on Rosalio, I implore you to please fact check these statements I presented to you and come back here with your comments. This seems to be about the place we can go to to get current and unbiased information.

  2. Really appreciate your lunchtime updates!

  3. Wow… what is it.. 9 months since this started and NEW discovery of audio recordings is just now turning up…? there are only two words… Kangaroo Court

  4. I noticed the bee article mentioned that Beverly said her son never lied. About what story? He’s told so many stories, which one could she possibly be talking about? Did he not lie about killing Korey or not killing Korey, because those were just 2 of the stories he’s told. This woman is obviously very coached and just trying to get her son out of trouble. Personally, I still think Cooley is the one who killed Korey. He had WAY more of a motive for murder than all of the defendants put together plus some. Like I’ve mentioned before, Carson was a very prominent lawyer. The defendants were ALL (minus woody) productive members of our community. There’s not 1 of them who would risk their careers or families to kill someone. Especially for something so stupid as stealing pipes and used crap. It makes zero sense, and the DA had a lot of balls to pin this on them.
    I wanna see the proof of Beverlys testimony. She claims her husband was drugged and abused by the athwals, where’s the proof? This felon admitted to having a poor memory due to Valley Fever, MY ASS. I think her triple chins are cutting off oxygen to her brain. She all of a sudden remembers ALL the “horrific” things that happened involving the defendants, but can’t count to 10 or read. Ain’t that a bitch 😑. Bet she could read the menu at McDonalds just fine.

    1. Now Now she cannot be all bad she does look at the pictures on DAWGS BLOG

      1. Well I guess I don’t have to worry about her READING the comments haha! Let’s throw her off and post a pic of a rotisserie chicken 😂👍🏻

  5. And the corruptness in our justice system continues while innocent people suffer. To the DA, Jacobson, Bunch, and all others participating in the corruptness of this case your day will come and you will have to be held accountable for all your wrong doings. This will be a day when we all will cheer and hope that Justice will be served and not just be a hand slap as judges have done previously. This is very serious and needs to be dealt with open eyes and not closed. JUSTICE FOR CARSON AND OTHERS.

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