By Marty Carlson


Will the afternoon resumed with Jesse Garcia asking Beverly Woody if she had any recall when the remains of Korey Kaufman had been found, which she did not. The attorney referenced that February 26 of 2014 interview when they were talking about Corey Kaufman was Steve Jacobson and Kirk bunch. Robert Woody had confessed to the crime at this point, but stated she could not remember the conversation. She stated that she kept hearing stories from all kinds of people that came around about Corey being cut up in 2012 after his disappearance, that also heard about him being in the mountains through the grapevine on the streets.

She stated at some point her daughter Mary had been going on the Internet and sharing some information with her. And one of the interviews referred to was Steve Jacobson where he stated that all of Korey’s fingers and toes the been cut off and she had stated that Robert told her that the out walls and held Corey down and cut off his fingers and toes.

She also stated that since August 2015 to this day she had only done one interview that was on August 19, 2015. She stated that every court date that Robert has in Stanislaus County she gets a visit in the DA’s office with her son as she cannot make the trip to where he is. During those visits Steve Jacobson is always in the room with a second officer standing outside the door.

She stated that Steve Jacobson had showed her the letter supposedly written by Robin Woody and asked her if that was the letter that Robin had written and she said it look like it. She was unable to tell the contents of the letter because she has never learned to read. This interview was done at the DA’s office on one of Robert visits after court.

Beverly Woody also stated that they found a bullet, three boots and a jacket with the remains. She also stated that everybody was telling her that Corey had been chopped up and had talked to his stepmom on several occasions where she had stopped by the visit and have a cigarette with them. She also stated that some of Korey’s relatives kept telling Beverly that Robert would not do such a thing they did not feel he was capable. She did say that there was a lot of press coverage at the time of the arrest and constantly saw pictures of her son and their home on the TV and in the papers and on the Internet. She had taken a close look at all the pictures of the people arrested in the case and realize she knew all of them.

She knew Carson from a prior arrest that her son had, for stealing a car in getting beaten by the police badly, and Frank Carson had represented him in that case. Apparently Frank Carson represented her other son in some other cases two. She stated that the out well brothers and Robert had transported the body from the scene to pop N Cork, where Corey Kaufman had been buried on the property in the garden area but later moved to the mountains.

She stated she talked to Robert on the phone one or two times a month where he is now located, and previously had talked to about three times a week from the jail. A question about polygraphs was was asked objected to and not allowed by the judge.

Beverly Woody stated she had been taking meds that she is on now for about nine years for a lot of health issues, and right now she is running on one lung. She stated there was a time that she did not know or remember anything because of the some of the pain medications that she was on at the time and still has trouble this day.

She was also asked about some of her family members talking about possibly being called as witnesses in the case that she could not remember, and she was asked is that due to the medications, she said she was not sure. She also said she cannot remember a conversation that Robert Woody had with Frank Carson but had nothing to do with Korey Kaufman death the one of his court cases.

Jesse Garcia then rested his cross and Percy Martinez began.

He also asked about the confession letter that Steve Jacobson provided for Beverly and her daughters to view. She said that the letter was probably written in the fall because it was cold and sometime around 90 days prior to Robin’s death, which Robin had succumbed to cancer shortly after Christmas of 2014. She said the Robin had worked up until the last month before passing away and she had moved away about two days prior to her death to live with her aunt who is a nurse and more prepared to care for her.

The attorney then began asking about two weeks after Robin had passed away Miranda Dykes had moved in to the house and was considered the girlfriend of Robert Woody. She also stated that her husband at times worked often on at the pop N Cork as when he was between jobs and they always worked him on consideration as he did the work first and then paid him or gave him free products. He had done this for about six months and then finally went back to work at his regular job with her brother.

It was also mentioned that the Atwals had given the Woody’s some furniture like a couch, a TV, a refrigerator, shoes, close, and in fact had given her husband some work pants.

At this point Mme. DA objected to the liner questing saying it’s out of the scope of direct and the judge stated that is her understanding that the DA’s theory is that the out walls were given Robert Woody money and trypsin things to keep his silence for the crime, and the defense is showing that they were doing a lot of things for them prior to 2012.

Also apparently one of the Atwal brothers had given Beverly Woody a dog about four years ago which she still has to this day.

Percy Martinez then ended his questioning of this witness and Martha Magana wanted to recross miss Woody.

She was asked again about Robin going to her aunt’s house two days before passing, she asked about Robert getting caught in a stolen car in which when he was arrested he was beaten badly by the police. Beverly Woody claimed that he had taken the car from his brother who had stolen it was trying to return it.

Martha Magana brought out for several years before Corey Kaufman’s death the Atwals had provided with Robert Woody many things and payment because they were concerned about him having cash and his drug addictions. Beverly Woody’s Denying but had admitted earlier that she had been receiving several things from the out walls like her like will, sodas, beer, and many other merchandise type items from the out walls for free.

Beverly Woody also went on to say that Robert Woody was wrong for helping the Atwals with the body and covering it up, but insists he did not kill Korey Kaufman.

Martha Magana asked her if she is testifying trying to make sure that Robert is not the only person to get in trouble and go to jail or prison in this case, Beverly Woody look kind of tired and reserved at that point and never really answered. She was then asked if she was angry at the Atwals, to which she replied no not really why would I be.

Martha Magana then stated that she had no further question for this witness and is excruciating long ordeal for this witness and everybody else in the room is finally over. Mme. DA was asked if you she had any redirect and her response was something to the effect was “not a chance.” I think she realized that putting miss Woody on was a mistake and that she had been warned about it prior to doing it.

To be perfectly honest with you I see no benefit of this testimony to the DA in this case, but it seems that she did help the defense somewhat. Especially when she stated that she was more than willing to lie for her son.

Court continued until tomorrow at 930 and expecting the testimony of Patrick Hampton. That are to be interesting