TIME TO CHOP THE FAMILY TREE DOWN By Warren Yates 4-27-2016 I have been absent from the scene for some time due to other pressing obligations to investigate criminal cases brought forth by the District Attorney’s Office. As I am investigating these new cases, it becomes very obvious that theContinue Reading

TESTIFY– DEFY- DENY By Marty Carlson 4-27-2016 The afternoon session started out with Jesse Garcia still talking to Patrick Hampton about the investigation of the Udder case any information providing activities that Hampton was involved in the prison system it seems everywhere he was housed. During the discussion between attorneysContinue Reading

This it’s a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson et al case. Before testimony got started this morning couple of business matters had to be taken care of, one of them being attorney Robert forkner putting on the record the postmark only Robin Woody letter was out of Sacramento andContinue Reading