This it’s a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson et al case.

Before testimony got started this morning couple of business matters had to be taken care of, one of them being attorney Robert forkner putting on the record the postmark only Robin Woody letter was out of Sacramento and dated 427 of 2012. Which doesn’t seem to fit in with some of the timelines given to us yesterday but not a surprise.

An attorney for Patrick Hampton was present from the public defender’s office and put on the record that Hampton had admitted his violation of probation and played to a misdemeanor and received a hundred and eighty days. Hampton also requested attorney present for his testimony here today.

Garcia has started d cross-examination where it left off from before discussing events in 1994 when Patrick Hampton was in custody and had received a five-year term in State Prison. Jesse Garcia had discussed with Hampton his location in the prison in relationship to Daniel Udder , another inmate who was in custody and pending a homicide trial.

Patrick Hampton became extremely belligerent when he was asked why he is in protective custody and why he is always in protective custody no matter where he is in jail or prison.

He was asked about an interview he had at Pelican Bay but officer Ridenour from the police department in regards to the udder case  he was given a transcript of that interview to review on the stand it was as if he was always giving information on homicides to Police Department. Hampton got real sarcastic and said what’s this got to do with this case and then immediately said just get to the point.

Test about a knife that was found on him in the yard at Pelican and assault at the prison. After he had made his statements to the police he was asked what his disposition was as far as the criminal complaints and he says read the papers in front of you or ask them yourself. Jesse Garcia of them said was it that the da decline to charge mr. Smart-mouth responded call them and ask them yourself.

It was revealed through documentation from the prison that Hampton had requested to not be in Pelican Bay anymore where he was in the security housing unit and he was moved to Cochran prison. Mr. Smart mouth kept telling Jesse to get his facts straight.

Mr. Garcia I said to him let’s do exactly that, how did you come to be in contact with the investigators Hampton stated I don’t recall. Jesse Garcia began asking him about in November of 1993 where he was rolled up for weapons and assault charges in addition to a separate case in 1993 for a salt in 1994 a battery on an inmate all happening while he was in prison.

Hampton City first met Frank Carson Fayette County Jail while he was locked up in the protective custody unit at the jail, and he talked to him several times at the court just prior to his appearances. All that occurred just shortly before he decided to abscond on his formal supervision status while waiting the end of his case.

He stated that Carson want to talk about the Cooley Brothers the Frank Carson had provided no information on how to find them but he said he knew Turlock well enough to find anybody.

About this time mr. Hampton kept looking over at Percy Martinez disparaging remarks to him just looking like a total jerk. This led to some objections by all attorneys asking the court to admonish the witness to just answer the questions and keep his comments to himself. They also know that Patrick  Hampton had a very Cavalier attitude at this point with a constant smirk and even made a sarcastic comment 2 Martha magana a female attorney and total disrespect to a woman.

Even looked at Percy Martinez calling him a snitch and telling him Percy I’m still here. Many in the courtroom especially the gallery were appalled at his comments and the lack of willingness on the judges part to deal with his total disrespect two people in the room including Martha magana when she objected again he told her to shut up.

Jesse Garcia ,once order was restored, begin asking Hampton if he had a snitch jacket while he was in custody in Department of Corrections or anywhere else, mr. Hampton replied he does not remember being labeled in a snitch jacket.

They discussed subsequent sentences after Pelican Bay looking at his  Department of Corrections confidential file it says that he was always in protective custody no matter which prison he was in due to his having a constant Snitch jacket.

Jesse Garcia begin to discuss the Oakdale incident and had the witness removed from the courtroom after an objection for an offer of proof of what he was trying to bring out in testimony. And the states in his record that he always requested protection long before this case ever came along because of his past activities.

Madame da responded about how this is not related to this case and then there was a long argument from all  attorneys in regard to these arguments car crucial in establishing his lack of credibility and his constant Behavior of being an informant

Jesse Garcia produced multiple documents of Patrick Hampton being used for an informant on multiple cases over the years since the 1990s. And Patrick Hampton has denied all along that he’s ever been an informant especially since 1994. But Jesse Garcia revealed that all other instances of informing we’re done exactly in the same manner that was done in this case with him writing a letter to investigators from jail or prison.

After the judge listen to The Long arguments and gate took a break she came back and ruled credibility is an issue and the defense have a right to question it and she stated the last answers stood.


Jesse Garcia ask him if he was convicted of 245 which is assault and deadly weapon in 2009 and then tested dirty during his probation. Hampton responded with if you say so and mr. Garcia ask him what do you say he says yeah I guess.

He was also asked in 2002 if he was sent to prison 4A and evading charge and he said yes he went to prison and then was on Parole but violated on that one too.

Again as another offer of proof the witness out of the room Jesse Garcia Tales of court that Patrick Hampton has had a total AR-15 misdemeanors and felony convictions from 1990 to present. In addition he has not completed any probation or parole successfully in any of those cases.

The judge advised mr. Garcia that he would be able to follow that line of questioning within a limited scope and Hampton was brought back into the room.

He was asked again in 1994 where he testified in a homicide trial in the udder case, and the records revealed that CDC agreed to be moved from protective custody and the Department of Corrections looked into his criminal complaint and he was transferred.

Hampton within taken out of the room for another discussion and he was told to go ahead and have his lunch back in the custody area.

On a personal note I’ve had recently people tell me how great of a guy he is and here he is in court cussing at people telling a woman to shut up and just treating everyone with total disrespect it just goes to show how big of a turd this guy really is and he is now whining about being threatened after he inserted himself into this case as he has so many others.

We broke for lunch to be returned at 1:30