By Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started out with Jesse Garcia still talking to Patrick Hampton about the investigation of the Udder case any information providing activities that Hampton was involved in the prison system it seems everywhere he was housed.

During the discussion between attorneys and Patrick Hampton a decided to raise his middle finger to Jesse Garcia and flipped him off. Jesse Garcia who just recently suffered a broken ankle and had a cast on his leg and was using a cart to support his leg and his movements around the courtroom.

This high classed individual Patrick Hampton who has some very devoted fans in Oakdale who were constantly tell me how much of a gentleman he is and how he talks proper in front of women, then made the classy comment to Jesse Garcia that “he looked like a pedophile on a skateboard.”

When this comment was made by this gentleman who knows how to talk around ladies as I was constantly being told, it was a pause in the courtroom and Jesse Garcia was looking at some paperwork in preparing for his next question. Now by my count in the gallery there was 10 women and in the well there was six women for a total of 16 women all ladies in the courtroom and this gentleman who knows how to talk around ladies is Calling attorney snitches, telling them to hurry up and asked the question and showing disrespect to the court and the individuals, flipping them off, and telling them they look like a pedophile on a skateboard. Yeah I’m convinced this this person knows how to treat women and knows how to act around women.

Judge Zuniga growing weary of his antics and finally told him to calm down and stop or there will be consequences to pay.

There was another document to Jesse Garcia was going to bring up into evidence from the Department of Corrections confidential file, that explains Hampton’s history of cooperating with law enforcement is good snitches do.

In comparison to Jon Evers Patrick Hampton also had to talk to an attorney prior to his testimony, in a case that he had inserted himself into looking for some considerations for the future it seems.

His attorney from the public defender’s office objected to the presentation of that letter to the court under 1040 which is a confidentiality and also title 15. Now the judge stated that she already has considered those arguments with the Atty. Gen.’s office when they filed to squash the subpoena and she allowed it to be turned over to the defense. The public defender felt it would put Hampton’s life at risk. Boy he must really screwed over a lot of people. Also of note the judge stated that even though she ordered that document to be turned over to the defense does not mean she will allow it to be produced in this hearing or any other.

Jesse Garcia had Patrick Hampton read the document and he said it does not really refresh his memory too much since it’s been such a long time. At that time Jesse Garcia want to present the letter as evidence than a long argument took place between attorneys again and the courtroom was cleared so they can have an in camera hearing in regard to this document. To be clear this document was a confidential file document that the Atty. Gen.’s office tried to have the subpoena squashed and the judge overruled them and had it turned over to the defense.

This time also Mme. DA would be objecting again to a question that had not been asked, but was predicting it was going to be asked and it created a long conversation again the judge finally told her when we get there objected to time not now. There seem to be some real concerned about the information that Jesse Garcia was starting to go into.

Martha Magana then began a cross-examination of Patrick Hampton and was asking about the Udder case where he was asked by the defendant to severely injure or kill a female witness in the case. Mr. sensitivity stated that he could not remember as that was a long time ago.

He was given a transcript from an interview from an investigator I believe was from the Department of Corrections and he said he did refresh his recollection. When asked again he stated yes he was asked to kill a witness in that case by the defendant. He then read a second document and stated it did not really refresh his memory, apparently it was an interview with the detective right here from Modesto.

Martha Magana began reading transcript into the records of Hampton talking to the investigator about killing the witness in the Udder case, and also said he does not know someone name Linda Adams when asked. He was also asked about the Oakdale incident in March and he stated he was taken out of the house by a SWAT team member then taken to Oakdale police department where he was picked up by Steve Jacobson of the DA’s office, which is his handler, and taken to the DA’s office where he spent a unknown amount of time.

When asked if he had requested any interviews not be recorded or documented he stated that he never did that in fact assumed that everything was being recorded on video. The representation to the court made by Mme. DA stated that Patrick Hampton had requested to not be recorded in the interviews and the DA investigators complied, we now know that not to be exactly the truth. He spent several hours and what he thought was an interview room with Steve Jacobson and investigator Dale Lingerfelt.

Martha Magana then asked that Mr. Hampton leave the courtroom for her to make an offer of proof on some evidence that she wants to bring and being close to the 4 o’clock hour the judge told Mr. Hampton he to go back to the jail.

Martha Magana related that a gentleman named Fuller had relayed a message that Hampton had planned to rip him off of marijuana plants and possibly commit murder to do it.

This is where we stopped for the day of I’m sure we’ll pick right back up where we left off tomorrow at 930.


  1. Oh wow what a charmer. Who ever ends up with this beaut better be ready for a black eye, cracked ribs, and a full Nelson. Nothing scream gentleman more than a swift kick to the kidneys. This guy is hilarious. I don’t mean that in a good way. I’d like to see the records of the women defending this ass wart. I would bet my life there would be a drug charge of some sort. You would have to be high as a giraffes ass to consort with someone like Patrick Hampton.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I have seen the record of the harlot and her family, She married an inmate after he was sent up for murder, has a son who forced himself on a very young girl, and is now on a major database for everyone to see. and Patrick is such a gentleman and knows how to treat women. and never uses bad language around women. except for those 16 women today he does not even know.

      1. Wow. She’s a gem too huh? I always say look at the source defending him. Birds of a feather flock together. ANY respectable woman, shit, even if a women had partial respect for herself would NEVER defend this donkey shit. You can tell by looking at him, there ain’t no future in it honey. Prepare yourself for a life time of Hungry Man TV dinners and ass beatings on the daily. Guaranteed commissary Christmas presents. Oh but he’s a complete gentleman…..

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          BTW I was told he is a criminal but an honest one……… HUH?

          1. An honest criminal?….I would believe Osama Bin Laden was a Christian and just misunderstood, before I’d believe there was anything honest about Patrick Hampton. He belongs in the Taliban he’s such a terrorist.

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