By William Thomas Jensen 


Make no bones about it, I think Patrick Hampton is one of the most revolting people I have ever seen. He is a career criminal who belongs to be back in Pelican Bay. He has 15 adult convictions, and has never completed parole or probation terms on any of these. California Department of corrections records show that Patrick admits to having what is called a: “Rat jacket “on his head. This means that other prisoners know that he is an informant. Patrick has been an informant since 2004. He is more than willing to act as an informant in order to get special treatment while he is incarcerated. Patrick wears his prison issued orange and white striped jumpsuit with a strange sort of swagger. It is as if he is proud of the status that he has attained. What a loser. He is a very dangerous man; who law-enforcement allows to roam free because of his cooperation. Patrick showed total disrespect for all of the defense attorneys, and gave us one wisecrack after another.

The day starts out at 10:02 AM, with defense attorney Robert Forkner informing the court that the infamous letter is post marked from Sacramento on April 27, 2012. This date must not work well for the prosecution, because I saw concern in the faces of the prosecution.

At 10:23 AM, Patrick Hampton is put on the stand. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia asks Hampton if he was in custody from 1993 to 1994. Hampton says yes it turns out he had a five-year term for burglary and intimidating a witness.

Jesse Garcia asks Hampton about a man named Daniel Udder. It is revealed that they were both in a group home together when they were juveniles. Jesse Garcia asks Patrick Hampton why he is wearing and orange and white striped jumpsuit. Jesse gets a wisecrack answer from Patrick Hampton. Jesse Garcia brings out the fact that this uniform is reserved for people in protective custody. He needs this, because he is a snitch. Patrick admits that he was in protective custody in 2005, and has been in protective custody ever since, while being incarcerated.

It is revealed that Patrick Hampton gave testimony against Daniel Udder in a murder trial. Local law enforcement officials Brad Nix, and Doug Ridenour interviewed Patrick Hampton at Pelican Bay while investigating the Udder homicide. A person with the last name of Glover from the California Department of corrections was there also.

Defense attorney Jesse Garcia talks about a fight on the yard at Pelican Bay where a shank was recovered from Patrick Hampton. Hampton admitted this.

For his cooperation, Patrick told the investigators that he wanted to be moved closer to Stanislaus County. He was moved to Corcoran State prison after completing his stay in the segregated housing unit at Pelican Bay. Patrick Hampton stated that he was in the segregated housing unit for about one year.

Jesse Garcia reveals that in November 1993 he was convicted of weapons possession, battery charges etc.

Patrick Hampton was moved to DVI for 30 to 60 days for classification before he was sent to Pelican Bay. Patrick Hampton said that Frank Carson saw him at the county jail. He said he talked to Frank Carson 3 to 4 times about the Cooley brothers. Patrick said he knew the Cooley brothers lived in Turlock. Patrick allegedly told Frank Carson to tell them that he knows how to get a hold of them.

Patrick Hampton has been increasingly foulmouthed in the courtroom. The defense attorneys implore the judge to admonish him. Judge Zuniga refused to do so, just as she has refused to do so with Patrick in the past. Patrick frequently would start asking asinine questions to the defense attorneys, and get away with it. He asked Jesse Garcia if he was a child molester. Things like that blurted out from his mouth constantly. Patrick Hampton told defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana that she has been stalking him in the courthouse, and told her to get herself a hearing aid. Once again the defense attorneys asked the judge to admonish him, and once again she lets him get away with it. The people in the audience get warned fairly often about being quiet, and he totally disrupts the proceedings in the court. Go figure.

Patrick Hampton was asked by defense attorney Jesse Garcia if he had ever been required to return to Pelican Bay. Patrick said that he had never been sent back there.

Talk then goes to the March 15, 2016 incident in Oakdale. Patrick claimed there were threats on his life, and that he has repeatedly requested protection concerning Martha Carlton Magana, and Percy Martinez. This is just a smokescreen to get special treatment.

It is now 11:44 AM, and talk goes to a probation violation of Patrick Hampton’s for a felony 245 conviction in 2009. It turns out that Patrick violated his felony probation. He is asked why, and says he doesn’t recall. Jesse Garcia asks Patrick if it was because he was testing dirty, and Patrick says: “I guess.”

When Patrick Hampton was moved from the segregated housing unit at Pelican Bay to Corcoran State prison, he was put in the general population in a double cell, and was not in a segregated housing unit. That is definitely a benefit, or consideration that he was provided. It is now time for lunch, and I have some important things to do away from the courtroom. I am sure that Marty Carlson, and Warren Yates will do a fabulous job of telling you what transpired in the afternoon.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom}