Just for information I know many of you are waiting for the morning report for the Frank Carson FL trial.

There have been in camera hearings all morning apparently somebody does not want to testify or has a problem with testimony about certain things and they’ve been talking about it all morning and the public is not have been allowed in there now at lunch break and to be continued at 1:30.


  1. Hay he is nice and he does treat the ladies good that is the key word the ladies.The one he is calling a bitch to is a dumb ass bitch and is not even close to being a lady.

    1. So it is ok to say all those other words and gestures in front of all the other ladies in the room?
      You are not thinking it through. I guess you bitches like being talked to like that.

    2. BTW Miss Linda sue Burns weren’t you told to stay off my site after you whined to the DA about me threatening you?
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