Don’t forget about the blogger in the back of the room

by Marty Carlson


As you know the morning session was totally done in seclusion that we finally got started in the afternoon around 1:40 PM

Percy Martinez started afternoon by asking the court to admonish Mme. district attorney because of a comment that she made the day before that he felt was inappropriate. He stated the Martha Magana was doing cross on Patrick Hampton and was asking him if he knew some people one of them being a Linda Sue Burns, as she was on the Oakdale PD databases as an associate of Patrick Hampton. Mme. DA he states, blurted out “it’s a different person” in effect testifying for the witness on the stand. Percy Martinez request sanctions be leveled against Marlisa Ferreira saying that it is inappropriate and it rose to the level of misconduct.

The judge took it under submission and as she normally does and telling him that he’s made his record.

This gentleman that I have been continually told that knows how to treat a woman walked into the courtroom to start his testimony and immediately told Jesse Garcia “fuck you” just as he sat down at the witness chair. As he was waiting for a question to be asked is eyes continue to roam around the attorney tables and looked at Martha Magana and told her three times that she was a “bitch.” At that point the judge growing weary of his antics on the stand in his inability to control himself admonished him and advised him that she will take action if it does not stop.

Martha Magana began talking to Mr. wonderful to some, snitch to others, about a letter from the District Attorney’s Office that was addressed to Patrick Hampton. She also inquired as to him being based recipient of a police report to his last arrest in the Oakdale incident. Patrick Hammond had been accusing Martha Magana of stalking him at the courthouse, saying that because he saw her at the courthouse one day when he had court. I guess it is unusual for to see an attorney at the courthouse so that means you’re being stalked.

Apparently this claim was on the police report or some type of paperwork that Patrick Hamilton had received from Steve Jacobson from the DA’s office. When the attorneys advise there may be more private conversation that is going to be needed concerning Patrick Hampton and his ability to find some way to constantly snitch on to get a deal.

Also there is conversation about a homicide that Patrick Hamilton is been providing information on someone named Eddie Mayfield and possibly others, and tried to benefit from the information that he provided. The DA objected to a line of questions stating there was an ongoing investigation, even though it was a 10-year-old homicide, in addition that would put Martha Magana in a conflict situation as it was a relative of hers that was the victim. There’s quite a bit of sustained argument over this conversation. The judge took it under submission said she will rule on and on Monday.

As testimony continued the judge continued to show more chagrin towards some of the comments that were being leveled by Mr. potty mouth at the attorneys, by calling Percy Martinez a snitch, John Jesse Garcia “fuck you” and calling Martha Magana, a female, a bitch. But I have to remind myself that so many people are telling me he’s such a nice guy knows how to treat women.

Martha Magana then asked Patrick Hampton to read a document he took one look at and said I know what it is Martha, the judge told him to read it anyway. As there are providing the paperwork for Hampton’s attorney to look at, he smarts off to this female attorney, Martha Magana, just to show how well he treat women and calls her a bitch again. Then just to show everyone the class act that he is he made several obscene gestures to Percy Martinez and Jesse Garcia.

They talked about the Oakdale incident in Patrick Hampton has stated that he had told Steve Jacobson Percy Martinez had made threats and people had been driving by his house looking at him funny, and this occurs a couple times in a couple weeks. When he was arrested by Oakdale police on the incident and was taken to Oakdale Police Department and immediately picked up there by Steve Jacobson taken the DAs office. He said he had told Steve Jacobson that he had not charged up his ankle bracelet due to the threats, and headset text to both investigator bunch and Jacobson in regards to the threats and it want us to my anymore.

He also stated when he was finally taken to jail went to the downtown jail and put in the infirmary on the first floor, and he was asked if he had any luxuries while he was there, and he responded by saying the I had a pool table and a popcorn machine in my cell with me. I find it interesting this gentleman is claiming to be intimidated by someone because he inserted himself into this Carson case but here he is trying to intimidate ever everyone in the room to testify. This gentleman isn’t afraid of anything.

Mr. personality advised that he has an out date of June 13th, and again when Martha Magana made an objection to a comment made by Patrick Hampton he told her to shut up and sit down. Then looked at her and called her a bitch twice, again showing how well he treats women. He then asked Martha Magana she was wearing a wig then said he realized it was just really her hair sticking straight up, this guy’s a real class act when it comes to women.

Jessica Garcia inquired about a July 27, 1994 letter, then judge Zuniga all the sudden blurted out at the witness she has had enough and asked them to leave the stand she says I am done with him for today and will not take any more testimony.

Every time there’s a discussion about issues and documentation that is provided to the court it always seems to come up that the blogging that is done on this case and it is on the back of everyone’s mind. The DA continues talks about documents that ends up on the Internet and is not too happy about her unwillingness to abide within the rules and her ability to accept the First Amendment. This writer has received no information nor documentation from anyone that is not public knowledge. The Sabrina Romero minute order that shows her total travesty of justice because of her involvement in this case was a major sticking point up someone’s butt, and is continually talked and bantered about in the courtroom.

More silliness bantered about the room, some scheduling issues were made for future motion dates than court was adjourned to return Monday at 10 AM.